The Week: Beware The Lonely, Angry Men

Damon Linker’s has a new take on the Atlanta shooting that focuses on the real issue it has revealed instead of the contrived “white supremacy” narrative.

The Week:

“We have so many mass shootings in this country, and so much gun violence in general, that those who come to a sweeping conclusion on the basis of any one massacre are playing a fool’s game.

Yet the facts wrapped up with Tuesday’s rampage at three massage parlors in the Atlanta area nonetheless raise disturbing questions about relations between the sexes in the contemporary United States — and in particular about the complex and ominous interaction of loneliness and rage inside a certain subset of American men. …

Marriage rates have been falling for years. Men and women are both unhappy with the dating scene. There are numerous reasons for both trends. But one of them is the country’s growing political divide. Joe Biden won women by 15 points in 2020 while Donald Trump won men by 8 points. …

If anything, the second American Mind essay (presumably authored by a woman writing under the pseudonym Peachy Keenan) displays even greater contempt for the attitudes and outlook of young women in America today. Taking its cue from poll data showing 1-in-6 young adult (18-23) Generation Z women identifying as LGBTQ, with 72 percent of those claiming to be bisexual, the essay claims that calling oneself bi gives now gives one “extra social points” and “elevated social status as a protected class.”

This incident shows exactly why the culture war is needed.

In the late 20th century, previous generations of Americans broke with centuries of tradition and changed all sorts of things about this country without thinking through the long term consequences.

Here is a short list:

  • Modernism went mainstream in the Cultural Revolution of the 1960s
  • Birth control and legalized abortion
  • Divorce on demand
  • Feminism
  • Hardcore pornography available on the internet
  • Mass legal and illegal immigration from Third World countries
  • Political correctness and later wokeness
  • The repression of whiteness in the name of “anti-racism”
  • Civil Rights
  • Multiculturalism
  • Anti-racism becoming synonymous with morality
  • Denial of the existence of racial differences and later differences between the sexes
  • ATHEISM (the loss of traditional religion)
  • The replacement of traditional morality with the -isms and -phobias
  • Neoliberalism (open borders/free trade/deregulation/low taxes)
  • Gay marriage and trans in more recent years but flowing from this culture

Those are just some of the examples of “progress” that come immediately to mind. The culture has changed more radically in the last 50 years than it has in the last 2,000 years.

Did anyone give any thought to the long term consequences of these massive social and economic changes? It seems to me that the assumption was that it would just all work out in the end. But what if it doesn’t end up working out for most people? What happens then?

Consider what has happened here: the professional class in this country has by and large lost their religion and forgotten what morality itself used to be and has rejected and dismissed the vast majority of people who live in the middle of the country as hopelessly bigoted and backward. We don’t have a culture, economy or political order that is working for most people in this country anymore.

We have a bloated, insular and isolated coastal elite that only wants to hear its own voice. When men and women can’t form stable families and fertile partnerships anymore (just look at those numbers for Gen Z), this is not a small problem. This is a flashing red siren that major trouble is ahead.

Enlightened people would look at this shooting in Atlanta along with the other recent incel rage shootings like the one in Tallahassee and trace it back to our toxic culture. They would ask themselves things like how do we fix this problem. We can’t do that though because asking the right questions about our social order would lead to accusations of various -isms and -phobias which could be a career death sentence.

These grievances don’t go away though. They only get worse. There is no room to talk about these grievances in the “mainstream.” So the conversation is driven underground. That’s how you get these rage shooters like Robert Long or the Supreme Gentleman Elliot Rodger. More people drown in self pity and just kill themselves rather than harm others. It all “circles back” to social liberalism.

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  1. The current system has to fall of its own dead weight. No reform is possible anymore than it was possible to reform the Communist system in the USSR. If it were possible to reform the current system reform would have already happened. That was the purpose of the so called “conservatives” who never conserved anything except their own grift.

  2. Wow, what a list!

    No wonder so many of us now feel so uncomfortable in our own country!

    Good that you put atheism in capital letters, for when the society at least attempt to be Christian, there was some kind of breakwater against all the other things on your list.

