Why Culture War Is Supreme (And Will Intensify)

What is the most important issue facing the country?

What is the thing that most determines who you are willing to vote for in elections? What is the most bitter grievance and resentment that animates the so-called “far right”?

After examining all of these polls and studies, it occurred to me that I should ask myself that question. There are different clusters of Republican voters. Each cluster has its own values, grievances and priorities like the True Cons or the Religious Right that determines how these groups vote. Most people have a variety of opinions on all sorts of subjects but feel more strongly about some subjects than others and the relative importance of issues more than anything else determines how they vote.

The COVID relief package which recently passed Congress has the support of 70% of the country. Stimulus checks are wildly popular. These things are all more popular than Joe Biden and the Democrats though. The reason that this is the case is because of how people rank the issues that matter to them. There are millions of Trump voters who are happy to get a $1,400 check, but would never consider voting for the Democrats in the 2022 midterms because of their stance on guns or abortion. There are lots of economic issues like this where the Democratic position on an issue is more popular than the Democrats because their brand is so strongly associated with other issues that are culturally toxic and polarizing.

In my view, the most important issue facing the “far right” is political correctness/wokeness. The people who are involved in this space are part of an underground social movement and use pseudonyms because of it. They have always used pseudonyms because they are being monitored and would be punished for openly expressing their views on controversial subjects like race and immigration. It would be one thing if the people who believed in all of these silly -isms and -phobias as a moral creed were content to express their own opinions while respecting others. Instead, they are determined to force their own values and opinions onto others and silence and punish all opposition. What these people are doing is no different than a religious sect taking over all institutions in a society, imposing a political orthodoxy on them and banishing or exiling anyone who shows any sign of disagreement. The criminalization of whiteness is reminiscent of Prohibition. Just as people who wanted to drink and relax in the past went to speakeasies, now people who dissent from the “mainstream” orthodoxy share their views on sites like this one.

Immigration is terrible for the country. Those who dislike immigration can and do move to more homogeneous communities. Political correctness, however, is something that has a personal and daily negative impact on all of our lives. Among other things, it leads to self-censorship, online censorship and the destruction of countless careers of people who were fired or who were never hired because they once said the wrong thing and offended our elites. This ideology now permeates all American institutions and it opens doors to those who subscribe to it while denying opportunities to those who don’t believe in it. It determines what monuments are allowed to stand in the public square. It determines how the news is reported. It determines what kind of movies are made. It now determines who can speak and raise money on the internet – the president of the United States, for example, was recently deplatformed.

There isn’t another issue that comes anywhere close to having such a negative impact on my life. There are illegal aliens who work in nearby chicken plants in Alabama, but they keep to themselves. There are blacks who live here, but crime isn’t bothering us and is something we largely read about happening elsewhere. While it is true that liberals hate guns, the Second Amendment is strong and gunowners have the upper hand in that debate. Abortion is not something that has ever been an issue for me. Gay marriage doesn’t have a negative impact on my personal life. Political correctness stifles our lives though. It constricts debate and makes dissent illegitimate. It is the thing that makes our culture so toxic. It has a massive negative economic impact on anyone who is bold enough to challenge it because it is wrong.

This is how we should approach politics. The people who believe in and enforce political correctness are by definition our political enemies. It is great that we are getting a one time $1,400 check. It is great that we are getting a one time child tax credit. None of this makes up though for the ever present and growing threat and the damage to our lives that is caused by political correctness which structures our culture and makes us feel insecure and forces us all to keep our opinions to ourselves, to walk on eggshells and to always be looking over our shoulders for brats and “journalists” trying to catch us saying the wrong word that causes “trauma” to some protected group that is offended by disagreement.

The professional managerial class and their pampered little upper middle class spoiled brats who are the people who gravitate toward Antifa and who live in bohemian neighborhoods in big cities are the enemy. As it happens, these are the same people who support open borders, who destroy our monuments, who want to take away the guns, who are pushing for internet censorship, who support abortion and who are using state power to criminalize their domestic opposition as “far right violent extremists.” These are the people who have wealth and power in this country and who wield it to the point of coming out and engaging in physical violence in the streets. These are the people who are the real problem. This will rapidly become clear because the next generation of them are even worse than their parents.

We should be focusing more on these people. Yes, illegal immigration is a problem, but it is a problem because these people allow it. Yes, black crime is a problem, but it is a problem because these sanctimonious people put blacks on a pedestal which renders them immune from criticism. Yes, censorship is a problem, but it is a problem that “circles back” to these people and their ideology. Yes, the trans stuff is gross and bizarre, but these people are pushing it because they are novelty seekers.

