Stephen Colbert: Trump’s Racist Rhetoric Led Directly To Hate Crimes Against The AAPI Community

I normally don’t watch any of this content.

I don’t watch things like the Grammys, Emmys, Golden Globes or Academy Awards. I don’t watch any of the late night comedy shows. There are people in this country who watch Trevor Noah, Stephen Colbert, John Oliver and SNL though and who actually think their content is funny.

Who is the audience though? Who is watching CNN and MSNBC? Who is reading the New York Times and Washington Post? Who is watching these politically correct comedy shows and laughing? Obviously, it is Democrats, but it is a particular kind of Democrat who is culturally alien to us.

It is these people:

I’ve been observing and studying these people like an alien species. It has dawned on me that these people are the anti-Whites and that being anti-White is strongly related to being college educated and upper middle class while White working class voters are more likely to be ethnocentric.

It is the professional managerial class (PMCs), the professional bourgeoisie, the Democrat Independent Liberal Elites (DILEs), the woke professional class, the Pew Research Center’s “Solid Liberals,” etc. These people are the affluent, cosmopolitan White libs who are Democratic establishment voters. The Jews are also concentrated in this stratum of the population but it is a larger group.

We know who is watching this shit.

It is White upper middle class, college-educated professionals who live in big metros or wealthy suburban enclaves. They are overwhelmingly more likely to have a college degree and to be post-graduates. They also have a negative sense of White identity which means that they dislike other White people and feel no sense of solidarity with them. Their politics is essentially modernism, woke virtue signaling and talking about themselves and how they are better than other people. They are America’s “Baizou” class.

Note: Working class Democratic voters aren’t watching these shows. They are turned off by it and more likely to watch politically mixed or right-leaning content. This is because working class Democrats are more likely to be moderates who are social conservatives.

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  1. I hate ZOG comedians, especially this prick. The only thing Colbert did that was truly funny was that Ambiguously Gay Duo cartoon skit on SNL. But he had to collaborate with six other writers to make it.

  2. These people were funny while Bush was in office. But after that they became useless to anyone with a brain.

  3. Those people are also marked by their strident moral self-righteousness, which is extremely off putting.

  4. The “woke” White “liberals” don’t give a damn about Asians, Blacks, Hispanics, etc. It’s a cover for their own self hatred and hatred of us. Self hating Whites. Sick.

  5. I think I’m supposed to be part of that sophisticated coastal urban crowd who has no sense of white racial identity and is expected to champion all the latest and trendiest liberal causes. Then why do I have a large American flag on the wall where the stars have been replaced by a swastika?

  6. Donald Trump, for all his faults, is correct (in a primitive way). Fuck Colbert. Etiology matters the most in this entire shitfest of mess.

    So yes, it does indeed matter were the virus comes from and what groups are problematic.

    China has had multiple outbreaks due to cultural eating habits and poor health food safety regulations from the “authoritarian” government of China (authoritarian in the wrong ways). SARS1, Bird Flue, Hong Kong Flu (under the Brits but the eating habits of ethnic Chinese people remains the same), this list goes on and on and on.

    This is serious fucking shit. This is stuff not to fuck around with. And yet here we are, with many protecting of minorities and the “other” no matter what. It is leading to basically a ban of etiology if it concerns non-white groups and disease. If we don’t know the origin of a disease and why it’s occurring we will never fix this problem. And this shit will continue to occur thanks to antiracists and their not insistence not to know where the origin of a disease is in the name of protecting minorities from racism.

    This is a slow train crash moving in slow motion (if climate change doesn’t kill us).

    The wet markets and things that are eaten is a problem (like bats which have been found to have a lot of COVID viral loads). This is where the racist stereotype of the Asian who eats anything that moves comes from. And instead of dealing with the issue that hand, they’d rather complain about the racist stereotypes rather than fixing root of the problem and possibly eliminating the stereotype. Complaining about the stereotype and racist perception isn’t going to change anything if your group largely does it. But no, it’s easier to whine about the racism than actually see the merit in it and do something about the situation so it doesn’t continue to happen (in the future).

