Poll: FOX News Audience Leans Multiracial and Working Class

This is interesting.

As David Shor has explained, Whites are intensely polarized. Virtually all White libs are Democrats and virtually all White conservatives are Republicans. White moderates are cross-pressured.

Blacks, Hispanics and Asians are also divided by values and ideology. There are black libs, black moderates and black conservatives. The difference is that non-White voters are more racially polarized. Larger numbers of non-White conservatives and moderates vote for Democrats. Republicans still win about 1 out of 10 blacks and 1 out of 3 Hispanics. This is why Democrats are constantly hyperventilating about “white supremacy” – in order for White libs to get into power, their political strategy requires racial polarization. They have to persuade non-White moderates and conservatives to vote for them.

FOX News is a major threat to White libs because non-White Democrats are watching it. In fact, the FOX News audience is skewed more by education than by race. It is not just old White people who are watching FOX News. This might have something to do with the “Latinx” swing toward Trump in 2020. “Latinx” conservatives watched the FOX News coverage of the Black Lives Matter riots.


Is the reverse true?

Are White working class voters who are Republicans watching CNN and MSNBC? No, there is a PMC problem is left-leaning media. Unlike FOX News which attracts large numbers of non-White Democrats and skews toward people without a college education, those people are really only talking to an audience of highly educated, cosmopolitan White professionals who are extremely polarized.

No one is watching Don Lemon.

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  1. Fox News has long been the best mainstream news network, but, unfortunately, that is not saying much.

    But, in their favour, they do at least cover a wide array of subjects without wokeness.

    That said, my viewing of them become truncated over the years, as they began a Liberal slide. As of this time last year, I still was watching Tucker, however, and sometimes listening to Hannity, who has had an afternoon radio program in these part since before the turn of the century.

    When Mr. Carlson, whom I respect as a courageous and very honest reporter, refused to cover the presidential election problems, a few days after the election, it kind of hurt my feelings, and I have not returned.

    If I want a mainstream type legacy media style outlet, I find NTD or One America to be the best, very similar, in fact, to what Fox used to be, in the early years under Roger Ailes.

    But, in the end, my principal news sources are here, Breitbart, The Liberty Daily, InfoWars, and numerous sources outside of the country.

    Before the Internet, I relied on a shortwave radio and my foreign language abilities.

    Now it is so much easier to find out what is going on, if less romantic…

  2. None of the news on cable TV is about me. It’s always about everything against me. That’s why I haven’t had cable TV in over a decade. Why would anyone pay, to have the constant anti-white message coming into their home?

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