DHS Chief: Domestic Extremism Is “Single Greatest Terrorism-Related Threat” In America

The guy who has allowed the Mexican border to collapse to appease progressive activist groups who want to “Abolish ICE” was on ABC News this morning to explain that the single greatest terrorist threat facing the United States isn’t coming from the two million or so people expected to head toward our border.

The real threat to America is coming from “domestic extremists” who are saying mean things about the job that he is doing on the internet. There are millions of people out there – the “domestic extremists” – who are harshly criticizing him, saying mean words and hurting his feelings. They are claiming to have predicted this because the Democrats were more focused on the nonexistent threat posed by “insurrectionists.”

After Joe was inaugurated, he immediately issued a bunch of executive orders which ended the Remain in Mexico policy and immigration enforcement for 180 days. He suspended work on building new sections of Trump’s border fence which was being built to create a barrier to new incursions from illegal aliens. Instead, a new fence was built around the U.S. Capitol to keep out American citizens and to protect Democrats from the QAnon invasion which was widely expected to happen on March 4th.

The fence that Democrats built around the Capitol started coming down today because it was an embarrassing reminder of how wrong they were and how badly they have started governed the country. They’ve managed to create a crisis that makes the Trump administration look competent by comparison. It wasn’t a permanent legislative solution or a physical barrier and was always a temporary bandaid. By ripping off the bandaid though, the Biden administration is now solely responsible for this mess.

Baghdad Bob says that the border is secure and everything is fine:

Joe is now saying that he is visiting the Canadian border to observe the disaster that he created by listening to progressive activists. FEMA is heading down there too.

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  1. The US govt is the biggest domestic terrorist threat against Whites. They ignore all the real threats of black domestic terrorism and come after us because we allow it.

    • They control the media,
      they set the narrative,
      they control the perceptions,
      they set the agenda…….
      then it’s implemented.

  2. Here is that tweet I mentioned. I was off by 4%:

    “91 percent of [the parents teenage transgenders] are white, 95 percent have at least some college education, and 86 percent are pro–gay marriage.”


    Woke transexuals are upper middle class Whites!

    The problem you have with these people, is they control all of the infrastructure that counts, so if you win the arguments, they will use their option to ban you.

    White transexuals are a major force in information technology . When they say I.T. must be more accepting of women, they don’t real women with a vagina that bleed, because hardly any women are into computers. What they mean is porn addicted White male programmers with asperger syndrome, who are so mentally ill, they paid thousands and thousands of dollars to get their dicks chopped off. You must call these people she, or they will ban you from the Internet, and get you fired from I.T.

    • That’s pretty interesting take. Maybe debates with these Trans should be an interview on the sly about their history of porno graphic consumption.

    • It actually makes a lot of sense that most transgenders are White. White people are denied a positive identity, unless they find a way to become a member of the victim class

      • It’s also why you see stupid white women and even some white males with blue and purple hair. Being a White person is “evil”, so they choose to look like cartoon characters.

  3. Woke to what?

    I remember when being woke meant that you had become aware of the Jews and their various schemes.

  4. Mayorkas, don’t be fooled by the name. He is on of them Sephardic kykes.

    His father, Charles R. “Nicky” Mayorkas, was a Cuban Jew of Turkish Sephardic and Polish Ashkenazi background, who owned and operated a steel wool factory in Havana. His mother, Anita (Gabor), was a Romanian Jew whose family escaped the Holocaust and fled to Cuba in the 1940s.

  5. I hope everyone is preparing to defend themselves against roaming anti-White gangs. They have already started going into our neighborhoods in mobs.

  6. Actually, real men are the main threat to this now effeminate/perverted soon-to-be border-less non-nation. It is now a “terrorist” act to act like a real man.

    “A month later, Forrest was back in action at the Battle of Shiloh, fought April 6–7, 1862. He commanded a Confederate rear guard after the Union victory. In the battle of Fallen Timbers, he drove through the Union skirmish line. Not realizing that the rest of his men had halted their charge when reaching the full Union brigade, Forrest charged the brigade alone and soon found himself surrounded. He emptied his Colt Army revolvers into the swirling mass of Union soldiers and pulled out his saber, hacking and slashing. A Union infantryman on the ground beside Forrest fired a musket ball at him with a point-blank shot, nearly knocking him out of the saddle. The ball went through Forrest’s pelvis and lodged near his spine. Steadying himself and his mount, he used one arm to lift the Union soldier by the shirt collar and then wielded him as a human shield before casting his body aside after he had found his way to safety. Forrest is acknowledged to have been the last man wounded at the Battle of Shiloh. Forrest galloped back to his incredulous troopers. A surgeon removed the musket ball a week later, without anesthesia, which was unavailable. Forrest was likely given a generous dose of alcohol to muffle the pain of the surgery.”

