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    • @Patrick…

      Yes, President Trump is inordinately fond of Israel, but, in fairness, that’s hardly his only allegiance.

      Trump does care for The American People, or, at least, certainly more than most presidents we have had in recent history.

      Of course, we need someone better than him, though, the question arises, will they manifest?

      • @ sir ivan, brilliant and wise sage that you are, no one knew who thomas jackson or bedford forest was, before thee war started, our lord always provides, thee leadership.we need, when we need it.

      • You only manage to pull the wool over the eyes of buffoons. Where’s your proof he’s cared more than any recent President? Why didn’t he enact policies that benefit the vast majority of Americans and future generations then, boomer?
        Epic fail!

        • @Vegan.,..

          I do agree with you, Young Man, that President Trump’s presidency, for those of us who supported him in 2016, was a disappointment. Only those inattentive or dishonest with themselves would think otherwise.

          Yet, his presidency did have some very positive aspects, and I am going to acknowledge that.

          His running for president, and his presidency absolutely changed the game in this country, but, there again, it was not from a policy point of view.

      • No he doesn’t…..He used the White Working Class as cannon fodder for Israel in Iraq and Syria.

        Trump on two occasions exclaimed how he wanted to import China’s youth population and India’s youth population into America because he claimed that he created so many jobs that there was now a labor scarcity in America….Well, labor scarcities just mean a high real wage for the Native Born White American Working Class. So Trump wanted 1)to deny Native Born White American Workers the benefit of a severe labor scarcity….2) and this means that Trump was enthusiastic about China’s and India’s Youth voting America’s Native Born White American Working Class Youth Population into a violently persecuted White Racial Minority within the borders of America…..

        Trump came very close to starting a war with Iran when he ordered the assasination of General Solemani…The Iranians could have killed a thousand US Troops in the first day of the War…a Thousand silver coffins arriving back to America 7 days latter….I have family in the US Military…front line troops….I woke up this morning sick to my stomach thinking about what Troop almost did to my Family….

        • Trump lost the election because of the post-1965 racial transformation of America via non-white LEGAL IMMIGRATION….If the Democrats cheated on Nov 3 2020…it is irrelevant and beside the point…Just ask yourself this:‘why was the election so close in the first place?….The post-1965 demographic transformation of America made this election a coin toss…it made it easy for the Democratic Party to cheat on Nov 3 2020…..The grifter Alex Jones since Nov 3 2020….has said 0 about nonwhite LEGAL IMMIGRANTS….neither has Tucker Carlson…

          It’s not just LEGAL IMMIGRANTS….it’s NONWHITE LEGAL+THE US BORN NONWHITE CHILDREN OF NONWHITE LEGAL IMMIGRANTS….This is the scale of post-1965 Democratic Party Voting Bloc……and post-1965 nonwhite SCAB LABOR…….

          Alex Jones could care less that Native Born White Americans are being rapidly voted into a White Racial minority within the borders of America by NONWHITE LEGAL IMMIGRANTS+‘THEIR US BORN NONWHITE CHILDREN…..

      • The Democratic Party wants nothing less than forcing White Males at gun point into chattel slavery on Stacey Abram’s Plantation….I write this with full seriousness….no joking around….

        I hope Roll Tide!!! SEC Football was worth it….

        America will be occupied by the IDF when America breaks up…meet your new (((Masters…)))

        • That’s one of the mistakes of the ordinary right, they fail to ascribe truly evil motives to the left. They simply say “they are misguided” whereas the democrats don’t make such mistakes, they tell their constituents the right is an existential threat to their existence and they respond accordingly. No the stuff the left is doing isn’t misguided, it’s murderous hatred towards traditional Americans, they want you dead and are doing the things they do to deliberately hurt you. The right has to start telling people this instead of treating it like a civil debate. Allowing illegal immigration isn’t because they are crazy, it’s to hurt you because they hate you. Sending a transvestite into your daughters high school locker room isn’t because they are crazy, it’s meant to hurt her. They promote gayness because they know it is disgusting and want to rub your nose in shit to hurt you. They promote black criminality because they want to harm you. Instead fools like Conservatism INC. think it’s all just because of mistaken ideas. Nope, their motives are the same as those traditionally ascribed to the devil, to undo creation.

        • I’ve heard it said they the strange craze of “monster family” TV shows in the 60s like The Munsters and The Adams Family was really about black integration and to prepare whites for their new neighbors. If so then that means the social engineers are revealing through a freudian slip that they really view blacks as monsters they wanted to foist on whites. I myself though had though those shows were really about how jews felt about themselves when living in a gentile suburb. Don’t really know where these strange monster shows came from.

  1. Trump will say and do anything to continue being the center of attention. I don’t think he’ll run again, but maybe Barron or Ivanka…..?

    • I am afraid the masses will if he runs again. After all, his supporters still believe he was the best president in America’s history and that he really cares about them despite the fact he threw them under the bus.

  2. Given that the states and localities are in the process of passing good voting laws, and given that the Biden Administration is attempting something impossible (take us back to 2008-2014) I think it very likely that President Trump will sit in the White House again, come 2024.

    Winning office, however, is President Trump’s strong suit – managing and governing not so much.

    I’d like to be enthusiastic about the Republican chances in 2022 and 2024, but, I see little sign that they are ready to govern in this time in history.

    They, too, in their own style and way, seem as stuck as The Democrats in trying to usher back in a time which has already gone by – not that they governed well in that time, either.

    To me it’s a sad and strange irony that both parties want to basically return to a style of governance that largely squandered the successes of the country in the first place.

    What that tells me is that the parties are beholden to the racketeers and bad ideas who and that sacked this country, not so much The People.