    I. hate. this. society.

    • Yeah, forget knowledge, logic, and reason…we’ll run our society on feel-goodism. A society based on EMOTION is doomed to fail.

    • Yes, all true. And our people pretty much missed a golden opportunity to use the real threat of COVID to shut down all bad, alien immigration, same as we missed the boat to end all bad (Muslim) immigration after 9/11/01. Do the Japanese allow COVID plague carriers, bubonic plague carriers from the worst parts of Asia or El Salvador to flood in to Japan?


      How many Japanese people were murdered, sexually groomed by Pakistani Muslims, sex perverts in Japan?

      I think the answer is ~ 0.

      Any Japanese political representative even contemplating opening the flood gates from migrant Hell would be beheaded by sensible, nationalist Japanese.

      But, too many of our Amurikun people have their heads up their arse, their minds obsessed with all kinds of weird conspiracy stuff or long irrelevant Constitutions that nobody cares about now in this year 2021.

      Here’s a light hearted Farstar cartoon that noticed the source of COVID – bats, batman.

  7. The brighter the person, the earlier they gave up on commercial media.

    They won’t publish the psychographics for these commercial programs, because the advertisers would flee like rats jumping from a sinking ship.

    (“negative sense of White identity”, that’s a really apt concept.)

  8. Uh, read how NYT is being sued by multiple advertisers for false circulation numbers.

    If one major ((( media ))) is doing this fraud, so are others.
    They are all the same, in ehavior.

  9. Tell a lie long enough and people will come to believe it’s true. That’ what these liars are doling.

  10. This has to do with Andrew Yang’s mayoral run in New York City. His people are pushing this or it would have been crickets. The ultra left and left wing twitter hates Yang, too much of a technocratic neoliberal for them.

  11. None better fits the notion of our antique Southron term, ‘Scalawag’, than Monsieur Colbert.

    More seriously, however, The Modern’s Left’s persistent desire to persecute those who do not think like them is not going to come to any good for anybody.

    The Left, above all, is going to really despise the longterm whirlwind.

    As the erstwhile Cajun cook, Justin Wilson, would say : ‘I G’arantee it’!

  12. That filthy commie scum Colbert & all his late night co-(((comedians))) should be laid end-to-end and crushed under the tracks of an Abrams tank.

    Feet first. And very slowly.

  13. Colbert hates trump who called blumpf administration fascist thousands of times despite lacking evidence of this and especially Trump voters as dumb hicks duped by putin lol. He’s has on numerous occasions branded them all as racist an therefore directed violence towards them so he’s one to talk. Also he automatically assumes Aaron Long was a Trump voter and all poc on asian attacks are therefore somehow magically white on asian attacks

    Colbert wears his catholicism like a schizo hypocritical dummy of course he interviews all these celebrities who blaspheme god in hollywood tv films and live lavish lifestyles He’s very pro lgbtqz and immigration All the while interjecting politics in a very biased liberally unfunny dishonest way. Colbert is a classic east coast elitist piece of fu*king shit scumbag he has for years openly hates white america.

    He never names them even when blumpf was at peak zog for 4 long years not once!. He has a team of writers who flaunt their libtard views and quite plainy hate America. He has a childs idea of heavens gate very typical of catholics who believe in the concept. I Guess he’s hoping to get into heaven by denomination alone?!

  14. NO. This vicious, white hater, liar Stephen Colbert is not funny, not even remotely funny. Even though he acts the part of the smirky, Liberal Leftist, progressive Jew comedian/activist, according to the authority (Jew or not Jew) he’s not Jewish:

    He just acts Jewish and it’s not a big secret why Goyim like Stephen Colbert act this way – they want to be successful in the Jew Media mafia dominated worlds of comedy, entertainment, Lib Demorat politics.

