Race Realist Sesame Street

I thought it was great.

I would say this is an improvement.

Do you see anything woke or anti-White in the Sesame Street clip?


“Sesame Street is now teaching race consciousness to little-bitties:

This makes me really sad, and I’m not kidding or exaggerating. Let me explain.

I was born in 1967. Sesame Street was born two years later. I don’t remember a time before Sesame Street. It was my window into a world beyond the rural South. In 1999, when my wife and I moved to brownstone Brooklyn, I remember thinking, “I live on Sesame Street” — this, because the streets there reminded me of what I had grown up with. Though our parish (county) was half black and half white, until I started elementary school, I lived in a world that was de facto segregated. The interesting thing to me now is that I can’t recall anybody ever teaching me about white supremacy, or why segregation was a good thing, or any of it. Maybe some white parents did teach that to their kids, but mine didn’t. …

I hadn’t realized how deeply the new progressive racial obsession bothered me until I saw that clip above, and realized that woke Sesame Street is now setting out to undo all the work that had been accomplished in the generations the show catechized. You know who taught my generation of children to see color? White people who longed for segregation’s return, and black people who lived in fear of white people who longed for segregation’s return.

Now kids can get that from Sesame Street. Good job, progressives; you are the most regressive force in American society today.”

I was also born in the rural South.

Unlike Rod Dreher, I was born in 1980. I also live in rural Alabama, not Louisiana. Jim Crow had long vanished by the time I was growing up in the 1990s.

It was always obvious to me that our education system is a joke and that racial differences exist and are never going away. There are bright people and dumb people of all races. There are average differences between the races in intelligence and other personality traits. In spite of a century of wishful thinking by liberals, these differences have an environmental and heritable component.

An enlightened society would recognize that racial differences exist for reasons that are beyond our control, admit this truth and come to grips with reality. It is not anyone’s fault. There is nothing that can be done about it. Humans are also tribal beings. There is nothing pathological about ethnocentrism. Finally, an enlightened society would construct a practical social order that navigates around this reality. There is nothing wrong with each race having its own identity and separate spaces and institutions. I’m on board with Elie Mystal having his own miniature Wakanda where he can escape from the daily beestings of White racism so long as the same is true for White people.

The liberal attempt to erase racial differences by integrating public schools has been proven to be a failure. It has failed for all the reasons the segregationists said it would at the time. It disregarded human nature and the reality of racial differences. The Sesame Street video reminds me of Booker T. Washington’s famous Atlanta Compromise speech of 1895: “In all things that are purely social we can be as separate as the fingers, yet one as the hand in all things essential to mutual progress.”

Why not just admit what everyone already knows that racial differences exist, detoxify the issue and move on from the subject to other things? There was LESS racial tension and MORE material progress for blacks and Whites alike in the Jim Crow era than in our own times. Libs have accomplished less over the last 50 years to improve well being than New Deal era segregationists. Virtue signaling about “racism” isn’t an accomplishment. Wokeness is making issues surrounding race more poisonous than ever.

Note: In the 21st century, artificial intelligence, automation and the waning of work is the real issue and challenge of our times, not racial differences in intelligence. The difference between deep learning powered AI and humans dwarfs any difference between racial groups.

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  1. “reasons that are beyond our control”

    I’m convinced this is at the heart of a lot of contemporary hysteria over race. The Nice White Liberals cannot psychologically handle cognitive diversity and if they understood how destructive their ideology-driven actions have been to everyone, the guilt would destroy them.

  2. HW, you understand the difference between desegregation and integration don’t you? And you’re as wrong as the integrationists for wanting to force segregation. Jared Taylor has said he’s against government enforced segregation because it deprived individuals, property owners and businesses to associate with those of another race if they chose to do so. He’s for the right to freely associate for those who want to and if you want to put your money where your mouth is, you should be as well.

    As for Sesame Street, if your minute crowd doesn’t like it, why not create your own children’s show? If the educational system disappoints you, elect school board members and politicians who will change it.

    As unpredictable as a Kamala Harris Presidency will be, better her than a Lana Lokteff one because Kamala won’t totally socialize the economy, take away my civil liberties and she’ll at least address green issues which are important to me and other younger educated Americans.

    • @Daria knows most people suck

      “if your minute crowd doesn’t like it, why not create your own ”

      White people created all of it, now it is being co-opted.

      “you should be”

      Queen Daria is giving moral orders now, queen yaaaas!

    • @Daria I don’t think I agree with Jared Taylor on most things. He doesn’t represent me or my view points.
      I think every group needs their own country.

    • Daria,

      Fascinating comment. It seems like you genuinely wish to understand the WN/Pro-White position on these matters. I hope to inform you

      “you understand the difference between desegregation and integration don’t you?”

