Why Democrats Without Reform Are Probably Doomed In The House

David Shor has recently become the nerd that everyone in politics wants to talk to since he was crucified by his fellow progressives last summer for piping up and having the audacity to suggest that nationwide violent riots by woke brats would hurt the Democrats in the 2020 election.

The clock is ticking for the Democrats. They are unlikely to hold the House in the 2022 midterms due to historical precedent and redistricting. The Democrats have already pulled the trigger on budget reconciliation to pass the COVID relief bill. They can only do that one or two more times before the 2022 midterms and need absolute unity to pass anything in such a sharply divided Congress. Unless they abolish the filibuster, pass HR 1 or add new states, the rest of their agenda will die in the Senate.

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  1. Why should we care about what the chattering classes have to say about politics, HW? They should all be sent to forced labor camps in the Arctic Circle in unheated freight cars.

  2. “Unless they abolish the filibuster, pass HR 1 or add new states, the rest of their agenda will die in the Senate.”

    Getting rid of the electoral college, the filibuster, and adding states, along with rendering elections meaningless, are all part of the Democrats solution to the problem of having to ever loose any elections again.

  3. Ghey-sounding jew brightboi Shor says he doesn’t think working-class Whites will care about Dr. Seuss books etc. being shitcanned (even though the (((Cultural Marxists))) doing the banning certainly do). Clearly he & the 2 other yappers think we’re too stoopid and our goldfish attention spans preclude our understanding of the importance of a mere handful of shitlib usurper scum deciding what the rest of us will be allowed to read, hear, say, remember & publicly honor.

  4. I little doubt that The Republicans will win in 2024, and, most probably, by 2024, wind up holding Congress and the presidency, at which point we come to the same juncture as we were in 2016.

    The problem is that I see no sign that The Republicans are capable of governing, for they either lack the ideas or the spine to venture the structural repairs that must be made to a battleship listing heavily in the water.

    And so 2022 and 2024 will be, as it was before – a lot of hopeful speeches and platitudes, the sum total of which will be a pyrrhick victory.

    Hope I am wrong, but, I doubt it.

    The termites and bad ideas that have got hold of this republic are aligned in such a way as that they will not let go until they are forces to do so, and there is absolutely no way either4 party has the spinal wherewithal to do anything like that.

    Nope, the changes will have to arise organically, from The People, outside of those electoral processes which, though once efficacious, have now become exercises in futility.

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