The Argument: Is It Time To Cancel Cancel Culture?

I listened to the show.

As I said in a recent article, political correctness or wokeness and the phenomena of cancel culture is a challenging issue because the two sides don’t share a common morality or culture.

I’m a traditionalist who sharply distinguishes between religion, morality and culture and identity and politics. I derive my moral views from a combination of Christianity, virtue ethics and custom. In my view, the -isms and -phobias have nothing to do with morality and are really just made up bullshit “norms” which were conjured into existence and imposed on the public by elites over the past century. As the professional class has lost its religion and gradually forgotten what morality used to be, it increasingly defines its own byzantine norms and rules as a “morality” that should apply to everyone.

None of these sacred “norms” of political correctness existed a century ago. The same is true of the thousands of different genders which were discovered over the last decade.

The proper response to people who believe in these “norms” is ridicule. This is especially true of wokeness which is toxic and doesn’t work as a moral system. It is make believe bullshit that radiates out of academia and the corporate media and which ordinary people are invited to take seriously. The people whose lives are being destroyed by the proliferation of this nonsense and mobs of self righteous, hyper sensitive, entitled brats who have no redeeming qualities are justifiably angry about it.

Note: BTW, the people who have been canceled and censored by these mobs don’t go away. They just get angry. They also have a lot of time on their hands.

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  1. If we could cancel this crap, how? I strike back by not going on Facebook and Twitter, they didn’t ban me but I’m not going on anyway. I didn’t care for the way they treated Trump and thousands of other people on the right.

    I agree this isn’t morality of any type, this is just garbage from people who have no sense of themselves or even any connection to objective reality.

    • The ultraliberal Congressman from my former home state used to send me emails saying how committed he was to fighting big tech censorship. Yeah, right. The government isn’t going to do jack-squat about it.

    • Tax the shit out of billionaires and upper middle class liberals. An 80% tax rate is a good start for the upper middle class. Billionaires should be abolished.

  2. I thought government existed in part to guarantee the “rights” of its citizens, the same rights that are now being ignored or trampled on by Big Business?

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