      Of course. When the desegregationists got their way in the 60s with the success of the Civil Rights movement, and the 70s with busing Black children to White schools, it was implicitly understood that what they were dismantling wasn’t just Segregation, but forcedSegregation.

      The popular perception of Segregation is that the South hated Blacks so much that they were determined to keep them separated from Whites using the force of the state. Even if Whites and Blacks wantedto integrate and socialize together, we are taight that the South used all available means to stop that.

      We are further told that they were so willing to enforce Segregation, that they resorted to cruel and dehumanizing means – police dogs, fire hoses, lynchings, church bombings – in order to keep Blacks and Whites separated. So intense and vile was their hatred for Blacks that they were willing to resort to all this – or so goes the Narrative.

      This Narrative is given plausibility by the history of Slavery: The South did indeed exploit the labor of Black slaves for over 200 years, and although the stereotype of cruel masters like Simon Legree from “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” was not the norm in the Master-Slave relationships, it doesn’t matter, because ultimately, Whites still marched into Africa and imported Slaves back to America. The South, although egged on by the North, was still willing to start a war to protect Slavery, and thus, they are eternally stained with the unshakable reputation of having “Sinister Intentions.” (The Germans can relate).

      It was only through this deeply felt suspicion of the “Sinister Intentions” of the South that the above Narrative about Segregation was widely accepted by the whole of White America. Thus, any notion about the South “defending itself” or “protecting itself” through Segregation goes in one ear and out the other as the justifications of the cruel and manipulative “oppressor.”

      This Narrative is unbreakable, and my goal here is not to break it, or “debunk” it. I think you know that it is in fact possible to conceptualize what a humane segregation system looks like: Not one where Blacks and Whites are forcefully separated, but a system which answers the fundamental question of what happens when one party say “Yes” to an engagement, and the other says “No.” A system that yields to the party that says “No, you will not force yourself onto me.”

      We all know that it is Blacks who wish to live in White neighborhoods and send their children to White schools, not the other way around. Take a look at all the major laws passed by the desegregationists, from the 64 Civil Rights Act to the 68 Fair Housing Act. Take a look at their Supreme Court rulings, such as the Brown ruling in 54. They weren’t so much stopping the South from forcing Blacks and Whites to stay separated, so much as they were stopping ALL White families and White neighborhoods nationwide from saying “No” to Blacks when they wish to move into our vicinity.

      “You shall not discriminate on the basis of race” sounds principled and moral, but applied practically, it denied Whites the right to say “No.” It allowed Blacks and non-whites to enforce themselves on Whites with absolute impunity. The only justification for all this is if you believe Whites “deserved it” because of what our ancestors did in the past, in which case, we’re back to the Sins Of The Father dilemma. If you believe, as so many Liberals do, that Whites are irredeemable oppressors who are always looking to exploit People of Color for profit and fun, then the logical conclusion is that Whites don’t deserve to defend ourselves and should submit to the mercy of non-whites, whom we are told are ever so forgiving and merciful – just like their god, Jesus Christ, the god of the poor and oppressed.

      tl;dr Segregation is not what you think it is, and the only reason it was dismantled was because Whites believed the Narrative that their own race is a bunch of oppressive monsters.

      As unpredictable as a Kamala Harris Presidency will be, better her than a Lana Lokteff one because Kamala won’t totally socialize the economy, take away my civil liberties and she’ll at least address green issues which are important to me and other younger educated Americans.

      Three points in response to this:

      1. When I was following her years ago, Lana was a conservative turned WN, which means she probably holds onto a lot of those conservative beliefs, such as opposition to a centralized, state run economy. If she has professed otherwise, I’m unaware of it, and in any case, she’d be wrong to do so.

      2. I unironically share your concern about the erosion of Civil Liberties under a “Pro-White leader,” as there are many in this movement who want to do horrible things like bring back Coverture (hence the reputation of Sinister Intentions). I encourage liberals such as yourself whose hearts are open to Pro-White ideas to flood this movement and detox it of its desire to use authoritarianism against its own race.

      3. I’d like you to expound upon your position on Green Issues, which I know are near and dear to DILE voters such as yourself


      You guys feel similarly about the environment and the planet to how we feel about race and civilization: Like our world is collapsing, and we must do something drastic about it. We share similar sentiments, in our own way. Perhaps we can find common ground.

      • @ dp84.” Whites still marched into africa and imported slaves back too africa”, wrong,wrong, wrong, thee northern whites who transported african slaves too america, didn’t march anywhere except to the bank, it wasn’t till thee late 1830s that whites went into thee african interior, that was taboo, way beyond the pale,.”dr.livingston i presume”, eh ? Even the roman’s would not dare go into thee african interior, they had forts at the ports, thee metcantile men of the north, pulled up in their sea faring vessel’s and they brought them out, very early version of drive thru, thats the real truth.

