Don Lemon’s Free Advice: It Is About HATE

Well, I disagree.

I think there should be political consequences for people who hold this arrogant worldview. They should be removed from power.

Note: For the record, I don’t hate Don Lemon because he is black. I hate Don Lemon because he is Don Lemon. The same is true of virtually everyone.

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  1. Does anyone even watch Don Lemon? I’ve only ever seen him here. Nobody watches CNN except for people who accidentally glace up while getting their luggage at the airport.

  2. The liberal establishment that are pushing the cultural degradation of the west are crazy, evil, stupid destructive buttholes. And our side needs to say that every day apparently. Nobody needs to appologize for being white, or say that they aren’t predjudiced every few minutes.

    Mark Twain said that the dumber that something is, and the less reason there ever was for it in the first place, the harder it will be to get it stopped.

    These morons won’t be happy until they run the west back to the stone ages, I guess.

    • “The liberal establishment that are pushing the cultural degradation of the west are crazy, evil, stupid destructive buttholes”

      ((( Who ))) ?

  3. The greatest difficulty in dealing with today’s Woke Left is their vanity and, as well, their utter lack of human comprehension.

    Nothing better illustrates this lack than what they continuously posit and imply : that, if you disagree with them or their view of the nation, then you are a person who must be driven from society, the country, or worse.

    Clearly they do not really think through what kind of national soil such drastic, unAmerican, and aggressively persistent threats auger.

    In this I am reminded of what German dissident Berthold Brecht said, as he fled Nazi Germany : ‘that he who burns books is sure to soon be burning people.’ (Ironic, because the Judeo-Bolshevik Left started that in Germany before the Nazis:)

    But, in any case, it is pertinent, for, when you continually call for the disenfranchisement, deportation, and execution of people, how long can you think before the idea take a form in physical life?

    Right, silly question to pose to a class of people who never think anything through, beyond what form their latest temper tantrum shall take…

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