China: The U.S. Is Too Weak To Boss Us Around Now

I could never figure out how the American political establishment plans to confront the rise of China while forcing woke supremacy and neoliberalism on us at home. They excel in artificial intelligence. We excel in growing soybeans and indoctrinating pampered brats in wokeness.

Note: Vladimir Putin also laughed off Joe. As a nationalist, you hate to see him flailing around like this on some level. You know that none of America’s rivals like Russia and China are fooled about Joe’s health. It was cruel for the Democrats to put him through this. He is clearly in the worst shape of any American president since Woodrow Wilson had a stroke and had to be hidden away from public view.

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  1. As bad as the CCP is, I don’t think it has anything close to the hatred for us that our ruling class has. As that class confronts China, I’m not taking sides.

    • I, for one, welcome our Chinese overlords, if they get rid of glomohomo. Anything but glomohomo.

  2. I share Red China’s contempt for ZOG. We would be a lot better off under Chinese rule than we are under Zionist occupation. Unlike the Jews and globohomo/neoliberal scum the Chinks do not want to rule the world through military conquest, they merely want to be our landlords.

    • @Spahn…

      Oh, you say that now, that you would prefer to be ruled by China the Jewry, but, as soon as they confined you to your neighbourhood, based on the low social score your persisently dissenting inconoclasty would bring, or put you in a gulag with the Uygurs, you would think otherwise.

      At any rate, Dear Spahn, it would behoove you to realize that China and Jewry have become one, or, at least, on the economic scale, this because Jewry, after having mined nearly all the good opportunity out of The West, most particularly Britain and The United States, have been busily shifting the flagship of their endeavours east to Shanghai, Fuzhen, and Shanghai.

      Yes, we have a corporation of landlords, some with epicanthic folds and some not, and both ought be thrown out.

      We need to rule ourselves, for sovereignty, Good Sir, is the very premise of community health.

  3. It’s true that the American empire is weakening, but that only makes it more dangerous. It will still be a while before the USA is no longer a threat.

  4. This may have happened several times when the guy was running up and down the steps in his basement.

    You have a king Lear, King Log. Ffs.

  5. Next time Our Greatest Ally starts another war in the Near East, this time with Iran, the U.S. Government will be involved from the beginning with ground troops, air power and the Navy. That will be the opportunity China has been waiting for to seize Taiwan, when the U.S. Government is thoroughly occupied by another big war thousands of miles away.

    China will attack and quickly overwhelm Taiwan, they’re only about 120 miles from mainland China yet almost 8,000 miles from the U.S. West Coast. China will present the world, particularly the U.S. with a fait accompli, then talk about peace. The U.S. Government will do nothing but huff and puff.

    There is an historical precedent for this. In October 1962 the Cuban Missile Crisis consumed the attention of both the U.S. and the USSR governments. China and India had a long running border dispute in the Himalayas and China chose that time, October, 1962 to seize the territory in dispute. Once the disputed territory was seized by China and the Cuban Missile Crisis was settled China declared a cease fire and negotiated a settlement with India on its terms.

    China, unlike the U.S. is not full of idiots and is not governed by a cabal of The Usual Suspects whose loyalties are 6,000 miles east of NYC. The Chinese aren’t worried about bullshit like global warming, racial equality or 57 genders. Unlike the U.S. China is a serious country with rational people in charge. The outlook is all bad for the U.S. with Dementia Joe nominally in charge but it will be much worse once President Kuntmala Harris gets sworn in.

  6. As the Empire falls they are going to crack down at home, obviously, because there is nothing else they can do. The “brats” as Hunter Wallace and Aimee Terese call them, are ultimately distractions. They have the ability to cause someone negative publicity on social media and get each other fired for not being woke enough. But that is just internal power, mostly to their own bureaucracies.

  7. Kinda iconic. Old white American president falling down the stairs. Kinda like the country imo. We need robust young white men with new ideas than the stale shit of America has had for the last 250ish years?

  8. CNN video.:

    We live in a “might makes right” and “winner takes all” world. That’s always the way it’s been. That’s always the way it will be. This guy is delusional. The only reason it may not seem that way is that the US has been the global hegemon for a very long time. This Antony Blinken guy is completely delusional. This is starting to change as power shifts on the a global scale.

  9. @ we shouldn’t want the country on its knees, as long as we are alive and breathing, there is always the chance we could get our country back, i dont want our people suffering, because of what thee satanic elites have done and continue to do , with leadership And vision to unite our people we can drive these devils right back too their pit, thee leadership and vision, we require, will not be found among politicians and entertainers, if we could get back on thee “right ” path, as thee ole virginians , laid out for us, we could still fulfill our destiny , a very wise frenchman , who respected our people and was a fond friend of our republic, once said. ” america is great, because america is good, when america ceases too be good, america will cease too be great “, spring knocks at thee door, wishing all of you a great week end.!