  3. Trump actually cares about America and Americans.

    I thought Kristi Noem could be his VP but her latest veto may prevent that.
    Right now only Rand Paul is worth anything along with Trump.

    2024, Trump-Paul – 83%.

  4. Do you crazy boomer fools actually support this orange snake oil salesman after he trashed his own delusional followers? With independents souring on him, more GI and Silent Generation voters dying, and Texas turning blue by then, there’s NO way he can win. All this bloated clown cares about is power and helping the top 1% and military industrial complex. I’m not voting for either but Joe and the Democrats are the lesser evil at this point because they address some of the issues I care about and their economic policies benefit the 99% more than those of Trump and the Republicans.

    • Flooding the country with cheap labor and social welfare dependents is going to help you economically?

  5. Why do you use the alias Hunter Wallace if everyone already knows your name Brad Griffin? That’s like Nick Fuentes or Richard Spencer suddenly using a fake name. Pretty lame and doesn’t makes sense, dude.

    The Democratic Party and most people will always ignore the excesses of the woke activists just as the Republican Party and most people will continue to ignore the crazy conspiracy theories and extreme solutions sentiments of the unwashed proles here. Gotta love it! Haw haw!

  6. Well, people understand that Donald is their last hope. Without Donald, last defense line disappears and MAGA folk will be hunted down like Russian Resistance in Russian Civil war or Nazis after WW II.

    Confused herd is easy catch for well organized communists even when herd has numbers and guns.

  7. We need to be proactive for once and start undermining Trump now to make space for a real white nationalist candidate.

  8. I don’t understand the anti-Trump sentiment among some online commenters on the Right. He was undoubtedly the best US president in the last century and the only one to attack the media, the Left and make anti-immigration his defining issue. This political climate sucks, to be sure. But we have never had the White House essentially on our side since the 1920s.

    • Words don’t matter…policy matters. Trump imported the Democratic Party Voting Bloc from China and India….And he was gonna crank Asia LEGAL IMMIGRATION up if he won on Nov 3 2020…..

      You are living in a fantasy land…

      Trump and his sons are not long term POTUS viable because of the TRUMP LEGAL IMMIGRATION POLICY……Trump voters live in a retard fantasy land…


      Trump in general and his daughter and sons hate-despise the NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS..

      Biden and Harris explicitly-openly appeal to the racial interests of the Hindus and Chinese in America( so did George W Bush on the campaign trail)…..and at the same time threaten Trump’s Native Born White American Working Class Voting Bloc for openly expressing their racial interests…..It’s a double standard enforced by Police State violence against Our People…

      You can’t live from election to election….and this is the fatal flaw of the Trump Voters….no long term vision for their geneline….this is what you get from a voting bloc addicted to NFL FOOTBALL AND SEC COLLEGE FOOTBALL….

      • That can be said of the American voter in general…..”living from election to election”. No long term vision. They vote like children.

    • >Trump
      >massive military spending increase
      >military unused during 2020 insurrections
      >military unused to secure the border
      >attacked Syria for Israel
      >assassinated an Iranian official for Israel
      >Pompeo wtf
      >Bolton wtf
      >approved $80,000,000.00 for more holocaust education
      >Israeli embassy moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem
      >promises to drain swamp; enables swamp
      >Golan Heights recognized
      >pardons Israeli spies
      >massive tax cuts for Wall Street
      >transfers trillions of taxes to the rich during a pandemic via direct handouts
      >tiny assistance to everyone else during a pandemic
      >opposes health measures in a pandemic to help Stephen A. Schwarzman’s real estate portfolio
      >kills 560,000+ Americans
      >imprisons his own supporters over and over again with his own FBI
      >antagonizes Antifa and BLM, does nothing, hopes to benefit from the backlash
      >Jared Kushner has a security clearance
      >Sessions, Kobach, and King banished from the GOP
      >does nothing on border
      >pushes for more legal immigration like his buddy Farage; grugs baited and switched
      >promises to protect entitlements, then pushes RyanCare
      >rams through pro-corporate judges
      >trump supreme court judges change nothing on cultural issues
      >mass deplatformings
      >entire right b& from the internet
      >blacklisting aka cancel culture intensifies
      >trump does nothing about tech monopolies
      >tech bans trump’s stupid boomer ass

      >Zionist donors: Dolan moves heaven & earth
      >White Americans: sorry guys nothing we can do

      • Some Dude laid it out quite succinctly. If Trump or his grifting kids are our best hope in 2024 let’s fold up the tent right now.

        Frankly, if Mitch and the current crop of republican cowards are our best hope for 2022 we need to fold up the tent.

        We are going to vote for whoever advances us economically. I do not care if they are woke or sleepy. Loyalty to the republican party has run it’s course. Ted Cruz looked like an idiot sweating behind trees at the border. He was in Cancun during the Texas blackout.

  9. Under the current political arrangement…which is a direct consequence of the passage of the 1965 Immigration Reform Act….the ENDGAME for the Historic Native Born White American Working Class Majority is CHATTEL SLAVERY on Lebraun James’s Plantation….no doubt about it….If the Democrats could get away with this…they will force this at gunpoint upon us…..Just wait for the US Military to be majority NONWHITE……

    The demonization of White Folks in 2021 is the premonitory strike that makes forced CHATTEL SLAVERY 100 percent predictable……Vladimir Putin and Russia are not coming to save US….No one is….

  10. Patrick of Greenport, it is difficult to take you all that seriously when you write lots of words in all caps, use “….” and use phrases like “retard fantasy land” to describe the vast majority of conservative or Right-wing people. Seriously, dude, get a grip.

  11. ATBOTL, a “real White nationalist candidate” would get well less than a majority in a country that has a small White majority and in which a large bloc of those Whites are liberal anti-Whites. Banking on “a real WN candidate” winning a US election is not a winning strategy.

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