    We on the other hand are funny, are honest and we just notice who/what have taken control of American television. When we allow the likes of Stephen Colbert, Maury Povitch scripted by the J media mafia moguls like CNN’s Jeff Zucker phoning it in from Israel, we are basically allowing the Children of the Devil to occupy our living rooms and steal the souls of our children. This is what we presented in this classic Farstar/me comic:

      • @Dart…

        Yes and no.

        It was not so long ago that the Roman Catholic Church and Jewry were at full odds with each other, as they had been for nearly 2 millennia.

        It is just that the Roman Catholic Church always curtsies to the most powerful in The West, which, at this time in history, is The Jews.

        Much of the church, however, remains antithetical towards ‘Jewishness’.

        If, a century from now, Gentiles are back in control, The Roman Catholic Church will suddenly have lost it’s ‘Jewishness’.

        • The Roman catholic church was never at odds with Jews. The church brought Jews into Europe and then protected them for hundreds of years while they exploited Europeans. Without the Roman catholic church, Jews would have been completely purged from Europe a long time ago. But Jews have a vested interest in playing the eternal victim, and jews dominate western historical scholarship, so all of the mainstream historical narratives claim that the Catholic church opposed them. In reality, it’s clear that Jews occupied a privileged niche within Roman catholic society (which carried over to protestantism in a lot of ways as well).

          And no, roman catholicism is not antithetical to jewishness. They are peas in a pod. That is why Aquinas adored the jewish rabbi Maimonides so much. Aquinas and the Roman catholic church in general took a lot of their exegesis from Jewish rabbis and talmudic scholars, which explains in part how they perverted christianity so badly.

          • dart,

            You are a piece of caca and my people are taking the southwest. All protestants are heretics . So crawl back under the rock you oozed from.

          • Dart,

            you said my men are 5 foot 2 inches. Well I am 5 foot 8 inches and the gringos at school like me and I am pura blanca.

          • @Dart…

            “The Roman catholic church was never at odds with Jews.”

            I rest my case – you are, indeed, an expert on the subject!

        • Ivan,

          What you wrote is demonstrably false in many cases. We did not go along with the Romans, the Protestant revolt in Europe etc .where the heretics were strong in certain countries. Millions were martyred by the Romans alone and they were in power for centuries. The Pope did not budge on King Henry the 8th on the Katherine divorce etc. even when it meant England would turn Protestant.

          We did not curtsy to the Prots even when it meant death, exile, or war. Catholicism was almost wiped out in England/Holland for centuries for instance.

          Do you think we curtsied to the Moslems as a general rule century after century? Divine dogmas cannot be changed and they still strongly condemn Jews. The Church cannot change it’s dogmas but Churchmen can change. It is defined dogma that Jews are outside the Church and therefore lost unless they repent and join. Various Church councils have said that for centuries.

          It has been noted that heavy infiltration of the Church by liberals, freemasons, Jews etc. has occurred with the usual results. There are books available.

          Since I refuse to be dragged back into this website I think I will only answer you if you reply. In case you wondered why I will never be active here like before all you have to do is read your comments and others.

          I am quite confident however in ultimate victory for my religion and I will do alot to help that occur. I do my part in motivating friends/classmates. This website also helps me with the examples I can provide on what my enemies are like.

          I for my part do not “curtsie” to Moslem, Jew, or Protestant. It is however human nature for most to cave in to the powerful. In that regard it is not Catholic human nature but over all human nature to do so.

          Did not the Russian Orthodox curtsy to the Communists in WW2 in order to get their churches back? Have not the Protestants done the same in going along with the prevailing spirit of the times?

          White nationalists like this website are strongly anti-Catholic and therefore as interesting as this website is I am an enemy. The race views of WN’s are of way lesser importance to me.

          Cristina ( an enemy but not personally I hope).

          • Roman catholicism is not a religion and cannot achieve ultimate victory, since it is internally inconsistent. It is simply useful as an indicator of low intelligence.

          • Dart and all protestants are caca. So to hell with all of you. My people are taking the southwest and that is a fact. Prots are pathetic.

