AP: In A Nation Founded On Whiteness, How To Really Discuss It?

The media has no interest in a “conversation about race.”

Presumably, a conversation is a discussion between two sides. They’re not interested in that. They’re only interested in labeling you, demonizing you, scolding you, lecturing you and talking down to you because of your race. Your role in the conversation is to silently nod, agree with their position and conform.

U.S. News:

“John Bost seems precisely the kind of person that his fellow Americans could have a conversation with — politically moderate, neither an Obama voter nor a Trump one, willing to engage with those both more liberal and more conservative than he is, the former mayor of the North Carolina town where he has lived for more than a quarter century.

Trouble is, when it comes to talking about race with other white people, when it comes to THAT conversation, the talks he tries to have often lead to the exact same place: absolutely nowhere.

The conversation. The one about race. The one about whiteness and what it means in a multiracial society that is 150 years out of slavery but still reverberating with racial horror. The 21st-century conversation that seems more relevant than ever, yet the one many white people simply don’t have, or don’t want to. …

And yet, those who research it say, whiteness — and a commitment to it, however conscious — is as present as the air. …

The day of the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol in January proved an apt case study for looking at this issue.

The racial makeup of the Jan. 6 insurrection was hard to miss — a predominantly white crowd of rioters, including some with connections to white nationalist and extremist groups, violently disrupting the certification of the presidential election and running unhindered through the Capitol, a symbol of American democracy.

The lax policing, a contrast to the strong law enforcement presence seen last summer during protests over the police killings of Black men and women, was swiftly pointed out as a racial double standard, and the presence of current or former military or law enforcement among the rioters sparked concern over extremism in military ranks. …”

What if I wanted to have a conversation about Jewishness or blackness? Can we discuss Jewishness or blackness from a critical perspective like we discuss whiteness? No, that would be “anti-Semitism” and “racism,” which as we all know is out of bounds and grounds to destroy your career.

The real divide in this country is between normal people and weird college-educated White liberals with professional class jobs who believe in political correctness or wokeness. Everyone in the country has about the same level of in group bias and self regard with the exception of them. Whites are also much less racially polarized than non-Whites. The division among Whites is between two groups who can’t stand each other for ideological reasons. Trump voters don’t hate non-Whites so much as “the libs.” They hate the libs because they are anti-White, cosmopolitan, modernist and politically correct.

A professor of sociology at Oberlin University … that’s all you need to know! You don’t even have to read beyond that description to know what you are getting in this article.

Washington Post:

“The shooting last week that killed six Asian women and two others in Atlanta is the latest episode in a recent wave of anti-Asian violence and vitriol in the country. The shameful response of a local law enforcement spokesman made the tragedy even worse, revealing a casual indifference to the humanity of the Asian victims and their families. …

White vigilantes have long sought to rationalize or absolve their violent acts by claiming that they were carried out in self-defense against disfavored groups, usually racial minorities or immigrants, whose presence was viewed as a threat to the social order. This rhetorical strategy casts White perpetrators as victims themselves by claiming that they were driven to violence as a response to the alleged misdeeds of unwelcome outsiders endangering the White community through malicious behavior — stealing jobs, spreading disease, promoting sexual deviancy or engaging in unfair economic competition. …”


It is another woke supremacist.

This is why I keep insisting that we need to start thinking about, discussing, targeting and responding to these people as our class enemy. Here is yet another professional with a college degree who teaches sociology at Oberlin University who is published in The Washington Post and who loathes White people in this country. I’m not going to even bother to check to see if he is Jewish although someone in the comments can verify that. Maybe that is the case, but if not, he has the same values, beliefs, attitudes and mindset as all the rest of them. They all talk alike. They even have the same appearance. Even though they come from a variety of racial and ethnic backgrounds, they are all alike in some way.

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  1. Anti-Whites talk about “Whiteness” like it’s a disease.

    Then Anti-Whites tell you White Genocide is a “conspiracy theory”.

  2. Look at the picture. It’s maybe two dozen people. The center is an obviously attractive white woman in front of two African-Americans who look like they just posed for the community college campus catalog pictures. The maybe twenty people are in some park near a city building.

    What would it even mean to say the picture was “staged?” Isn’t the entire thing just theater? Does that chick holding up the sign look like some sort of philosopher?

    But you are supposed to look at this picture and think it is representative of young white progressives, or whatever, Allies of Colors.

    No one takes these kids seriously, least of all themselves, so who is staging these pictures and writing this copy, and for what reason? It’s basically just an SJW marketing campaign with some hired student actors and models. What else would it be?

    • “Look at the picture. It’s maybe two dozen people?

      Unemployed actors come very cheap.
      Even free, when promised exposure.