    He remained quick, however, to discipline any officer whose example seemed likely to increase disaffection among the troops. As they were being ferried from the island to the other side of the Tennessee during the escape at Florence, all were ordered to assist on the ferries’ oars and poles. Forrest, engaged in these exertions himself, turned to a lieutenant who wasn’t and asked him why. According to an eyewitness, the “lieutenant responded that he was an officer, and did not think he was called upon to do that kind of work as long as there were private soldiers sufficient.” Whereupon Forrest slapped the young officer so hard across the face that he was sent “sprawling over the gunwale and into the river.” After he was retrieved and pulled back into the boat, Forrest told him: “Now, damn you, get hold of the oars and go to work! If I knock you out of the boat again, I’ll let you drown.”
    –Hurst, Jack. “Nathan Bedford Forrest: A Biography”

    Forrest himself was soon back at the Hatchie, however, overseeing the crossing. When a ferryboat foundered and threw a wagon and mule team into the current, the general himself got chest-deep into the water in an attempt to save the mules. On a bank above this scene, a large conscript–perhaps not realizing his commander was within earshot–boasted he could never be made to enter the water on such work. A member of the escort later remembered that Forrest climbed out of the river and up the bank, grabbed the big-mouthed soldier-to-be, and pitched him into the freezing current.
    –Hurst, Jack. “Nathan Bedford Forrest: A Biography”

    Reared in an area and era in which law was a luxury, Forrest grew accustomed to enforcing it himself. In an antebellum fight with several men in which his aged uncle was killed, he faced the attackers down alone with a gun and a knife and won. After the war, he invaded a cabin in which a black man was threatening to beat his often-abused wife; when Forrest intervened unarmed and the man turned on him with a knife, he grabbed the bully’s own ax and killed him with a single blow of its handle.
    –Hurst, Jack. “Nathan Bedford Forrest: A Biography”

    McAlister asked if Forrest would write “the true account” of the storming of Fort Pillow. “Well,” Forrest answered, “the Yankees ought to know [it]; they sent down their best men to investigate the affair.” But was their report to be believed? “Yes, if we are to believe any thing a [black] says,” Forrest replied, and repeated one of his favorite maxims. “When I went into the war, I meant to fight,” he said. “Fighting means killing.” He proceeded to his prodigious personal combat record and what seems to have been a brief account of his final fight: “I have lost 29 horses in the war, and have killed a man each time. The other day I was a horse ahead, but at Selma they surrounded me, and I killed two, jumped my horse over a one-horse wagon, and got away.” He talked on, telling McAlister that giving no quarter wasn’t his usual practice; to the contrary, he said, his “Provost-Marshal’s book will show that I have taken 31,000 prisoners during the war.” Fort Pillow, he told McAlister, was full of “[blacks] and deserters from our army” who “were all drunk” and “kept…firing” as they ran down the hill to the river with their flag “still flying.” He himself had “cut the halyards, and let it down, and stopped the fight,” and if any Union soldiers were burned to death, as was charged, it happened in some tents out front of the Federal position which the Federals themselves set afire because they were obstructing the fort’s view of the advancing Confederates.
    –Hurst, Jack. “Nathan Bedford Forrest: A Biography”

    Toward dusk on their return journey, within a mile of home, the two sisters found themselves pursued by a panther. The sister begged Mrs. Forrest to drop the basket of chicks, which the panther apparently had scented, but she refused. When their horses had to slow to cross a high-banked creek within earshot of their home, the panther attacked. Mrs. Forrest’s horse, bleeding profusely from the big cat’s assault, reared and threw its assailant into the stream, then died, while the panther fled as the rest of the Forrest household came running with their dogs. Clawed severely on her neck and shoulders, Mrs. Forrest had her clothes torn from her back, but she held on to the chickens. Another of her eldest son’s youthful exploits immediately followed this incident. As soon as Mariam Forrest’s wounds were dressed, he took a flintlock musket and some hounds into the night to wreak vengeance. In deep woods around midnight, the dogs treed the panther, and the youth waited below in the dark until dawn brought sufficient light for a shot. By 9 A.M. he returned home carrying the animal’s scalp and ears. Legend quotes him as having grandly told the matriarch, “Mother, I am going to kill that beast if it stays on the earth.” His actual words probably weren’t that pretty, but their spirit was one he would live by most of his life: no creature, four-legged or otherwise, could harm him or his with impunity.
    –Hurst, Jack. “Nathan Bedford Forrest: A Biography”

  7. The federal law enforcement agencies are America’s Shin Bet under the control of Ashkenazi and Sephardic jews at the very top. Very little has changed from kushner’s administration to Harris,’ except the mask has been completely discarded.

    • Have you been listening to Fash the Nation, recently? OMG, what a mass of evidence that ‘it’s the Jews, stupid’ at EVERY TURN.

  8. DHS is clueless.

    By far, the biggest threats to this nation, and it’s people, are a political class that refuses to bring back our manufacturing sector, refuses to enforce anti-trust laws against Big Tech, refuses to stop using the military to pillage other nations, provides healthcare free to illegals and minority Welfare moms, but, not the majority of working men and women, all the while outsourcing repression to The Modern Left to police speech, institute a culture of genital mutilation, destroy the unifying value of sports, and vivisect history.

    And, yes, the colour revolution techniques they (the bureaucracy that purports to work for the political class, employed, throughout 2012 to overturn The Trump Administration (right out of the CIA playbook) is just icing on a repulsive cake.

    And then, to add insult to injury, they point the finger at the Whites and scream : ‘Y’all are the threat for feeling hostile!’

    Friends, this here United States’ Government is in Louis XVI & Marie Antoinette La-La Land…

  9. A man who was on the board of the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society is running American homeland security. It makes perfect sense

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