These people see the “Deplorables” or the “far right” or “extremists” as their class enemy. We should see them and start talking about them in the same light now. We’ve talked about all this other stuff for years and it gets boring covering the same ground. They love it when we talk about blacks or Hispanics because that is an opportunity for them to mount their high horse and ride out and swing at us. It was always their little brats who would dress up in black uniforms and come out and attack us. In spite of all of these provocations and escalations, the focus of our attention has always seemed to be elsewhere.

I’m convinced this needs to change. We shouldn’t feel any sense of solidarity with all of our fellow White people. This is one of our virtues that blinds us to who is pushing the anti-White agenda and why they are doing it. By that I mean this class of White people who certainly don’t feel any sense of solidarity with us. We should recognize them for what they are which is the enemy. There needs to be a moment where we kind of swivel around in the chair, look directly at these people and start targeting them.

Note: It goes without saying that Republicans are zeroing in on this grievance now for their own reasons because it resonates and has traction. This was our grievance though ten, twenty and thirty years ago and remains so. No one in this country is more negatively impacted by this garbage than us. It is just that now since “racism” has been inflated to encompass all White people in this country no matter what their beliefs that it has gotten so bad that no one is safe anymore or insulated from it.

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  1. “it opens doors to those who subscribe to it while denying opportunities to those who don’t believe in it.”

    This is the whole point of it. It is about White shitlibs gaining power and economic advantage over the rest of America. It is economic warfare.

    The Wokeness strategy made them unelected dictators of the third world rubbish heap that America is fast turning into. They might be rulers of a dung pile, but as rulers they get first choice of the increasingly slim pickings, and we get nothing.

    Did you see Ann Coulter posted some stats that showed 95% of transexuals have parents that are both White?

    White libs will Cut. Their. Own. Balls. Off, to win the culture war!

    • This is why I am not too concerned about the tranny push. Liberals voluntarily sterilizing themselves and their children is a good thing. This mass liberal sterilization program ought to be encouraged. And we get to watch men dominate female sports, which is funny. The TERFs are correct that trannies undermine feminism and women’s rights, but that’s a good thing too because trannies are less socially damaging overall than feminism is.

  2. I am a bit confused as to your agnosticism on the presence of blacks, illegal aliens and gay marriage relative to the stifling nature of progressive speech norms. I feel as though these particular issues can only be seen as innocuous if such stifling discussion norms are imposed in the first place. They all seem like a package deal to me, and the DILEs exist in part to mitigate the problem’s imposed by these groups and marriage norms you mention in the first place.

    To be sure, the black people in your personal area might not be bad, and gay marriage might not directly effect you individually, but these groups and norms do have their own inherent qualities that would lead by necessity to stifling speech norms. Gay marriage and multiracial communities might not effect you at an individual level, but the issues that come from them do effect you at an individual level, and those issues cannot be divorced from the nature of political correctness/wokeness.

    A very obvious example of this would be speech norms imposed around the discussion of racial dysfunction of blacks relative to whites. If such a disparity exists despite decades of efforts to stop it, then it must be assumed that implicit, subconscious racism must be a cause (assuming all groups are equal, of course). Thus, the seemingly psychotic speech norms these people impose, such as the examples you have brought up with Smith College in the past, would be more understandable in that context of trying to reduce disparity. Just because a person might not personally mind blacks, some investigation into group outcomes would eventually occur no matter what people do, leading to the same issue of political correctness/wokeness you so rightfully condemn.

    I agree that these upper-middle class managerial types are beyond reprehensible, though.

    • “Gay marriage and multiracial communities might not effect you at an individual level, but the issues that come from them do effect you at an individual level, and those issues cannot be divorced from the nature of political correctness/wokeness.”

      @ Rea — Exactly, exactly, EXACTLY! You have articulated perfectly what is missing in this continuing (and continuing, and…) series of posts on the matter.

  3. Southern Independence is the solution.

    The common folks’ solution, especially when food becomes scarcer, or its provision is contingent on “good behaviour,” will be a whole lot nastier for the so-called elites.

  4. Rich whites have always been the enemy of White people. History of America. They literally killed this country.

    • @WASP…

      Never a truer word has been said, for though many are quick to critisize Jewry, the reality is that there has been more than one big dog in the process of taking down an entire nation from the top rung ever further to the bottom.

