How People Think You Stop Bigotry

The best part is that those who diagnose others with “bigotry” have zero tolerance for anyone who disagrees with their own opinions and relish destroying the lives of other people for the sport of doing so. The most bigoted, intolerant and fanatical people in the country style themselves as “anti-bigotry.”

Note: I just believe race exists and don’t hate myself for being White. That’s my opinion on those subjects. I’m not one of these people who will get you for saying the wrong word.

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  1. You cannot stop people from being tribal, nor should you.

    For that matter, no one in the world is contemplating the renunciation of their tribality except The White Gentile Tribes.

    Say what you will about that, who is behind it and why, the reality of the Human World is that White Renunciation of White will not change the tribality of the world, but, only remove a group of tribes from it which, if history is any judge, have contributed more substantively to it than any other.

    My prayer is that every White can once again be racist, in that he is keenly aware that he has a tribe, that they have a vested interest in their well-being, and that it is no good thing to pursue any other course.

    I also pray that, in that process, Whites do not fail to be honourable, civil, and kind, for becoming a demon to save what is godly is not only a farce, it will not be blessed, and without the blessing of Our Father, you can kiss the lasting consequences of every would-be victory goodbye.

  2. According to Webster’s dictionary, a bigot is someone “who holds blindly and intolerantly to a particular creed [or] opinion.” That sounds like the Woke folks to me.

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