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  1. Those castles are good example how Anglo psyche works and why there are problems on Cuck Island.

    When we look on the construction of those castles we will see that those superior castles were built for short term fierce battle. Stand on your ground and beat the shit out of enemy with best weapons and best training.

    But what we don’t see, is widespread country wide sophisticated defense system for case when unknown enemy tries to fight different kind of war. Until now, they did not needed it because there were no different enemy. All attackers were their fellow Britons or very similar Western Europeans.

    With centuries, this defense concept became part of the society and now they can not understand anything outside. They still have best weapons and best special forces but enemy taking the country over with multiple clever tricks and those poor bastards can not understand what is going on and how to fight back.

    This is the problem with all old cultures. They have been safe so long time that they lost ability to think outside the box and create new methods for fighting new enemies.

    Good news. Jews have similar problem. Jews used to beat their enemies with advanced information network and Big Lie. But in modern situation this does not work. Internet destroyed the ghetto network based superior information catching and moving advantage. Now enemy is not blind dumb fool against the well informed international Jewry. And against Big Lie, there is millions of people supported Big Truth.

    So new technology fucked everybody. Immigrants don´t have to fight themselves trough Eastern Europe anymore. They now can fly right into defenseless Cuck Island. And the Jews can not count on the information weapon anymore. Both ethnic groups can not count anymore for defense mechanisms what defended them last 1500 years.

    So big changes are coming fast.

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