  3. Sesame Street has always been about race realism and role models. If I recall, Mr. Hooper’s black assistant beat someone to death with a baseball bat. They should have had the muppets visiting him in jail behind plexy for added realism.

  4. Dreher is such a contemptible faggot. What “work” does he believe was “accomplished” over these decades of race denial? Decades of Whites being brutalized and murdered by blacks because tards like Dreher told them to deny their natural instincts and try not to see color?

  5. “Why not just admit what everyone already knows that racial differences exist, ”

    Because it won’t serve ((their)) purpose of down-breeding us, to be their slave caste.

    • Exactly. They want to race-mix everyone and dissolve group differences to the furthest extent possible, which also has the effect of minimizing any possible organized group resistance against them. They tout “diversity” knowing full well what they are pushing will actually destroy true diversity.

  6. I like to pose a hypothetical question to my liberal friends and family members – “You are starting out on your own in life at age 22 and are traveling down the highway to your future home – you come to a fork in the road – one exit goes to a town that is 95% Black and the other town is 95% White – at that moment whichever one you pick will be where you live for the rest of your life – which one would you choose?”. I then tell them I don’t want an answer but to just think about the implications of their decision.

  7. Sesame Street was started by at least one Jew, Joan Ganz Cooney, and Lloyd Morrissett, whom I can find no early life information for, but his profile certainly suggests “Jew”. Experimental psychologist (experimenting on YOUR children), philanthropist, educator, etc. With this background, why would anyone expect Sesame Street to be ANYTHING other than a degenerate propaganda program?

  8. “In the 21st century, artificial intelligence, automation and the waning of work is the real issue and challenge of our times-”

    For the rest of the World, yes. But not for the U.S., which still lives in the mid/late 20th Century.

    Unlike the rest of the World, we have oligarchs that won’t allow full automation, and won’t allow the 21st Century to happen here, either. They won’t, because they know that in a Third Wave society, as Alvin Toffler described it, they’ll have little power, and even less relevance.

    It’s gonna take another fifty years for the protegés that Biden’s generation leave behind to get out of the system, and for the 21st Century to finally start for America. If it ever does at all.

    When you think of full automation, don’t think about America. Think about Europe and Asia, Argentina, Brasil, Mexico and Canada.

  9. When Sesame Street debuted in late ’69 there was one Southern state that temporarily banned it from getting broadcast because their old segregation laws were still in effect until the end of the year or something.

    • Sesame Street seemed like a fantasy world to me as a kid, besides just the puppets like Cookie Monster, Snuffleuffagus and the talking Bird. The strange set seemed to me as unreal as the Star Ship Enterprise. I couldn’t imaging how a street could have no lawn or trees? To me a real street and real houses were like the neighborhood the Brady Bunch lived in. I can’t believe anyone could possibly want to live in those “Brownstones” in Brooklyn and not have grass and trees? Stupid hipsters seek that crap out, it’s almost like living in one of those underground cities in a sci fi dystopia. Michael Savage said as a kid his dad and all the neighbors couldn’t move out to the suburbs fast enough once they got the money, nobody wanted to live packed in without a lawn like that, and now these young hipsters seek that “sweatshop tenement era living” out?

    • May I add if Deblasio and company turn NYC into another abandoned city like Detroit that may in fact be the best thing to happen. This “ultra dense” style of living would be abandoned and the ruins could be demolished and nice “Brady Bunch” style homes and yards could eventually be rebuilt on those Islands for those who chose to stay. Probably not though, our new “Chinese Overlords” love to live all packed in. I saw these new subdivisions they build out in suburban Dallas where largely Asians and Hindus gravitate…7 bedroom giant houses with kitchenettes on multiple levels built right out to the property lines on all sides. Obviously not for “nuclear families.” Although I guess an overcrowded extended family is superior to the broken families the media poison has fostered amongst most of legacy America.

  10. “Jared Taylor has said he’s against government enforced segregation because it deprived individuals, property owners and businesses to associate with those of another race if they chose to do so.”

    So if one’s next-door neighbor chooses to invite his nigger homies over to his creeib to hang out – thereby greatly increasing the danger to the whole neighborhood – why, nobody has a right to interfere cuz Muh Free Association.

    Only an explicitly all-White nation/states can resolve this conflict. Then the nigger-lovers can get the fuck out & rub ashy elbows in a multicult shithole.

    “As for Sesame Street, if your minute crowd doesn’t like it, why not create your own children’s show?”

    “Well, just build your own internet & banking system. Heh heh!”

  11. @ sesame street, thee beginning of thee end of quality childrens programing, anybody remember ” lassie”, there was a great show for kids, it was a heartwarming demonstration of a more virtuous time for our people, ” lassie was like a canine ” macgyver”, even our dogs are superior, i bet you wont see any lassie reruns in asia.

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