  10. ” As a nationalist, you hate to see him flailing around like this on some level. You know that none of America’s rivals like Russia and China are fooled about Joe’s health.”

    I’m very nationalist myself, and I don’t care one iota about this senile philosemitic boomer flailing around on Air Force one. The institutions of the United States actively hates us. The US Military actively hates us. The ruling class of this country actively hates us. Seeing their mandarin, Joe Biden, flail about after a diplomatic confrontation with a serious (although still not good) country like China is quite humorous to me. We lose nothing from the source of poz being humiliated on the word stage, although the ruling class might then turn its tools of destruction on us, so who knows.

  11. As weak as the American empire has become, a war with China would be fought with technology and possibly nuclear weapons. Even though the military has been debased, the reds still know we have superior weapons. That IMO is the only reason China hasn’t gone rouge in the Pacific.

    • China is already the leader is missile technology, drones and the AI. Only in air force and submarines the US still have the advantage. In about 10 years, China will have total military superiority over the US, that is if the US can hold together that long.

        • China has hypersonic missiles. They couldn’t have stolen it from the US because the US doesn’t have them yet.

          • Calderon, you know White Nationalists believe “Non-Whites lack creativity” – which means Chinese people are UNABLE to create hypersonic missiles. They are unable to create ANYTHING, only beg, borrow or steal and copy White creations. WNs describe the Chinese and other East Asians as very intelligent (and therefore very dangerous: “The Yellow Peril”) master copyists. Everything that China was thought to have created thousand of years ago is credited by WNs to White Aryans who lived in central Asia or who came to China and were absorbed. Some WNs say only Whites are fully human and have souls, and they are the light of the world and so on….

  12. I’m not a “nationalist” for the abomination this country has become. The Chinese are laughing at us, as they should. China existed before the United States, and it will still exist after this country dies.

  13. Re: “We excel in growing soybeans”:

    The U.S. does not “excel in soybeans.” It leads Brazil slightly in factory-“farm” production of Roundup Ready and “Agent Orange” Ready GMO soybeans, kept weed-free with Roundup or 2,4-D herbicide.

    Fascist Brazil is also “good” at GMO corn and soybeans, whereas communist Cuba is very good at organic farming, and Russia has become the world leader in organics, and China not far behind.

  14. I think it is strange that China actually said this. It not characteristically Chinese to warn the U.S., or any other enemy, that it has become weak. Rather to let the global bully continue thinking it is all-powerful when really it is not. Westerners may strut and boast but Orientals bide their time.

    However I do not think the Empire itself is weak. Inhabitants of the Imperial Base (“American homeland”) may be weakening and impoverished, but the Empire itself is strong, the two opposite conditions should not be conflated. China is being weakened by the Empire, and if it does not soon stop taking “capitalist roads to a socialist destination” the spell of the Almighty Dollar that is seated in the U.S. and worshipped by almost all of the world, will corrupt it thoroughly, and finally bring it back into colonial (or neocolonial) subjection.

  15. The slavishly pro-chink attitude present in the dissident right is retarded, they have a long-burning hatred for whites due to historical humiliations real or imagined, as much as their revisionist history would try to make them out to be the victors.

    Rule under them would also be absolutely nightmarish with social credit system, china has jumped on the anti white bandwagon by virtue signalling and commenting on “white mistreatment” of blacks or “white supremacy” in the United States. They are not “allies”.

    • I have never experienced any “long-burning hatred for whites” among the Chinese. And it’s obvious they would attack the racial fracture points in the USA. Exploiting American weaknesses is just the smart thing to do. Every enemy of the USA concern trolls the empire in that way.

      Not that is really matters if American right wingers like China or not. America will continue to decline and China will continue to rise, while American right wingers will continue to impotently seethe over it.

    • @Rectitude

      There is no “pro-chink attitude” present in the “dissident right.” What the hell are you talking about? Who ever said they were “allies?”

      Oh – I get it – this is GOP spam. We’re all supposed to hate an fear “the chink” now, is that it?

      Hey – have you GOP shills stopped Chinese immigration to the US yet? No? So you are inviting them here and then insulting them? That’s so stupid only a Republican could have thought it up.

      • I’m not a normiecon, most of the dissident right has a pro-china attitude and more broadly a pro asian attitude and it’s obvious, it nearly borders on sycophancy at times.

        Asian immigration? I’m opposed to it as well, they are used by the jews to displace whites and resemble them in behavior, that’s why jews tolerate them, of course they will hard-cap them from harming jewish interests.

          • That’s not what he said. He said they tolerate the Chinese here, because anything not white IS nonwhite, and that’s the tribal goal.

  16. President Kennedy had alot of health problems like addison’s disease and back pain caused by his heroic actions aboard P.T. 109.

    In spite of this he still governed fairly well but also the Democrat party had not gone insanely anti-White yet.

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