          • Cristina, I am opposed to America and the American empire, so I don’t mind if your worthless race of 5’2″ bus boys “take” the southwest. You will just do nothing with it, like you do nothing with all of the other territory your pointless people already squat on, and the American empire will be weakened. All good in my estimation.

          • @Cristina…

            I do not know how you regard me as an ‘enemy’ when I have always enjoyed your correspondence, and demonstrated that.

            Be that as it may, I appreciate your response.

            So much truth in what you say, and yet, what you cited is selective, and, therefore, does not refute what I posited.

            So, I shall repeat, though more carefully : The upper heirarchy of The Roman Catholic Church always curtsies before political power, so as to receive worldly support.

            This is part of how they have accumulated so much.

            That said, this does not, in any way, mean that The Roman Catholic Faith is not sufficient or not blessed.

            I am married to a Roman Catholic convert and, thus, have attended many many services of your church.

            Though I detest most of the upper heirarchy of your church, I love many other things about your church and have a lot of respect for it’s spiritual methodologies.

            Though I enjoy Protestant services, I prefer Roman Catholic ritual, garb, and it’s embracing of mystery, most notably by it’s refutation of the Sola Scriptura pose.

            No, the Russian Orthodox Curch did not ‘curtsy’ to The Judeo-Bolsheviks, but, rather, were imprisoned, tortured and executed, en masse.

            Only those few left, the terrified cowards in their greatly reduced midst, ‘curtsied’. So, to consider that it was The Russian Orthodox Church that ‘curtsied’, is like think that the New Orleans Saints’ second string practice squad represents the team.

            At any rate, I am glad to see that you continually come back here, and, if being controversial stimulates you to write more, then I will try to do that!

            All the best, You Know Who!

          • Cristina, it doesn’t matter how much taller you are than your 5’2″ men. Your people are still inconsequential and pointless, and they will remain so until they are finally genetically engineered out of existence. What would happen if all latinos disappeared tomorrow? Nothing. Most people wouldn’t even realize you were gone. They would just notice the roads became moderately safer to drive on and they don’t hear as much annoying music played from cell phone speakers when they are in public. That’s your people’s contribution to the world. Road fatalities and irritating music.

            If Whites disappeared tomorrow, on the other hand, you would see cascading critical systems failure, nuclear reactors would melt down, global trade would collapse, and upwards of 80-95% of the remaining human population would die. Your people simply do not matter and never will, whether they take up space in some territory or not.

          • Christiana I hope you are well but maybe you dwell on what a small few think of you on here? I am not anti-catholic I have a few catholic relatives but dogmatically I am antipapist however I am a protestant. East coast liberal elites like Colbert just happen to usually be Catholic oddly enough. He draws my angst for obvious reasons He’s a phony catholic and a douchebag libtard

            Mary adoration is alien and strange to me as a prot I didn’t grow up praying to mary or the saints. We both worship the same god lets compromise on trivial differences

    • Jack Ryan,

      i strongly oppose these pieces of caca called white nationalists. I hope the FBI arrests all of them.

      • “Dart and all protestants are caca. So to hell with all of you. My people are taking the southwest and that is a fact. Prots are pathetic.”

        Though I understand your feelings were hurt, it is so unworthy of you, Young Lady, to carry on like this. Try to remember : emnity does not put out emnity, anymore than fire squelches fire.

        • Ivan,

          Well I sure wish you would have responded in the last couple of years when I have been called horrible names and been threatened with rape, sodomy, and bestiality.

          Be that as it may I give you this Russian song. I wish I could sing like that cute Russian girl but I cannot sing or dance well. I take ballet at school so I have strong legs but I am clumsy.

          • Dear Cristina,
            I have defended you numerous times. That said, I expect more from you than what is common because, A. You are an Castilian Aristocrat and B. You are a sincere Roman Catholic Christian, and, so, to demonstrate that, you are under the burden of not returning fire when that fire is essentially filth and hatred.

