Rising: Joe Biden Isn’t Bringing Us Social Democracy

I’ve already shared my thoughts on this issue.

From my perspective, it is specifically the race and culture war rhetoric of the Democrats that is the problem. In the last week, Joe Biden has alternated between selling his COVID relief bill while pushing the Democrat narrative that the Atlanta shooting was about “white supremacy,” presiding over the collapse of the Mexican border and now he is calling for major gun control legislation.

In the last week, I have gotten my stimulus check, but I turn on the news and the biggest tidal of wave of illegal aliens in my lifetime is storming the border. How am I supposed to feel about the Democrats? Yeah, it is great that I have been given a one time stimulus check (Trump sent me two checks), but that doesn’t compensate for the fact that political correctness or wokeness or cancel culture has stigmatized my politics, silenced me on social media and caused me irreparable economic harm.

I, too, support many of the policies that people like Matt Karp support, BUT they are aligned with all of these woke professional upper middle class libs who prioritize their radioactive culture war politics. Whether it is guns or immigration or abortion or political correctness or censorship or destroying historical monuments, the Democrats have like two dozen issues where they specialize in alienating populist voters who are social conservatives. The little woke brats are going to drive away those who haven’t already left. The cultural toxicity of the Democrats is even driving away non-Whites now.

What is the Democratic agenda? How on earth is Joe Biden anything like Franklin Roosevelt? Why should I vote for the Democrats? Well, the Democrats have passed the COVID relief bill and the PRO Act in the House, but House Democrats have also passed two gun control bills, two amnesties for illegal aliens, the Equality Act, the Violence Against Women Act, H.R. 1 and the George Floyd Act. Joe Biden went immediately to work on Day One and signed dozens of executive orders on open borders, racial equity or woke issues, transgenderism in the military and women’s sports and climate change.

Does Joe Biden’s first 100 days resemble FDR’s first 100 days? To ask the question is to answer it. The Democrats aren’t focused on working class issues so much as middle class culture war issues. They are the party of highly educated, woke professionals and cosmopolitan middle class liberals. They are the party of folks who live in Martha’s Vineyard, not Missouri. Insofar as they made promises during the campaign which were interesting and worth considering (i.e., raising the minimum wage, better health care, student loan debt relief, etc.), none of that is actually going to happen. As we saw with the $15 minimum wage and student loan debt relief, the Democrats don’t really want it to happen either.

If the Democrats were actually serious about pushing a working class agenda, they wouldn’t be poisoning their own brand with something as toxic as wokeness that repulses White working class voters. They wouldn’t be pushing racial polarization and demonizing White people. They wouldn’t be giving all of these gifts to Republicans like the crisis on the border right now. Working class voters are leaving the Democratic Party because it has become the party of wealthy elites, coastal libs and the professional class. Even working class Democrats don’t like watching those people on television.

Joe Biden’s Democratic Party is descended from the Federalist Party, the Whig Party and the Republican Party of Lincoln and Nelson Rockefeller. It is still called the Democratic Party, but the people who support that party are the people who were the political opponents of Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson and William Jennings Bryan. It is an Eastern party that caters to the moralizing lunatics and hypocrites of that region who have always believed they are better than everyone else and ought to lord it over all the rest of us. The witch hunting, middle class scolding, guilt driven fanaticism, conformity, ritual shaming and censorship is nothing new with them. That’s who they have always been since the beginning. It is also why we have always been polarized against them throughout all of American history.

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  1. “From my perspective, it is specifically the race and culture war rhetoric of the Democrats that is the problem.”

    Without a doubt this is a very very serious problem.

    That said, I have to wonder if it is any more serious than the fact that our manufacturing sector was shipped out, leaving our smalltowns and rural areas in ashes.

    Spying on Americans without warrants is very serious, too, as is farming out the wholesale Corporate-Tech suppression of Americans’ 1st Amendment rights.

    Dare I mention the debt or the failure of the Judicial system in something as recent as this past presidential election?

    And what about Congress? : —– many of them capable of fine speeches but never actually venturing any real structural change.

    And, of course, the jack daddy of them all? -the continual replacement of Whites.

    Nope, this ship is taking on water real’ quick, and it comes from a lot of gaping holes. more, in fact, than I have listed.

    At the heart of this is the character of the populace, ourselves – for we refuse to stand up for ourselves.

    • @ these freaks think that killing america, they will kill us, keep dreaming devil, we got a.back up plan.

      • @Terry…

        Yes, the ruling class has dark dreams which shall not come to fruition, though, they have gotten close enough so as to be really scary.

        Their plans are falling through, however.

        All the best up yonder!

  2. My dear November,

    This is the last comment I will make on this demented anti-Catholic website. Look for me on blackpilled and maybe political cesspool. As always i give you my love and blow you my kisses.

  3. Biden represents the Democratic establishment, much in the same way the McConnell represents the Republican establishment, it’s very similar to the Obama administration or two terms of Bill Clinton. These people never do anything except for their own donor class. Clinton was happy to pass NAFTA and ship manufacturing jobs out of the country. He was also happy to sign the 1995 crime bill which made many drug violations federal crimes, this sent many of his voters to prison, ie the spooks, but that didn’t matter to the Dems, it doesn’t now either. The hypocracy of the country with the world’s largest prison population lecturing the rest of the world about democracy and fair play never seems to dawn on these assholes.

    The Chinese pointed some of this out to the Biden crowd at their meeting a few days ago.

  4. What should concern you the most is that unlike your $1400 stimulus check, these people won’t be gone in a month.

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