    Now there is no such thing, and, might I add, with our manufacturing sector having been shipped out, the normal venue for men to achieve self-esteem, via a godly labour, is gone, as well.

    Frankly, I am surprised there are not more of these kinds of shootings – a lot more!

    Well, there would be, if so many people were not drugged up, starting with the daily psychotropick pills many folks take with their morning flakes and milk.

    • Like HW says most desperate people will only harm themselves, not innocent bystanders. There is a palpable sense of despair among many young and middle-aged white men these days.

      • Yes, Dear Spahn, in a mere half of a century, we have gone from a country full of optimistic and contented family men who, proud to consider themselves in what they then almost all regarded as the greatest country in the history of the world, to one without very few of those left.

        White Men have been nearly completely dispossessed by our political class, and mostly what remains to us is to await those moments which will present the opportunities to act out on that.

        November 2016 was just such a moment, another one will soon be at hand…

  3. You can’t make films, you can’t make music, you can’t make fashion, you can’t make art, so therefore you aren’t doing any “culture war” anything. If you want you can play the Heel in their culture war but that would be pretty stupid and it just helps them.

    What you need is a status-granting institution and that is exactly what you will never be allowed to have – just like you got booted from the Internet because you were gaining status via clever social media content that got a lot of Internet points.

  4. There’s no going back to the days of Ozzie and Harriet, HW. Back then white girls went to Havana or Tijuana to get abortions and there was a huge underground homosexual subculture. The Manson girls were also born and raised in suburban 1950s America.

    • @Spahn…

      I agree with you that, so long as this country remains organized as it is, that there will be no going back.

      If, on the other hand, and or when, new Confederacies from one godforsaken federal behemoth arise, you can bet your bottom dollar a lot of Ozzy and Harriet will be coming back, and almost overnight.

      That’s what The Left fears most, which is why they want our guns, our speech, our history and our faith, and, if all that we not enough … our gender and racial identity.

      If they cannot kill us one way they’ll kill is another.

      It won’t work, however, because White Man’s spine is on the rise.

    • 1950s America was already a matriarchal garbage dump. The USA has been mildly feminist since it was founded, and became extremely feminist towards the middle and end of the 19th century. By 1950 it was already over.

      • @ “toward the middle and end of the 19th century “, that would be thee ,, we thee white south, were too busy trying to feed and house , our children , our elderly, our women and not least, our brave crippled soldierly, all this in the midst of a devastated landscape, a ruined economy, blue coated military occupation., a culture war waged against, thee “adamite”, people of thee american south, by thee carpet bagger, thee scalawag and lets not forget , thee nubian overlords, set over us by thee bluecoated victors, in spite of all this, we did not lose our manhood, hope or honor and certainly not our minds, despite thee evil vileness conducted by these people, i will follow thee noble example of ” marse robert ” and pray for their sorry femmed out souls.

      • @DART…

        “1950s America was already a matriarchal garbage dump. The USA has been mildly feminist since it was founded, and became extremely feminist towards the middle and end of the 19th century. By 1950 it was already over.”

        You never lived in that era so it is no wonder that you must be pardoned for having completely miscomprehended it.

        By the way, there is nothing more beautiful in the Human World than Motherhood and the unbelievable supernatural capacity women have to love, love truly, and love eternally.

        • There is no miscomprehension. 50s USA was extremely feminist and matriarchal. Traditional marriage had already been destroyed for decades by that point.

  5. Everyone has a breaking point, especially Whites who are told by govt and media they are responsible for all societies problems.

  6. “Did anyone give any thought to the long term consequences of these massive social and economic changes?”

    Yes, (((they))) most certainly did; and their plans are working magnificently. You can’t ignore the fact that most of the poisons you listed were initiated by a hostile tribe for the very purpose of our racial and societal degradation.

  7. “Did anyone give any thought to the long term consequences of these massive social and economic changes? It seems to me that the assumption was that it would just all work out in the end.”

    Organized kikery gave plenty of thought to it, and it worked out just as they planned.

    One of the main reasons young men are unable to form the families that would give them the satisfaction they were meant by nature to have is that they simply can’t afford it; again, blame the Cultural Marxist jews & the god damned globalist corporate CEOs concerned only with the fatness of THEIR wallets.