            So what if some here hate your faith. After all, more than a few here hate anything that is not a mirror-like reflection of themselves and their world. Sadly, this blog is no outlyer, in this regard, for you shall find this all over the world.

            As to clumsy, you may be that physically, but, on the inside you are the soul of deft.

            You most often hold your own here, in the midst of rapiers wielded by swordsman 2,3, and 4 times your age.

            By the way, Thom wrote you an excellent comment above. did you note that.

            As to Dart : don’t be angry with him, as he wrestles with a lot of negativity and the pain of that accidently bounces off all with whom he comes into contact. Pray for him, with all sincerity, that he, too, might one day know some of the inner joys that you know by knowing Chryst!

            Be well, and stop telling everybody you are not coming here anymore, for you belong here as much as anyone else!

      • @Christina,

        As you probably already know, the federal bureau of instigation are the political police of jewish NGOs such as the ADL and SPLC. Therefore, the FBI are nothing more than shabbos goys for the same Sanhedrin that chose Barabbas over Jesus.

        You’re lashing out in anger at insults against your Christian denomination. Personally, I put race first before any faith or religion. Non-whites can share a faith or religion, but they are not blood of my blood. Tribalism trumps universalism imho. You are free to disagree.

        Even though California isn’t technically a part of the American southwest, it is the true gem in that region. Arizona and New Mexico are basically deserts.

        By the way, con version of jews to Catholicism or any Christian denomination just forms an enemy within. The lesson of the betrayals via the “converso ” Maranos should inform you of the futility of trying.

        • November,

          Nice to hear from you as always. I understand your comment. My white racial loyalties come as a package along with ethnic and religious loyalties. I could never turn my back on the mixed people and Indians for they are part of our society as well. Of course I am always against illegal immigration.

          Well I have to go or I will be late.

        • November,

          I give you my respect and what I believe in detail.

          Moslems- The Infidel

          Liberals- Condemned as a mortal sin in the 19th century as a mortal sin. And that would be classical liberalism. A liberal in 1880 would be considered a right wing extremist by today’s standards.

          Communists–The Walking Damned\

          Liberals–A sick and evil belief system that has destroyed everything good.

          International Socialism–The same evil as Communists.

          National Socialism–A Concordant with them. They are not evil in themselves.

          Fascism- The modern false definition of Fascism of corporations united with the State is a form of twisted Idolatry. Fascism in it’s original form is Catholicism as the Pope said in 1929.

          White Natiionalism–I am not sure what this means.

          My enemies– Walking cow patties.

          November– My friend.

          The United States–Where do I begin?

          Race–God made. I would never marry outside my race.

          • @Christina,

            Mucho gracias for that outline of your beliefs in a nutshell. Your loyalty to race, religion, and in my humble opinion, but to alesser degree mestizos and meso-american indians are understandable and in accordance to your faith and upbringing. I cannot change your views on these issues anymore than you could on mine, so it would be fruitless to try.

            I do find it ironically laughable that White Protestants that hold a low opinion of White Catholics, but reasonably fret over demographics would be a lot worse off had not previous generations of White American Catholics had large families, which in turn their offspring had less children per married couple, but nonetheless in aggregate more White children than the White American mean.

            I was listening to a podcast by one of the premier historians on the jewish-bolshevik revolution, and the indictment that is made of England in particular in fermenting World War One by proxies in the Balkans to set Germany and Russia at each other’s throats, who before the war began had amicable relations.

            It’s too long to get into here, but if you’re interested in listening to the podcast, I could provide you a link.

            Some quick tidbits are neither Great Britain nor the United States ever placed any sanctions (political or financial) on the Soviet Union, until the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, but both the US and GB had sanctions against Franco’s Spain. Things that make you go hmm, huh?

            Have you looked up Ysabel Peralta yet? She’s the teenage Falangist that defied the socialist Spanish federal government by making a wonderful and brave speech honoring the Spanish warriors of the Blue Division and literally naming the jew. The latter is something WASP Jared Taylor with his impeccable optics fears to tread.

