The Corporate Media Is Anti-White and Anti-Christian

Rod Dreher makes a good point.


“Here is what we are not seeing from the media: rash speculation about whether Islam drove him to murder, or whether Trump Derangement Syndrome had anything to do with this attack. All ten of Ahmad Alissa’s victims are white. We are seeing no speculation as to whether or not anti-white racism played a role in this crime.

And you know what? The media are being responsible here. From what we know at this point, there is no reason to blame his religion or his political views for what he did, nor is there reason to blame race hatred.

This is not the standard the media applied to the white male Southern Baptist shooter of Asians in Georgia, of course. …

Note all this. Don’t forget it. This is how the power-holders in this society think. It’s not exactly news, of course, but surely we are at the point in which it is insane to deny the bigotry and bias of our ruling class and the institutions they administer.

This is why people hate them.”

Do you see how this works?

In Atlanta, the only thing the corporate media cared about was how the shooting could be twisted into pushing either an anti-White or anti-Christian narrative. In Boulder, the shooter was a Syrian immigrant and deranged Muslim, so they don’t want to talk about his race, religion or motive. There are various -isms and -phobias which determine how these crimes are covered or not covered in the press. No one in the corporate media is floating the possibility that this could be an anti-White hate crime and they would shrink from covering that angle if any evidence emerged that was the case.

Do you remember last summer when a black criminal executed Cannon Hinnant who was a White 5-year-old riding his bicycle in North Carolina? They didn’t want to talk about that story … AT ALL. That wasn’t “a story about race in America” that could be used to push the progressive agenda. You can get in big trouble for covering stories like that one because drawing attention to crimes like that one is “racist.” The real “journalists” at NPR and the New York Times, however, have a free hand to use social media platforms to spread misinformation and demonize Whites over mass shootings.

Republicans don’t have to be timid about this anymore. Everyone knows what is going on and how these people operate. Everyone agrees and wants you to call this out!

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  1. Do you see how this works?

    Yes, the jws always twist the narrative , mangle the facts, to pursue their own agenda.
    ALWAYS !

  2. It’s pretty obvious that this guy doesn’t like Whitey.

    Lol. It would hardly be speculation to call the shooting antiwhite terrorism. I’m not even sure this balding fatarse was much of a Muslim. Most of the victims were probably lefty agnostics and atheists, hardly a devout Christian in the list of Victims.

    2021, the year to be hated. So glad you made it.

  3. “Why are there no calls for solidarity with Ahmad Alissa’s White victims?”

    Because they have a peculiar gospel that tells them Whites are the sole hindrance standing in the way of a gloriously united world of many peoples acting in good faith with one another.

    Quite something to realize, isn’t it? : —— particularly if, being an affable White, as you most likely are, one who appreciates the diversity of the world and has enjoyed many different ventures in it, to find out that someone would like to see you down or gone, and by any means possible, at that.

  4. Look at the gut and the bald spot. Does that guy, the alleged shooter look 21 years old to you?

    Secondly,there were no injuries from the gun fire. 10 hit by gun fire, 10 kills. Seems very professional for a person that just bought a gun.

  5. Before he left office, Pompeo removed East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM) from the US Terrorism List just to spite China.

    American polticians (including the fake populists Josh Hawley and Tom Cotton) and media are screeching non-stop about the so-called “Uighur genocide”. Meanwhile, they have introduced a new “Uyghur Human Rights Protection” bill in Congress which will allow Uighur jihadists to enter the U.S. as “refugees”.

    Since Biden has lifted Trump’s “Muslim ban” and is planning to import several thousands of violent jihadists into America, brace yourselves for more and nastier Islamic terrorist attacks.

    • Does the Taliban have sleeper cells in the U.S.? If so, will they go active after May 1st, 2021 when the truce deal requiring all U.S. troops to leave Afghanistan expires and no U.S. troops have left Afghanistan?

      The U.S. Government is a withes’ brew of anti-White malevolence, gross incompetence, willful blindness and constant war mongering. If there are more Moslem terrorist attacks, especially if they are from Taliban sleeper cells in response to U.S. troops in Afghanistan look for the U.S. Government to arrest White advocates in response. The U.S. Government is not interested in a peaceful, orderly country free of terrorism, especially terrorism that gets Whites killed like the Moslem guy in Boulder, Colo.

  6. As always consider the alternative race realist Lib perspective;

    Show photos of this fat hairy Muslim immigrant mass murder with the caption:

    Our liberal agenda :

    Gun control (for Ugly hateful Muslim immigrants)
    Birth control abortion rights ( (for ugly hateful Muslim immigrants )
    Immigration control (for ugly hateful Muslim immigrants)

  7. Re Crime and race, Matt Walsh has been going pretty much 13/50 on Twitter. I’m actually impressed.

  8. When the shooting happened, the jew media was hoping the shooter was White so they could ratchet up their anti-White hatred another notch. When they realized it wasn’t, it turned into gun control again..

  9. @ we thee southern intellectual must be thee consious, thee voice, thee soul of our people, i hear more truth spoken here, than anywhere, i salute thee od, avante garde.

  10. Does the right do anything about media bias besides whine about it? You have Fox News, talk radio and Newsmax. Now try to make them as influential as the mainstream media and Hollywood.

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