Axios: Joe Biden Is Like FDR

I nearly fell out of my chair this morning when I saw this.


“President Biden recently held an undisclosed East Room session with historians that included discussion of how big is too big — and how fast is too fast — to jam through once-in-a-lifetime historic changes to America. …

Presidential historian Michael Beschloss told Axios FDR and LBJ may turn out to be the past century’s closest analogues for the Biden era, “in terms of transforming the country in important ways in a short time.” …

Beschloss said the parallels include the New Deal economic relief that Franklin Roosevelt brought in 1933, which saved the country from the Depression and chaos.

And Biden is on track to leave the country in a different place, as Lyndon Johnson did with his Great Society programs. …

He loves the growing narrative that he’s bolder and bigger-thinking than President Obama. …”

I finally agree with Charles C.W. Cooke of National Review on something. This analogy is ludicrous and only becomes more so by the day.

National Review:

“Let us mince no words: This advice is deranged. FDR and LBJ, to whom the historians apparently have compared Biden, were both swept into office in landslide victories, alongside large congressional majorities — often large supermajorities — that were on board with their agenda. Joe Biden, by contrast, won the Electoral College by 45,000 votes, enjoys no majority in the Senate, and has a House majority so thin that the Democratic Party is trying to steal a House seat in Iowa that has already been certified for the GOP. As Lloyd Bentsen might have said: I’ve read about FDR, and Joe Biden, you are no FDR. …”


Are you here, bro? You’re not FDR, bro. Not even close.

The South voted for FDR four times.

FDR won all of the non-Eastern states in 1932.

Contrast what FDR accomplished in his first 100 days with Joe Biden. The Democratic agenda is a deeply polarizing cultural lib wish list. If anything is true, FDR doused the culture war of his time by ending Prohibition. FDR focused on economic issues. He also collaborated with “white supremacy.”

The New Deal coalition worked by focusing on class, not bitterly polarizing culture war issues or something as racially toxic as wokeness. It started coming apart when the people who are now control of the Democratic Party decided to take that route and alienated Southerners.

Joe isn’t even Barack Obama. When Obama was president, Democrats had 60 Senate seats and Nancy Pelosi was Speaker of the House with a 256 seat majority. Since then, Democrats have steadily alienated working class voters with traditional values while attracting professional class voters with cosmopolitan values. They’ve been shrinking into a party of highly educated and affluent coastal elites who are defined by cultural liberalism and who speak the language of political correctness.

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  1. I think Bechloss is a crypto-Jew. His background is way too connected for a complete unknown (outside of his circles). Wouldn’t you expect Jews to be writing American history anyway?

  2. @ fdr, ole dirty joe, fdr was handicapped of body, ole.dirty joe handicapped of heart , mind, soul, intellect, morals, integrity his lack of honor, in my estimation is his worst handicap.

  3. An Alzheimer’s patient walks into a bar and says “I’m Franklin Roosevelt!” The punchline is Joe Biden.

    Knock knock!
    Who’s there!
    Biden who?
    I’m Franklin Roosevelt!

    • Still bitter about your Emperor Don’s loss?
      No wonder you’re stuck to peddling your “comedy” on your obscure site and blogs lmao

      • @Daria knows most people suck

        I’ve been the biggest anti-Trump voice since before he officially announced.

        What are you doing reading these naughty racist blogs anyway? Shouldn’t you be over at Huffington Post talking about how mean white men are and how they all want to touch your hair?

  4. @ i hear ole dirty joe is using plastic utensils at the mud house , while they investigate the missing silver., i dont get it. Why would madam president harris, steal her own silverware? Her and hunter b, internal.cockfight? This is a serious issue, thee situation should be monitored closely, for you know it, another baseless accusation against “peckerwood” supremacy.

  5. Dementia Joe was asleep on the couch in the Oval Office, not having discussions with historians about anything, the guy doesn’t know where or who he is half the time. Even thirty years ago Dementia Joe was too stupid and intellectually incurious to have any kind of ‘deep thought’ discussion about anything, and he didn’t get any smarter over the years. He was ” . . . having discussions with historians . . .” isn’t even a clever lie. Axios needs to up their game and buy some better liars.

  6. That’s pretty harsh – comparing Sleepy J to the worst president that the US has ever had – FDR – the President that, more than any other, set Western Europe and the US on the Road To Ruin by eliminating any impediment to the complete takeover of both by International Jewry.

  7. And unlike some of the other Shabbas Goy presidents, FDR never expressed any dismay at what he had done.

  8. FDR didn’t save America from the Depression, it continued all the way into 1941 and only ended with Japan’s “surprise” attack. By contrast Our Fuhrer got Germany out of the Depression by 1935. Batshit Joe’s only similarity with FDR is that he is a frail recluse.

    • Germany had the fastest growing economy the world had ever seen under Hitler. He also got Germany out from under the global banking system. I doubt anyone will ever see that again. Unemployment dropped significantly, even though the US was still in the Depression.

  9. A narcissistic New Yorker who lied in every other sentence, broke democratic norms, snuggled up to foreign strongmen, used the latest technology to talk directly to his hordes of supporters, pushed those around him to do unconstitutional things, was born into privilege, held irrational grudges, constantly undercut his subordinates, an unpredictable ignoramus devoid of principle and ideology — there is only one other president that resembles FDR in terms of character and leadership style, and that is, strangely enough, Trump.

    John T. Flynn’s 1948 book “The Roosevelt Myth” is an enlightening read on FDR without modern hagiography. It also gives a clear description of the shit-show throw-spaghetti-at-the-wall atmosphere that dominated the 30s.

  10. The South voted for FDR four times.

    FDR won all of the non-Eastern states in 1932.

    Hunter, I have a quick question about this.

    How did pro-war sentiment vary between the South and the rural Northeast?

    Obviously Jews in New York agitated for war against NS Germany but I’m curious what the old Yankee types in places like Vermont and upstate New York wanted. Historically they have leaned heavily towards Egalitarian and racial integrationist politics – and would therefore view the hierarchical and racialist NSDAP as a problem – but they have never struck me as being militant as Southerners.

    The modern South is sometimes thought of as ‘pro-interventionist’ (I certainly saw plenty of that attitude during the 90s and early 2000s). Did that sentiment exist during WWII or is it a more recent innovation?

  11. President Biden loves shifting blame, fatalism, and limited engagement. A dark winter, he said. A dark, gloomy road ahead. Indeed, a very dark winter. We almost all died, didn’t we? Wait….well, who cares. It was dark, wasn’t it? What a great President. Delivering us the darkness while there was acute and impending light. So accountable. So optimistic. Serving us fear. Totally encouraging. Radically engaging. Welcome to insanity. Embrace it. Love it. Live it.

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