    So the poor, dispossessed, lonely White men shouldn’t turn their guns on themselves, or on “Rove you rong time!” slope whores who are themselves down & outers.

  8. And everywhere, note how the system is rapidly putting 85 IQ Indian subcontinentals in prominent positions of power, and rubbing it in our face. Jews already have all the top spots occupied, where they pretend (most of the time) to be white, so the subcontinentals are put in these management positions solely to rub it in our face, to emphasize that we don’t control our own country. The choice of subcontinentals should surprise no one. Kamala identifies as Indian, not black, and the “highly skilled worker” bullshit will be revved up dramatically in the coming years.

    No one wants to come out and say Indians are literally a bunch of complete morons with fake degrees, even so-called hardcore conservatives. Everyone sits around talking about how hardworking and brilliant they are. Sadly, I think people actually believe this. People look at Neil Degrasse Tyson and think, “oh that’s nice, one black guy who’s a physicist and not dealing crack at the middle school”, but then they look at Pradeep and think, “Boy, Pradeep sure is smart. Look how he worked hard and catapulted himself from customer service “Yes sir, let me access my resources to help you”, to a mechanical engineering degree so he can apply his brilliance to ensuring your rockets explode on the launchpad and your electric car catches fire on its first test run.”

    BULLSHIT! They are total retards who get by on rote memorization, extreme nepotism, and persistent cheating of the system. Every Indian you see is scamming somehow for welfare or medical benefits, white collar crime, or running some sort of unethical or fraudulent business. Most of the big names being prosecuted for coronavirus relief fraud: Indians! So there are one or two “smart” ones, so what??? When you’ve got 1.3 billion of them, that’s nothing.

    Last but not least: Indians hate white people almost as much as Jews do, so they are the perfect middle managers to take all the jobs Jews can’t, or don’t want, to take. When they attach themselves to a company, the entire place ends up being nothing but Indians, because the 85IQ hiring manager will only hire other Indians.

    Frankly, the legal immigration & chain immigration scam is the biggest one of all. As Anglin said a while ago, I too would open the southern border WIDE OPEN if we could just stop ALL legal immigration, in return. We’d be far better off with illegal Mexicans hanging around, at least they cook food, tend the landscape, do manual labor, and DON’T THINK they are qualified to be the ones running our society.

  9. Women are extremely conservative in the sense that they will typically default to what they perceive to be the beliefs and norms of society, set by the authorities of that society, while doing their best to enforce those norms in others. In a healthy civilization, this can be a very good thing. In 2021 clown USA, it is not.

    But the incel epidemic isn’t caused by political divide. It’s caused by normal female sexuality under the conditions of internet dating. Everyone under 25 primarily uses internet dating and hook up apps now. When dating used to be mostly within real life social circles, average men had a chance. On dating apps, they just get disqualified immediately. So then you end up with the situation that gen Z is facing where 50% of the male population is more or less locked out of dating opportunities.

  10. @Dart.

    It’s deliberate. Everything we’ve seen for twenty years or more says that white people just need to stop breeding and just die. Jews figure we’re at a point in society’s progress that they don’t really need many more great discoveries (white people’s forte). They’re perfectly happy having a massive army of brown slaves maintaining the existing infrastructure to the acceptable standards of Jews living in their own areas.

    Brazil is the desired future for the Western World. The rich hide in gated enclaves and everyone else is a dirt poor mulatto. The same Jews that scream about the poor “Uyghurs” being prevented from breeding, and calling it genocide, are quite happy preventing whites from breeding. Preventing us from having children is a deliberate and important part of the white genocide plan. Unleashing women to be a bunch of whores who have mindless sex with hundreds of men is designed to prevent them from forming an attachment to one man, and having four blonde babies with him.

    • If you were really concerned with overpopulation and the preservation of Western prosperity, you’d support a global population and sex ed program, closing the borders of First World countries, and preserving the gains of the sexual revolution and second wave feminism in Western nations. The fact that you want to reverse the changes in the Western world and open the borders of Western countries to Eastern Europe all while the world ignores the population explosion in Sub-Saharan Africa/Third World demonstrates you’re just advocating for plain old national socialism.

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