      I search myself frequently, for years, to understand why a very small class of people could have such little regard for their brethren and the only thing I can come up with is that the American Gentile Financial Elite relates to their fellow Whites only to the extent that they see an abstract surface from which to deflect to prove to themselves that they are truly ‘superior’ and ‘above it all.’

      What can you say for a man who not only betrays his own people?; he attascks them, over and over again!

      It’s so low that there is not really a word in the dictionary that can sufficently describe how you feel about it and them.

  5. In addition to mercilessly critiquing them on the internet, it would he wise to come up with strategies for how to make the lives of College Educated Whites as miserable as possible. If either political party proposes legislation that makes their lives worse – say, Section 8 Housing Expansion by Democrats, or Labor Reform by Republicans that allows corporations to work their White Collar Employees to the bone – then we should support it. Of course, we should take our $1400 and whatever else benefits us, but we should also support legislation that punishes them while leaving us in the same situation we are in anyway.

    Flood their neighborhoods with the biological WMD’s that they unleashed on us last summer. Make their work environments as oppressive and exploitative as possible. Ban gated communities nationwide. Federalize the police and take away their local departments that protect them. Instead of passing National Healthcare, expand Medicaid to only cover individuals making less than $50,000 and households making less than $75,000, that way Upper Class Whites are still forced to pay through the teeth. Support the expansion of the H1B1 Visa program to allow the tech market to be flooded with stupid street shitters fresh from Mumbai that will take way their coding jobs and force them to serve me my latte at Starbucks.

    The Cold War is here. And this time, its against the domestic enemy that will take the entire White Race down with them if they are not reduced to subsistence. A Morgantheu Plan for College Educated Whites. Do not let them escape to Elysium. Drag them down to the level they wish to drag us down to. There isn’t much more the government can do to screw over non-college, Blue Collar Whites in flyover country. Any negative blowback we receive from this legislation won’t compare to what College Educated White suburbanites will suffer. As is their just dessert.

  6. The Globalist White Collar Establishment & Modern Progressive Left Alliance reminds me of the schoolyard bully who, continually egging on a fight, will, when they really get one, not like it at all, not one little bit.

    By my reckoning, at this point there is enough hostility in rural and smalltown White Men to start, (and finish) several wars.

    You don’t take practically everything from a man, and then constantly insult his pride, and then expect him not to strike back.

    It is not in the realm of human possibility.

  7. Imagine believing that MSNBC style liberals are the primary force responsible for enforcing multi-culturalism, egalitarianism, anti-racism and philo-Semitism in the United States.

    These people are widely regarded as a joke, large segments of society are very hostile to them. It’s easy to find places where they have no influence over people.

    The reason that we can’t simply ignore political correctness and do our own thing is that politically correct values are enforced by the American occupation regime and by the right in particular. Political correctness is a policy enforced by the American state apparatus (and by affiliated non-state actors) at the “deepest” levels.

    “Racist materials” were targeted for financial deplatforming by Operation Choke Point and they can get around any constitutional limitations with that policy by using entities (like service providers) that are technically “private” to impose that censorship and financial blacklisting.

    The political correctness that matters most to us is the political correctness that is enforced inside the right and by important institutions like banks and service providers. The reason that this kind of political correctness is enforced so zealously is because it is one of the core policies of the “deep state”, in the non-conspiratorial definition of that term.

    Political correctness cannot be eliminated by supporting MAGA slow liberals and their dumb liberal arguments against MSNBC fast liberals. This paradigm actually strengthens political correctness, by pitting two politically correct sides against each other and legitimizing one as the official opposition.

    People get frustrated with political correctness and are drawn to the side that seems to defy it, but are then forced to abide by another set of politically correct speech restrictions and social norms, closing off the most important issues, limiting them to a slow liberal vs fast liberal debate.

    Political correctness is not going away, it’s enforced from the top down, by the most powerful elements of society… like the ADL.

    But living with political correctness would be more possible if there was actually some segment of society that rejected the values imposed by the regime and asserted a truly independent set of values and norms.

    MAGA exists to prevent that and to ensure that political correctness remains brutally effective.

    If the American regime has its way, and it usually does, then your only options will be MSNBC neo-liberals or their official opposition; moronic MAGA neo-liberals out to own the libs by proving that they are more anti-racist, more Civic Nationalist and more slavishly philo-Semitic.

    That means there will never be an independent faction that rejects multi-culturalism, egalitarianism, anti-racism and philo-Semitism and no real opposition to the American regime will ever be possible… most people won’t even be able to think about opposing it, because they take the regime’s core values for granted.

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