Andrew Sullivan: When The Narrative Replaces The News

Why let the truth get in the way of a “story about race in America” that you want to tell? Why not just roll with it and go with whatever interpretation of the event fits your preconceived worldview?

Andrew Sullivan:

“The massacres at three massage parlors in the Atlanta area this week, leaving eight human beings dead, others injured, and their families scarred, were horrifying. Read this deeply moving story about the son of one of the women killed to remind yourself of this. It’s brutal. The grief will spread and resonate some more.

But this story has also been deeply instructive about our national discourse and the state of the American mainstream and elite media. This story’s coverage is proof, it seems to me, that American journalists have officially abandoned the habit of attempting any kind of “objectivity” in reporting these stories. We are now in the enlightened social justice world of “moral clarity” and “narrative-shaping.” …”

BTW, it is all those “far right” people who are spreading “misinformation” on the internet. Someone ought to step in and shut all those people down before they call us out or even worse ridicule our bullshit and millions of people laugh and agree. We’re the real “journalists” here.

This is not “misinformation”:

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  1. In reality this shooting more resembles the abortion clinic shootings of the 90s more than a vantard rampage.

    • He’s just another angry, alienated young white guy who flipped out and killed a few gook prostitutes because society didn’t give a shit about him and he couldn’t find a girlfriend.

  2. HW, could you add Adam Green’s “” to your blogroll ?
    He’s doing some very good work.

  3. The kikes who control the media & their commie whore “reporters” lie constantly now, more brazenly than ever before. Any White male who kills non-Whites is of course motivated by White Supremacy, no matter what he says his real motivation was. Because (((journalists))) inerrantly know what’s in the hearts of White Racist Haters.

    Forcing every story into this prefab frame is necessary to making all White people “complicit” because of their own “racism”.

    All these fucking lying, blood libeling scum deserve to be slow-roasted on spits like hogs.

  4. Most of the protesters on the streets Saturday where not Asian. They looked like they where being paid. Who are the people, the only people who pay people to protest? Who are the unwelcomed troublemakers who don’t belong? Who?

  5. No offense Hunter but Long kinda looks like you if you were younger and grew out a beard lmao
    Shouldn’t the shooting convince you that the Fairness Doctrine should be reinstated and right leaning news like Fox News and Breitbart and alternative media are important sources? Prostitution should be decriminalized or legalized and the Brady Bill should be readopted if you want to try to prevent many more mass shootings like this.

    • Bullshit. The gunman, while he shouldn’t have personally bothered with degeneracy like the mass importation of East Asians as sex slaves, was onto something. FTN did a very good deep dive on these bordellos looking at the interlocking industry of banking, hookers and what’s lurking just behind the Asian Massage biz. Jewish money laundering in off shore Cypriot registered banks. Prostitution is a form of addiction like gambling or social media. It’s mostly filling
      up Schlomo’s bottomless pockets. A blend of banks, slaving and prostitution that I doubt the gunman was aware of.

      • You’re going off on a tangent. What do the Jews have to do with Asian massage parlors if the owners are Asian? If under 2 percent of the population manipulates 59% as you say, then who’s really pitiful?
        As for prostitution, pornography, gambling or social media, if you don’t like it don’t engage in it and who cares?

        • You should look at the banking structure that processes their payments and accounts. The entire industry uses Berman’s Merrick Bank.

          Long stumbled onto something quite interesting by pure coincidence. Check out the latest episode of Fash the Nation, it’s a legitimate eye opener about the massage parlour industry.

  6. The guy stumbled toward his own armageddon. The FTN episode does a fascinating look at the financial structure of the Massage/RubnTug instustry. It’s very Kosher.

  7. It’s too bad that they aren’t digging into this story more.

    The perp was involved with some weird evangelical sex addiction clinic run by ex-gays, located near the site of the massacre.

    At the very least, his “treatment” didn’t work out.

    But you have to wonder if they screwed him up in some way.

    And you have to wonder if there is an ulterior motive behind something that weird.

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