Jacobin: How The Democrats Became The Party of the Suburbs

I’m curious about this too.

Why is Joe Biden being compared to FDR? The Democratic Party of 2021 has become what used to be the Republican Party. It is the party of arrogant, cosmopolitan coastal elites.

NY Mag:

“One source of leftwing pessimism about Biden’s prospects for mounting a “transformational” presidency is the objective political and economic weakness of the American working class. When Lyndon Johnson enacted his Great Society programs, more than 23 percent of the U.S. labor force was unionized; today, that figure is 10.8 percent. The year of LBJ’s election, America witnessed 3,655 major work stoppages; the year of Biden’s, it saw eight. Franklin Delano Roosevelt united working-class voters behind a single partisan banner to an unprecedented degree. Biden’s coalition, by contrast, is more heavily populated by college-educated professionals than that of any Democratic president in modern history. …”

The people who were the Democrats from Andrew Jackson through LBJ are now largely Republicans. The role reversal has been going on since the Dixiecrats broke with Truman in 1948. The lineage of the current Democratic Party traces back through the Republican Party to the Whig Party and to the Federalist Party. It is now the Eastern party that has always existed in American politics.

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  1. Your analysis is erroneous. If the Democratic Party’s transformed into the party of the affluent, it wouldn’t be promoting economic policies that benefit most people and that tax the rich more heavily. The Republican Party has always been the party of the wealthy. Republicans only helped ordinary people from 1952-1980 because they lost to FDR for two decades prior to Eisenhower. They reverted back to the party of the opulent when Reagan entered office. Their platform shows they’re still the same and Trump didn’t alter it at all. He deceived Blue Dog Democrats and independents into voting for him in 2016 but most of them stayed home or returned to the Democrats last November. Trump’s only long term effect was bringing conspiracy minded rubes and dumbasses, like the Covid denying Qanon backing buffoons here, into the party.

    • This isn’t my analysis.

      Whether it is the Center Left like NY Mag or the Far Left like Jacobin, they all agree that the Democratic Party is now the party of affluent, college-educated, upper middle class suburban professionals with cosmopolitan values who are concentrated in coastal areas and major metros. That’s who their voters are these days. They are former Republicans. Virtually all of the wealthiest congressional districts in the country are represented by Democrats now. Again, it is Democrats who are saying this.

    • @Vegan WWE Fan

      ” it wouldn’t be promoting economic policies that benefit most people and that tax the rich more heavily.”

      It’s not promoting policies that benefit most people and it is not advocating taxing the rich more heavily – maybe they will raise taxes on the upper middle class but certainly not the rich.

      These are not the Democratic tax policy wonks of the 1970’s that worked for labor-oriented think tanks. Such Democrats do not exist anymore. The Democratic party is uber-neo-liberal now and has been since Clinton.

    • >rubes and dumbasses

      lol pretty much

      Some of us voted for Biden though and will continue to vote D until GOP rhetoric matches action. Judging by recent congressional votes that process is going to take a while. Performance art is not acceptable.

      Rightwing grugs don’t seem so bad after what went down last summer. They’ll eventually put the pieces together. As an example, consider a site like Hot Air, which for years has been dominated by cuckservatives and boomers talking about hard work and stopping socialism and fighting Muslims for Israel and continuing the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. Recently — in the last month — its comments section has been flooded with people saying that anti-racist means anti-white. In 2015 you’d be lucky to find that sentence in the lyrics of a Moonman song.

      Taking the orange pacifier away has been a blessing.

      The next step is meme-ing the right to make friends with a strong state again, in the tradition of Bismarck, Napoleon III, Teddy Roosevelt, and Disraeli, and dumping neoliberalism, which is a Cold War innovation anyway. The Republican-backed Morrill tariff in 1861 led to the vast expansion of our rail and university system. America First!

      • Just wait. It’s becoming impossible to own a home, or have a job that gets you beyond just middle class.
        Neither party has ever been “for the people”.

        When it gets even worse, it won’t be about ideologies or parties. It will be about the working American taxpayer versus everyone else.

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