Illegal Aliens: Neoliberal Joe Told Us To Come

I have no idea why they are coming.

Did they also watch the Democratic debates in Central America? Did they watch the 2020 campaign? Did they hear about “Abolish ICE” and Joe suspending immigration enforcement?

Note: It will be interesting to see how this disaster changes the politics of immigration. Independent voters were already uncomfortable with open borders before this happened.

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  1. Look at the top picture.
    All this t-shirts, who paid for the printing of all those shirts?
    Who distributed them ?
    There are dark hands at work, from the shadows.

  2. But I believe the Honduran caravans, at least, have been underway for months, BEFORE it was known that Kamala and Joe would be installed, instead of Trump-Kushner. Trump had ordered Mexico to hold back the tide under threat of sanctions (although the U.S. intends to remove AMLO anyway) and there is a limit to how long it could hold them.

    I’ll say this again:

  3. Politician’s live in such a bubble, and are used to getting their rear end covered by the media, that the idea, that the rest of the world might actually believe them, when they belch out some stupid idea, just goes over their stupid heads…

  4. I’m starting to think Republicans are sending them up here. It happened during the Midterms in 2018 and then nothing. They feel like they benefit from it either way, whip up the voter base and replace labor lost to COVID.

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