Tucker Carlson Calls Out Sen. Tammy Duckworth’s Anti-White Racism

Tucker Carlson is delicately trying to uncuck the Republican Party.

It took him a while to get to the point in his monologue tonight. He tossed the pitch to Matt Walsh who used the phrase “anti-white racism.” It is too bad the show doesn’t have a super chat feature because the audience wouldn’t have been so cagey and diplomatic in airing their grievance.

BTW, the grievance is specifically that these people are anti-White and that our sacred “norms” are ridiculous and antiquated. Literally no one in the so-called “far right” ever says things like “we have to support our White brother Sen. Mitch McConnell.” There is nothing we love more than slamming those guys. We also criticize them for all the right reasons too. We don’t like their policies.

Tucker has gone after Duckworth for being a mediocrity several times now:

They actually don’t want to be treated equally.

They get super offended when you treat them like anyone else and don’t pull your punches and put them up on a pedestal because Duckworth is a “Woman of Color.” We don’t feel any sense of White guilt though. We would attack Duckworth or Don Lemon as viciously as we would attack anyone else.

Note: I’ve actually dialed back the language that I use on this website. I look at people like Nikuyah Walker and Elie Mystal and it is shocking to me how utterly obsessed they are with race. I don’t want to sound like that. My whole thing is that I just don’t take shit from anyone for being White.

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  1. Everything is the opposite of what the protected races and sexes say. They have all the rights and privileges. The military, fire dept, police dept lowered the standards so these unqualified cry babies can get jobs they don’t deserve. It’s called affirmative action. We are not all created in intelligence, wisdom and strength. That is just reality.

  2. It’s quite unfortunate that the helicopter crash that took Duckworth’s legs didn’t take her head too.


    • When did you last volunteer to go fight for your country or become a Senator? You can only dream of having her courage or intelligence, jealous unintelligent sorry excuse for a man lmao

      • She didn’t fight for her country, she fought for the Zionist NWO. Now she serves them as a Senator.

        She sure is anti-white for a half-breed.

      • @Daria,
        As I thought, your umbilical cord was twisted around your neck during your breach delivery. Poor thing. It must be just awful going through life as a progtard.

      • Daria,
        You pissed him off so much he replied under his two names (Terry Smith, November) lol! Don’t piss off the keyboard soldiers! lol

  3. Carlson will leap to the defense of Washington & Dishonest Abe (who won the War of Yank Aggression, “thank god”), but not those taboo Confederates…Did he really think the (((Cultural Marxists))) & mud monkeys wouldn’t immediately go after the Founders & all the rest of our White ancestors as soon as they saw that they would be allowed to get away with toppling Confederate statues?

    Now he needs to take off his spiritual bow tie.

    Those attacking & erasing White history & culture in toto must be fought on that same basis.

  4. Once Tucker Carlson finally leaves Fox I’ll be interested to hear what he really thinks about things.

  5. So, is race a social construct or not? Are we or are we not supposed to judge people on the content of their character rather than on the color of their skin? Lefties are intellectually dishonest in the extreme. But they have so much power now that they don’t even care how inconsistent they are.

    • “Are we or are we not supposed to judge people on the content of their character rather than on the color of their skin”
      Tbh that message of being “colorblind” was really intended to target the eyes and ears of naïve and gullible white people to mentally disarm us. Dr. MLK Jr. never believed a word of that “i have a dream” speech. He soon went on boycott campaigns against Wonderbread and others to pressure them into hiring more blacks instead of whites. He’s also preached for reparations to blacks.


      Yes, very colorblind, the good doctor was. Any white person still practicing “colorblindness” and praising MLK today is in need of a serious reality check.

        • It is about the destruction of the White Race of Christendom.
          It is satanic, and has ONE (((Group))) that is it’s incarnated leader.
          “We are legion, for we are many.” – But, even so, they are all only one (((kind))).

  6. You can’t be nice to those coloreds because they regard it as an act of weakness to be taken advantage of.

      • How do theists rationalize it? If someone believes in a god who created both us, and these other things, how do they worship that god? Is the idea of eternity in heaven with the brown tide something they see as a reward? Just praising god over and over endlessly for all of this perfection? Even animals have more purpose and logic than the other groups.

        How is their god “good”, “perfect”, and “all knowing” if he created these people?
        So how does anyone praise their god, who subjects them to these things?

        Are they just other primate species? Men a long time ago thought so…and they invented and discovered a lot, so how were they right about almost everything, but wrong about race?

  7. As much as I am not into TC’s “I’ll Say Whatever But Never Name the Jew” shtick he is a gateway to a renewal in White Pride and White Nationalism for many and he is actually pretty deft at it. I can see him being a silver-tongued Herr Goebbels-type in the ascension of the Fourth Reich.

    • Sorry to burst your bubble c d, but Tucker isn’t a gateway, he is a gate keeper.

      Tucker comes from a super rich family just like Trump. He was selected to speak to us by the rich people that own (((Fox News))). He uses our talking points, but never lets anyone from our side on his show. He lets anti-Whites on to have their say, but he keeps Pro Whites marginalized, just as much as Microsoft.Apple.Google.Amazon, does. Now he is subverting our talking points to call for racial assimilation.

      The Republican Party’s voters may have changed, but the rich people that control it are the same ones that have betrayed Whites since 1965. Don’t trust them ever again.

      • Crispy is right, TC gets paid $30 million a year to be a faux populist. Remember when he was the smirking, bow-tied frat boy on CNN? I’m sure he’s a good family man and all of that but he’s no closet Alfred Rosenberg, Josef Goebbels or Julius Streicher.

  8. If he names them, he won’t be on TV the next day. So either he gets an incomplete message out, or none at all.

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