The 7 Ages of America: The Age of Washington


George Washington is a highly controversial figure in progressive circles.

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  1. If Washington could see what this nation turned into, he would’ve encouraged slavery in order top keep the savages in line.

    • @John…

      No, with respect, that’s not what President Washington would do, but, rather, he would raise an army and lead a revolt against those political and establishment forces that have created, and continue to create, the circumstances such as this.

      All the Founding Fathers believed in secession and revolt, and nothing indicates that more clearly than The 2nd Amendment, which is entirely directed at that scenario.

      • @ Ivan,

        I agree in principle but Washington didn’t have to deal with what we are dealing with today. If he could see what the politicians and their WMD have wrought, he might think otherwise when it comes to the minorities.

        • @John…

          Well, I most certainly agree with you, Sir, that these are different circumstances and that, without a doubt, would have to effect General Washington’s thought patterns.

          My concern, in addressing your first comment, was to make sure that one of Dixie’s finest men was not perceived in a pejorative light, because, while we do know that Washington was, as were all other Founding Father, Nationalists who believed in this nation’s franchise belonging solely to White Anglo Male Property owners who were in good moral standing and of the Christian faith, it is not clear that he regarded those as not that as ‘savages’.

          Moreover, Sir, as a Southern Gentleman, who has plenty of blood flowing in him from those Englishmen who settled the earliest Virginia Colony, were commanders of militias who fought the long Indian Wars, who fought the crown and later the US Government under the war criminal Lincoln, I am concerned that everyone realize that Washington was both couth enough, civil enough, and bright enough to address our current situation, if he were in it, by assaulting those who have ushered it in, as opposed to those who HAVE BEEN ushered in.

          I hope you see this distinction. I feel strongly about that.

          Thank you for your civil and thoughtful response!

          • @Ivan,

            You are Southern gentlemen by your kind and truthful words. You are every astute and I see the distinction and agree.

  2. I favor the Reconquista of the North West. Less than 100 years ago Portland was a White Supremacist sundown town that would have had an official Australian-style “White Oregon” policy if it weren’t for the Feds.

    • It’s hard to believe now but Portland and Seattle were once tough places full of sailors, hookers, loggers, fishermen and longshoremen. Might as well have been a million years ago.

  3. Radical antiracism is far better in that it’s consistent and polarizing. I want radical antiracism because it shows were antiracism leads. Centrist antiracism is far worse in that it gives the veneer of acceptability, to a stupid general populace, while being inconsistent allowing things to drift more slowly. They’re right. If you’re against racism, slavery, etc, the trajectory is to lead to Washington’s statue being torn down makes sense. As an antiracist, why would you stop with Confederate statues? The answer is you wouldn’t (unless you’re a centrist baboon aka “Taylor Swift Antiracism”). Confederate statues were the testing ground. Now more confident, the faction is pushing further [more prominent historical figures] and the ideology is radicalizing. The incrementalism is accelerating. This shows the ideological trajectory in a more bare way.

  4. Garrison Davis seems like one of those antifa “news” reporters/propagandists.

    Of course conservative fucking boomers in the thread do the whole “antifa are the real fascist” shtick that never works (and they never learn that it doesn’t work).

  5. @ george washington, america’s first ” john wayne”, piss on portland, after we recapture charlotsville, portland is next.

  6. Trump did absolutely nothing to stop any of those outrages that were committed last summer. Was it because of cowardice, incompetence or stupidity? I couldn’t say. Maybe he thought the public would blame all the violence on the DemonKKKraps? Unfortunately that rioting mob didn’t break into the White House and drag his bloated carcass out to put it on display.

    • Since the 1830s, we’ve been in the Yankee age. Since 1930, we’ve been in the age where Jews have been manipulating what the had Yankees built, for their own purposes.

      Before the 1830’s, we had real America. We lost it in 1856. And permanently, in 1865.

      • The American Republic as envisioned by the Founders was done away with by Mr. Lincoln’s war. The Marbury v. Madison decision of 1803, followed by the threat of the Palmetto State’s secession in 1834, were early signs of trouble.

  7. The narrator’s bias against & distaste for Jefferson is laughable as it is obvious: he makes a meal of Jefferson’s wealthy background versus his yeoman ideal ” fantasy”, of his impractical book-learned idealism. Then, only the wealthy had the access to the best educations, and the free time needed to study & reflect: a dirt farmer plowing his fields all day had time & energy for nothing else. Jefferson put the learning afforded by his privilege to the service of the interests of far more less fortunate White men than the bankster/corporation-favoring Federalist centralizers led by St. Al Hamilton. I say this in spite of not sharing all of Jefferson’s enthusiasms, like his support of the (((French Revolutionary))) regime.

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