Poll: Record High Worry In U.S. About Hunger, Race Relations

Republicans lost control of the Senate because of that $600 stimulus check. They also lost control of the House because of Ryancare and the Trump tax cuts.


“WASHINGTON, D.C. — One year after the coronavirus pandemic upended Americans’ lives and caused an economic crisis, worry about hunger and homelessness in the country eclipses concerns about 13 other national issues for the first time. The 55% of U.S. adults who say they personally worry “a great deal” about these consequences of poverty marks an eight-percentage-point increase since last year and the highest point in 20 years of measurement.

Meanwhile, the percentage of Americans highly worried about the economy has climbed 16 points, to 49%. A similar 15-point increase to 38% is seen in the public’s worry about joblessness since 2019 (it was not included in the 2020 poll), which reflects the historic pandemic-fueled spike in the U.S. unemployment rate last spring. While the national unemployment rate has dropped since then, it remains higher than it had been for more than five years before the pandemic began.

Yet, it is not just COVID-19 that is behind substantial increases in the public’s worry levels over the past year. The 17-point surge in high-level worry about race relations, to a record-high 48%, is likely owed to increased attention to racial injustice in the U.S. after the death of George Floyd while in police custody last May.

These latest data are from a March 1-15 Gallup poll, which also finds a 15-point surge to 37% in the percentage of Americans expressing a great deal of worry about the availability and affordability of energy. This increase comes in the wake of February’s Texas power grid failure and steadily rising oil prices.

There are also eight-point increases in the percentages saying they worry a great deal about three other issues — crime and violence (to 50%), the way income and wealth are distributed in the U.S. (to 46%), and illegal immigration (to 40%). Changes in worry about the remaining six issues are five points or less. …”

If the Republicans want to return to power and build an enduring governing majority, it is clear they are going to need some better answers on economics.

Note: They’ve got immigration and crime going for them but those two issues aren’t enough to carry them across the finish line. Protecting the wealth of ultra billionaires is a losing issue.

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  1. That tired old conservative horse shit about tax cuts, a strong defense and limited government isn’t going to appeal to most Republican voters anymore, not when issues like basic survival and racial violence have moved to the fore.

    • @Spahn…

      The aspects of Conservative Equine Refuse are not completely destructive, in and of themselves. However, when you combine all that with the politicians having sold out their constitutional responsibility to protect American Industry, and the resultant destruction of what was once proudly thought of as, ‘The American Dream’, plus the fact that they allow the Medical and Pharmaceutical establishments to bilk us, and it becomes a disaster!

      This all goes back to Ronald Reagan hiring Alan Greenspan, though, unfortunately, Reagan’s mistake was many times compounded by the insistence of Bush, Clinton, Bush, and Obama keeping Greenspan on.

      Alan Greenspan essentially took a historically massive economy and shrunk it to the point where we are now hovering on 3rd World.

      The only aspect of our big economy we have left is that we are still the world’s largest market. Yet, as the dollar continues to accelerate in it’s depreciation, and our shopping power contracts, that, too, will go.

      We’ve been pillaged and sacked – from culture and race to politic and finance.

      It is said that America does everything quickly, and, to that end, I’ll finish by noting that no empire in history rose to such heights so quickly, nor sunk at such a pace.

      We’ve been bled white, and in more ways than one.

      • I agree with your assessment of the Reagan era. He and his corporate cronies turned America over to the tender mercies of Wall Street. As a result wages stagnated and then fell. Job security disappeared. The base of our economy shifted from manufacturing to consuming, from savings to debt. The rich got a lot richer and the middle class began to shrink out of existence. Too bad Carter and Mondale were such weak candidates.

      • “plus the fact that they allow the Medical and Pharmaceutical establishments to bilk us, and it becomes a disaster!”

        What is up with the drug company ads on TV? The public doesn’t decide to take a drug, your doctor does. Are high drug prices a giant way to prop up the failing media? Is this a bribe to not go after them? Is part of you prescription drug price meant to keep all these leftist managers on the 400+ superfluous cable TV channels employed?

  2. “The 17-point surge in high-level worry about race relations, to a record-high 48%, is likely owed to increased attention to racial injustice in the U.S.”

    WHAT ?

    ppl are worried about racial injustice ?
    I don’t think that’s their concern. By the racial flight from cities, it looks like they want to get away from blacks.

  3. Racial relations.

    More and more ppl are learning , the less they have to do wi non-whites, the better.

  4. Maybe one day the Republicans will get the nerve to talk about racial discrimination against Whites and the decline of the Whites race but don’t hold your breath.

  5. No, what’s going to appeal to conservatives is keeping what they’ve worked their asses off for.
    Their income. Their communities free from crime, their schools free from tranny reading hours. Their nuclear families without miscegenation…

    Stop funding the lazy. Welfare class- which, UBI does, in addition to all the other numerous perks that parasites receive.

    • That’s only if UBI is supplemental, buffoon. If it replaces welfare spending, it will lead to a slimmed down welfare state and lower taxes for everyone. You can’t have UBI and open borders so immigration would have to be cut back. You’re fighting a losing battle, boomer.

  6. Getting my $4800 in Biden Bux next week and my $500/mo Kids Kash starting in July – the Repubs can stick all of their 20th Century Boomer BS into Where the Sun Don’t Shine.

  7. The food costs are getting crazy. It is part of inflation.

    Cost me $20 for just two hamburgers at a fast food drive through the other day (not McNiggers since I stopped going there when they put s racial quota on hiring Whites)

    Are the commie Jews planning another Ukrainian famine?

  8. I was driving home from work last week when I noticed a new talk radio show on 560AM “The Shawn Thompson Show” and it wasn’t too promising. He really yacked on about the whole “taxes” bit that seems pretty stale with the existential threat now being posed by the left. The “tax cut” hobby horse has grown quite old.

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