White Supremacist Attacks Elderly Asian Man On New York City Subway

As Woke Joe said in Atlanta, our silence is our complicity. Thus, we should all be talking about this anti-Asian hate crime. There is a wave of anti-Asian violence going on around the country.

Daily Mail:

“A 68-year-old man Asian man has been violently assaulted on the New York City subway by an assailant shouting racial insults, in the latest shocking incident of anti-Asian hate. 

Narayange Bodhi, originally from Sri Lanka, was commuting to his job as a security guard at 2.40pm on Friday when the attacker viciously punched him on a 1 Train in Lower Manhattan, police and witnesses say. 

Suspect Marc Mathieu, 36, of the Bronx was arrested on Sunday and charged with assault after NYPD Transit cops recognized his image on a wanted poster. Mathieu has nine prior arrests, a police source told DailyMail.com.

The assailant randomly attacked Bodhi while shouting ‘You Asian motherf***er!’ according to witness George Okrepkie, who aided the victim until police arrived.

‘I could not believe that somebody would attack a man of that age,’ Okrepkie told WNBC-TV. ‘Before I could even look he was standing on top of him.’  …”

White Nationalists have been targeting and attacking Asians on the basis of their race around New York City since the police were defunded there last summer after the Black Lives Matter protests turned into violent riots. There was a March Against White Nationalism last month.

Note: It has been established by the real “journalists” working on the story that Donald Trump’s anti-Asian rhetoric and “white supremacy” was responsible for the Atlanta shooting. Some would call this “misinformation” because the police have said otherwise, the suspect has confessed, there is strong evidence that corroborates his story and two of his victims were White.

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    • @Aspire – Detach. Take your revenge in every peaceful way you can.. Screw this sick anti-White so-called “society”

  1. The media and cops are so obviously wrong. They said he randomly attacked an Asian while shouting “Asian.” No, a random attack would be…well, it couldn’t be. There are no random attacks. I attacked a fridge a couple minutes ago because it had muenster cheese in it. If Mr. Okrekpie were there to see, he would have said it was random. It wasn’t.

  2. Not to be hardhearted, but why would an elderly ineffective person who can’t even identify and prevent an obviously dangerous negro from attacking him be qualified to be a security guard? Answer: Because the U.S. minimum wage “security guard” industry is a scam that is mandated by the insurance industry. Everyone, rightly, hates lawyers, but insurance is just as bad at sapping humanity.

  3. I have a feeling the Asians won’t put up with abuse for too long before they action into their own hands.

    • No matter, as the author of “Ways that are Dark” noted a hundred years ago, Asians AND N-words DO NOT BELONG in this country.

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