The 7 Ages of America: The Age of Jackson


Some things never change.

In the previous video, we saw that the Federalists were an Eastern party, an elitist party that supported the Alien and Sedition Acts, whose press demonized Thomas Jefferson and whose base of support was the business community, professionals and the upper class and middle class.

In the antebellum era, the Whig Party was also an Eastern party, a corrupt and elitist party, whose press demonized Andrew Jackson whom he blamed for the early death of his wife and whose base of support was the business community, professionals and the upper class and middle class.

Note: Andrew Jackson is also a highly controversial figure in progressive circles.

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  1. Say what you will about Andrew Jackson’s treacherous treatment of Indian tribes that had help him in his war against the Creeks, or his ridiculously anti-Confederate understanding of the Constitution, and his ensuing treatment of South Carolina (which already then knew the union was a bad place for White Southerners) he waged a one man war against the burgeoning One World Order Anglo-Jewish syndicate of Rothschild’s Bank of England, and, thus, gave this country the only period in it’s history wherein it would actually know any real sovereignty.

    That, in my view, makes him the greatest president we have ever had, though, high praise must be given to John Tyler, Millard Fillmore, Andrew Johnson for carrying on the war against Rothschild, and, in general, New England Yankee insanity, as well, not to mention the honourable Buckeye, Rutherford Hayes, for living up to his word to Southern senators to end the occupation of Dixie.

    Andrew Jackson not only deserves to be on a $20 dollar bill, it is arguable he ought be on a $1 bill, as well, so that White Southerners, and, indeed, all White Men, can see the face that actually understood what their real interests were and was absolutely undaunted by any threats to his person to pursue them.


    Which is why so many towns were named, and renamed, after him.

    He deserved it.

    Get rid of Lincoln’s face on the $5 dollar bill, not Andrew Jackson’s on the $20!

  2. @ ole andy jack, one of a kind, in a class all by himself, in my opinion, for what its worth, him not being on mt.rushmore speaks volumes.

  3. @ after we recapture our republic and all immediate pressing issues dealt with, i would like too take thee liberty, which i do, in suggesting that and t.roosevelt, be brought down from mt.rushmore and a.jackson and thee noble and honorable jefferson davis, be placed in their rightful and proper place, on mt.rushmore, in their stead……… Chisler’s on your mark, get set and…………!

  4. All-in-all, Old Hickory was the greatest.

    I’d never heard that there were violent factions in the indian tribes that Jackson sent on the wildly-overblown “Trail of Tears”: it’s always presented by (((historians))) as if the violence was one-sided, coming from “rabid White trash” against the poor, peaceful “Civilized Tribes” – NOT that there were radical full-blood injuns attacking Whites in contemptuous defiance of their half-breed chiefs.

    This deliberately hidden context changes how the whole episode should be assessed. Which of course is why such things are hidden.

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