Five Thirty Eight: How Cancel Culture Became An Issue For Young Republicans

Vote Red.

We’re not those people … the brats.

We’re not the ones who will come after you and “get” you for saying the wrong word, asking questions or having politically incorrect thoughts, etc. This could be a winning message for Republicans especially with older moderate voters who don’t understand the religion of woke supremacy.

Five Thirty Eight:

“Many Americans don’t have an opinion about “cancel culture” — or even know what it is. Younger Americans tend to be more familiar with the term at this point, though this could change given how much the GOP is making it a part of its political playbook.

And it’s Republicans under the age of 45 who are really concerned about “cancel culture.”

One in 4 Republicans between the ages of 18 and 44 listed it as a top concern, compared to just 1 percent of Democrats in this same age group, according to a recent YouGov Blue poll. In fact, among younger Republicans, “cancel culture” ranked sixth in terms of overall importance, but for younger Democrats it ranked dead last. …”

What is worse?

Is it the sharp words, offensive jokes and transgression against our sacred norms from the “far right”? Is it the hall monitors, censorship, cancellations and puritanical career destroying social media lynch mobs from the far left? If you are one of these people who has a career in this country like Donald McNeil, Jr, you should start asking yourself that question because it will be of growing importance over the next twenty years. Have you ever said anything in your life that the Elect might one day discover and find offensive? Are you sure that you are on the right side of them? Mr. Potato Head wasn’t.

Even if you have never said anything “racist” in your entire life, the meaning of terms like “racism” and “white supremacy” are in flux. They are constantly being inflated to encompass ever more innocuous forms of activity. You can’t even notice and lament the existence of racial gaps anymore because that is sufficient grounds to destroy your career. It was discovered last summer that racism is systematic and that all White people are “complicit” in racism and benefit from their “white privilege.” Also, even when things happen in the news like the Atlanta shooting that have nothing to do with race, the media will say it is “white supremacy” and that we are all “complicit” in whatever happens anyway.

What kind of culture do you want to live in? Do you want a culture where people are free to say whatever is on their mind in a free country without living in fear of being destroyed for airing their opinions? Do you want to live in a culture where the -isms and -phobias have multiplied beyond even what they are now and the sphere of permissible thought and disagreement has further narrowed?

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  1. “Do you want a culture where people are free to say whatever is on their mind in a free country without living in fear of being destroyed for airing their opinions?”

    No. I don’t want people who think pedophilia okay, or hormone blockers for kids, etc, to normalize ideas. I do believe in concept social ostracism and financial ruin. I do believe in societal bounds for things beyond the legal. My difference is “what.”

    “Do you want to live in a culture where the -isms and -phobias have multiplied beyond even what they are now and the sphere of permissible thought and disagreement has further narrowed?”

    Actually understand the “-ism,” “systemic racism” they’re referring to, and why they think “whites are complicit,” and fight them on their level, head-on.

    Understand the ideological underpinnings of these ideas and its trajectory, the different factions involved and their definitions and worldview (ideological mapping), rather than straw mans and using clips of what they say to foster your own position, so you not only understand where you stand and where you’re opposed.

    “If you know the enemy and know yourself,
    you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.
    If you know yourself but not the enemy,
    for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat.
    If you know neither the enemy nor yourself,
    you will succumb in every battle.”

    ? Sun Tzu, The Art of War

    • For example. Institutional and systemic racism. They’ll use things like “disparity in prison sentencing for the same crime between black and whites.” It IS institutional. It IS systemic. (in the sense they’re using).

      You should understand what they’re saying. Of course, there is disparity in prison sentencing in race. However, where they’re wrong is there is a wider disparity between men and women for the same crime than race. Men receive harsher sentencing. We need to look deeper as to why these disparities exist. And the best way is to use sex/gender. Men receive harsher sentencing because as a group they commit more crime. This in turn causes society and judges to give harsher sentencing. We, as a society, whether we like it or not, do believe in a “group tax” when it comes to sentencing. That’s one factor. Also, “the same crime” can be nebulous. Also another side, there reason why there is not a year amount for sentencing. It is to take into consideration the dynamics of the situation that a case has (repeated felon/criminal, premeditated, etc). This allows to increase or decrease the amount by a certain amount. The only way to eliminate disparity would be to make a crime = to set number of years. Also there are other racial groups like Asians who get less than Europeans/white people with sentencing. Their understanding of prison sentencing is very selective and myopic (only on blacks and maybe hispanics/metizos vs white people. not gender. not other racial groups. not sexual orientation).

      It’s important to genuine understand them, to counteract them.

  2. It is impossible to have a society that enjoys both liberty and diversity at the same time. The large numbers of non-whites/non-Christians mean that inevitably free speech as it has been known in this country will have to go, it’s already on the way out. The diverse types are offended by free speech from White people which shows up their many deficiencies.

    The foolish ruling class has made the founding stock of this country and later European immigrants who were able to assimilate their mortal enemies. They have elevated the lesser breeds into positions of power and wealth such that the country will inevitably fail. Third World people create Third World countries, it’s really that simple.

    • 12 – Wasn’t it a white president that once set the limits of those freedoms, by stating, ‘This country was only made for a moral and religious people?’ In other words, Christianity.

      You cannot be a Christian and be non-White. The Gospel was sent ONLY to the Judean and the Hellene- both of which were GEOGRAPHICAl markers, of the Chosen People- and Jesus and St. Paul disenfranchised the Jews, well before AD 70. Alexander Dugin’s ‘Great Awakening Manifesto’ is, or should be, required reading of Americans these days.

  3. Republicans complaining about cancel culture, then cancelling Kristi Noem for doing what 90% of GOP governors would do is hilarious

  4. Chumps will believe the GOP is against cancel culture. Everyone else will remember that 2016-20 were red letter years for cancellation. You get in the on the grift Hunter? That’s a shame.

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