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  1. The ongoing Yankee and Jewish determination to make sure that Southern Whites, and our Rural and smalltown cousins everywhere, are completely helpless in the face of their every devolving tyranny is going to be a major reason why this continues on the path it is on – dissolution and reconfederatization.

    For that reason, I wholeheartedly support President Biden’s gun control measures.

    Have at it, Your Excellency!

  2. If Biden really wants democrats to get wiped out in midterms, creating a battle over gun control (in addition to the border crisis) would be the way to do it. Not even the left supports gun control anymore because they think they need guns to defend themselves against “White supremacists.”

  3. Trump did a lot of damage to the 2nd. We now have red flag laws thanks to Trump and I’m glad his bump stock ban was overturned. If it get to supreme ct, Blumpf’s “conservative” justices will most likely vote to ban them.

  4. I wouldn’t be so sure with these juden commie bastards! They will look for ways to disarm the Whites in America.

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