Joe Biden’s Establishment Foreign Policy

The Syria Strike was the moment that I stopped supporting Trump. I never supported him again after he attacked Syria in April 2017. While it is true that Trump didn’t start any new wars (the bar was set pretty low on that front), he also more or less continued with business as usual with the notable exceptions of Iran, Israel and North Korea. He got rolled by “Mad Dog” Mattis and the Pentagon.

Note: Trump came to power with no political experience and was outmaneuvered at every turn. Joe is a senile figurehead who probably doesn’t even know where he is at the moment.

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  1. Joe may not know where he most of the time but his brain is hardwired to do what the jews tell him to do. That comes from decades of taking their orders.

  2. Biden’s presser today was embarrassingly awful. I felt genuinely sorry for him. Such a slap in the face for Americans.

    • The laugh highlight of the Biden press conference was toward the end when he started to compare Muslim and Latino immigrants to his Irish Roman Catholic ancestors. Maybe he does have a point there…LOL.

      • Have you noticed the way she always hovers around Scumbag Joe like a hungry vulture? They’re making it pretty obvious that he’s about to be removed from office.

        • @Spahn
          ….. often with a face mask on so you can’t grasp what its expressions are.
          2022:- possibly your first black, Indian, female prez…….an impressive list of ‘firsts’ there. It’ll be nothing more than a minority mouthpiece, with little to offer flyover America.

          • All my life presidents, senators, congressmen, big businessmen and other scumbags have operated behind a veil. They are merely the face of those malevolent people who pull the strings, mostly ‘The Usual Suspects’, too. President Kuntmala Harris will be the true, ugly face of anti-White hatred so I say, show it to all the world, drop the veil.

            As a side benefit Mr. President Kuntmala Harris will own all the disasters, foreign and domestic that are piling up right now, nobody else. Her absolute stupidity, incompetence, manifest failure and anti-White hatred while ironically being totally dependent upon Whites for success will discredit the whole globo-home shopping mall, diversity regime. Good riddance to it, too.

  3. Unfortunately I’m not some powerful american, if I were my priorities at the top of my head would be:
    1. Drastic world depopulation especially in Africa
    2. Eugenics and the merging of human and machines
    3. Protection of some White populations in danger of extinction like the naive Nordick volk
    4. The truth about the preposterous Holocaust fraud and other scams
    5.Banning of Abrahamic religions (especially embarrassing Protestantism and Islam)
    6.Promotion of Buddhism or something similar
    7.Concentration camps and forced labor to all the media cretins and obnoxious individuals like anti-pope Francis, Obama, Mr. Trump. George Soros. etc
    5.Animal welfare
    7.Banning of all paintings and sculptures etc from the 17th century onward
    8.Banning of stupid american movies like Spider Man, Batman and similar crap

    • @ nemo, your remarks concerning ” batman “, are insulting and quite intolerable, i for one, am hoping you are not an american, let alone a powerful smerican.

        • I hate all of those “comic book” character movies. It’s the same thing over and over, and just vehicles for “actors” to star in. The same people who love big sports seem to love this crap. Just more to dumb down Americans, and they fall for it.

          • @ pilot, i grew up reading comic books and collecting baseball cards, the cowboy and army comics were and are my favorites, but the cape crusader had his own tv show, a fun show too watch in a much more normal time, i am not sorry or ashamed of comic books or baseball cards period, typical behavior for red blooded, all american white boys .

    • I agree with your most of your proposals, Captain Nemo. Except for your dislike of Baroque, Classical and Romantic era art. You’re not a philistine, are you?

  4. In a post Cold War, 21st Century World, “Free World” is an anachronistic, meaningless and irrelevant term. Like Joe Biden’s Establishment Foreign Policy.

    If the U.S. didn’t have nuclear weapons, nobody would pay it any attention, anymore.

  5. After the masks came off with the Charlottesville setup and watching Big Swamp, Big Media, Big Courts, Big Etc bare their fangs the only hope we dispossessed deplorables have is if God intervenes and sends plagues/enemies/curses/etc/etc against this country to smash these Leftist Marxist/Communist/Anarchist/etc beasts to powder and destroy this anti-God, anti-Christ, anti-White, anti-South, anti-etc Yankee Empire masquerading as the original USA. Prep, prep, prep!

    May God Save the South!

  6. Screenshot this: one serious foreign policy crisis could break this lot. Could be Iran, Ukraine, Taiwan, North Korea, dollar crash due to yuan revaluation…

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