            I consider you an amiga as well. Just don’t use the analogy of “raccoon eyes” because my mind immediately goes to that underhanded jew rahm emmanuel who’s famous for saying, “Never let a crisis go to waste.”

        • November,

          Yes. I did look up Ysabel. Quite impressive. Thank you for the links. I also find it telling that the USA did not have official relations with the Vatican from 1867-1984. Yet recognized Communist countries of the Soviet Union/Red China before that and recognized the Jewish State of Israel in 1948. I did not look up the dates and am going on memory but I think I am correct.

          I had to make it brief because I am notorious for staying up late and getting up late. Yes, I should not have snapped earlier. It is the accumulation of insults over the last couple of years that did it.

          I am like a rain barrel that has filled up with water in a storm but only slowly drains away due to the sun.

  15. AAPI will never take off. The best acronyms, of course, contain vowels and can be pronounced like words, as with SNAFU. The second best are three-consonant ones like BLM, FBI, etc. Other than that, forget it. No one ever says the letters “S H T F,” they just write “SHTF,” which is fine, but you have to say it loud for it to be true speech, to be accepted and understood by everyone.

    • @Hunter
      Do you have education or training past high school? You seem real down on higher learning for some reason. Jealousy?
      More education and wealth lead to more open thinking on several issues. This is nothing new and you can’t do anything to combat it. Would you rather keep society poor and everyone ignorant and uneducated so more people agree with your outdated thinking?

      • Obviously.

        I also disagree. It is pretty clear to me that higher education and higher incomes has led primarily to narcissism, mediocrity, incompetence and technocracy. This country was better governed when it was less educated in the early 20th century.

        Unquestionably, I think the worst stretch in the history of this country has been the last 50 years or so. Contrast the average American politician in 2021 with the average American politician in 1830 or 1790. There has been an absolute decline in quality. Is there anyone in the U.S. Senate who strikes you as being in the same league as John C. Calhoun, Daniel Webster or Henry Clay?

        • I second Mr. Griffin’s comments on ‘Higher Education’.

          As I progressed toward middle age the suspicion came over me that most people, who get a lot of higher education’, seem to lose the capacity for independent thought and merely become idealogical palladins of a thought-control system.

      • “Openness,” as defined by the pseudoscientific field of western psychology, just means dogmatic adherence to liberal ideology and liberal cultural norms. This exists within the “educated” class because it is a prerequisite for entry into the upper socio-economic echelons in most cases. One must be ideologically and culturally liberal in order to be accepted by the oligarchy of liberal society, obviously. This correlation between so-called “openness” and education doesn’t exist in non-liberal countries, which indicates it is a structural effect of liberal society and not a result of education per se.

      • @Daria knows people suck,

        Were you dropped on your head as a baby, or otherwise suffered brain damage?

  16. Thom,

    I am sorry for taking so long to respond to your sweet letter. I was at school. I do not hate protestants. I was mad and hurt when I made my comment. I have a temper and I hurt what hurts me.

    Remember on this website I have been called a whore, a Mexican whore, a Mexican animal, a Mexican insect, a transvestite, a Shiksa whore, been threatened with rape and said I should be stripped and forced to my knees and service donkeys in Tijuana. And I am only counting the regulars on this site both past and present.

    No matter what I am pro white. My anglo girl friends agree that I can pass for white except for my eyes. I have raccoon eyes. So once again I thank you for your comment.

    • @Cristina…

      “Remember on this website I have been called a whore, a Mexican whore, a Mexican animal, a Mexican insect, a transvestite, a Shiksa whore, been threatened with rape and said I should be stripped and forced to my knees and service donkeys in Tijuana. ”

      Feel sorry for those who have said this, for, projections as they are, they reveal nothing of you, the object, but, everything of them, the unwitting subjects.

      Don’t let yourself be hurt by those who are themselves hurting so much they cannot but help but be toxick.

      • Ivan,

        I thank you again for your support and counsel. While there are several sayings in Spanish on how to get revenge but the best one is:

        “Living well is the best revenge”

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