Politico Smears Andrew Yang

It is true that a lot of us supported Andrew Yang.

We supported Universal Basic Income before Bernie Sanders or anyone else in the Democratic Party. Huey Long supported Universal Basic Income during the Great Depression. It was part of his Share Our Wealth program along with Universal Maximum Income and Social Security.

Social Justice was also our idea before the brats hijacked the term and associated it with wokeness which made it culturally toxic and politically unpopular. They are highly skilled in the arts of surveilling, alienating and tattling on people and narrowing the appeal of virtually everything they touch whether it is Ghostbusters or the Grammys. See “Defund the Police” and “Abolish ICE” which are some of their most recent innovations. Keeping the police and ICE and giving people $1,000 a month is a more popular message because it cuts out the toxic cultural shit and resonates with moderate voters.

Note: We were the ones who memed Yang into the Democratic debates to push Universal Basic Income into the national political conversation. We also liked Tulsi because she is against imperialism.

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  1. I just don’t see Chairman Yang becoming the next mayor of NYC. He’s too much of an outsider. The political-media establishment would be constantly fighting him.

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