      (Many of gay pride parades where popluted by male models, hired for the propoganda value of seeing a healthy attractive male , advocating for queer pervs.)

    • The smug Professor is the disturbing thing here. The loopy train of thought alarming. Young people are probably realizing the only protests you can’t get arrested at are BLM related.

    • They need to go out and earn a living. That will wake them up. And, the one with the pigtails is not attractive.

    • But you are supposed to look at this picture and think it is representative of young white progressives

      It’s one thing when we see it on a propaganda piece by the (((media))). Its another thing when I see it on my Facebook feed, and in the Church I used to attend. When you see it on a personal level, you know its real, not just propaganda. That attractive White woman is indeed representative of ALL young white progressives. They are irredeemable race traitors, and there should be total war waged against them.

      I can guarantee you this: That white woman in the picture wouldn’t cry a single tear if some Mudblood or Jew kidnapped her children, raped them, and murdered them. She marches for BLM as Whites are slaughtered in South Africa and talked about in subhuman terms by every Western institution. Instead of defending her race against the vile attacks, she sides with the Enemy. College Educated White Liberals have no souls, and at best, are incapable of reading the terrain around them and reacting accordingly.

  3. @ ” they are all alike in some way”, yes they are, thee first defined generation, come of age, in like it or not, post christian america, perfectly indoctrinated in antichristism, antiwhiteism, antiamericanism, there is no chance at parley, with these dark acolytes, they are not to be undererestimated, they are dedicated to their filthy cause, therefore they deserve, whats coming their way.

  4. “White vigilantes have long sought to rationalize or absolve their violent acts by claiming that they were carried out in self-defense against disfavored groups”

    I wish. But no. I wish this country as as xenophobic as you claim it is. Xenophiles would be purged to the non-white 3rd world. After all if they think “whiteness” as they call it is so evil, why do they live in a white dominated country?

  5. I don’t hate anybody. I just don’t want people that aren’t like me anywhere near me. Because people like me are awesome, and people that aren’t annoy the shit out of me. There is no halfway.

    There is no food a White person can’t make as well as anybody else.

    Why else do they need to be here then? Can we really not find enough White people to staff the “massage parlors”, run the gas stations from behind 4 inches of bullet proof glass through a tiny hole, or be less competent than a cellphone app at taking a McDonalds order for an ice coffee (blacks…. wut in the actual fuk is wrong with them?), or come here illegally just to spend half the day broken down on the side of the interstate, and the other half being in the way begging for work outside the contractor entrance at Home Depot (NO you can’t load my plywood because I dont trust you not to ding up my truck you indigent fucker!)?

    Granted, I’m not going to do those things, but there are plenty of White people who might, and if not, then those things would just not be done and society would be better for it anyway wouldn’t it?

    I moved to Appalachia recently from the upper midwest. Can you believe there are actually White people working at fast food restaurants here? I haven’t seen a single black at a drive thru window and my order is mysteriously always right now. I would actually eat in a burger king down here cause they are kept clean and aren’t filled with diversity and their incomprehensible dirty screaming children.

  6. Most of the anti-Whites are Whites. They figure if they virtual signal to the blacks they won’t get harmed. Little do they know, the blacks hate them and are only using them.

  7. Just found this at my favorite sports site.


    Cliff Notes version: USA Today’s race and inclusion editor Hemal Jhaveri published a Medium post Friday revealing that she was fired this week for recklessly tweeting that mass shooters are “always angry white men” amid Monday’s massacre in Boulder, Colorado, that left 10 people dead.

    Left eating their own. Gotta love it!

  8. “A nation founded on Whiteness”

    So, what’s the problem? It is either peaceful coexistence or just get lost.

    And you can add to Whiteness: slavery. In fact, this nation and the two great continents in this western hemisphere are named after an Italian explorer who like Columbus was involved in slavery. Amerigo Vespucci actually captured natives and took them back to Spain and sold them as slaves ….

    ” …and we thereon made sail for Spain with 222 captive slaves: and reached the port of Calis (Cadiz) on the 15th day of October, 1498, where we were well received and sold our slaves. Such is what befell me, most noteworthy, in this my first voyage.”
    — Amerigo Vespucci

    And 41 of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence were slave owners.

    And God is not ashamed that He allowed His nation Israel to possess slaves. He never told King David to free all the slaves. NEVER! It is NOT a sin!

    In fact, the master-slave relationship is very important to God. We all must become a servant/slave of God and serve Him and His Son Jesus Christ day and night. He provides/takes care of us and we serve and obey Him. But humans have a much greater potential than just a servant. For those who receive God’s Holy Spirit and retain and are led by It for the rest of their lives they can become members of the very Household of God and live forever.

    Cancel the Cancel Culture — they are the ones sowing domestic discord in this nation.

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