Big Tech CEOs Testify On Capitol Hill

The only thing that I am interested in hearing is what steps Republicans are taking to destroy Facebook, Amazon, Twitter and Google after they allowed progressive activists to rig their platforms and silence their populist opposition. Anything short of that is a complete waste of time.

As I said the other day, the only thing we really need from Republicans is to hold the line on immigration and to be ungagged on the internet. The rest will take care of itself. If they stop tying our hands, tone policing us and learn that it is in their interest to just get out of our way, we would give the Democrats the biggest ass kicking that they have ever experienced. Unfortunately, this likely isn’t realistic. They have to raise millions of dollars from donors to pay for television ads that no one watches or cares about.

Note: We’re the ones who have been censored. They’re actually afraid of us. They’re not afraid of The Bulwark or The Dispatch types.

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  1. For me these faces are the corporate wing of the US Government, which, tasked to repress an entire nation, are quickly become a Modern American Equivalent to high officers of the NKVD.

    They are that because, not only do the oppress, the essential gist of their operations functions outside this country’s legal norms, except the designing whims of a shadowy Internationalist Constituency they serve, the faces of which we shall not ever likely see.

      • @Powell…

        Funny, Dear Powell, but, I feel that way, too, but, being a Tarheel aristocrat, I felt at pains to say how I really felt.

        Thank you for helping me out of my quandary!

  2. I used to have a Congressman who assured me he was committed to fighting internet censorship and breaking up Big Tech’s monopoly. I knew he was bullshitting me.

  3. Yeah, I don’t care. All of these tech CEO’s should be publicly executed and Jack Dorsey in particular should be given scaphism.

  4. @ they just dont make billionaires, the way they used, these clowns ain’t shit, compared ro howard hughes.

  5. Same ol’ jewshit: the billionaire tech scum lie through their teeth; the whore pols laughably play Tuffguy for the benefit of the shitkickers back home; the oligarchs continue with their White genocidal bidness as usual.

  6. >Scalise
    >soft message of deep concern to monopolists
    >no increased taxation
    >no regulation
    >no nationalization
    >no anti-trust action
    >no internet bill of rights

    This is performance art. The GOP is still the party of the country club. What are they going to do, cut Mark Zuckerberg’s capital gains taxes? I’m sure he’s terrified.

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