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  1. Jen Psaki: The Border Remains Closed.”

    Clearly Miss Jen and I maintain two totally different understandings of English. Yet, given that this is not the first time I have dealt with this in her, or in others of her mental type, I shall offer a homemade interpretation :

    ‘The border remains a place that we are utilizing to so flood the country with non-Whites, that Whites will never ever have an electoral say in what goes on, but we will not publically admit to it.’

    How do you like my interpretation?

  2. I’m going to go out on a limb and make a crazy prediction: Nothing will be done about the wetback problem along the Mexican border.

  3. Both Paski and her husband Gregory Mecher are affiliated with Rahm Emanuel. I would say there is a good chance both are at least 1/4 Jewish. The other 3/4 being Catholic. That’s how I would bet.

  4. The next thing Jen Psaki will tell us is the the United States has always been at war with Eastasia, , except went it was always at war with Eurasia.

    No one should pay attention to the state’s Department of Truth spokesbitch because we know that nothing but lies flow from her larynx.

  5. Wtf? She looks so much older now I swear Psaki aged 5 years since I last saw her from a week ago.

    I guess Biden sniffed the age out of her using his libtard sex magick on her There is literally no other explanation for this strange occurrence How the hell she age so fast? Seriously!

  6. The left want an immigration surge like in Europe five years ago to put the nail in Traditional America’s coffin. This voting law of theirs is intended to “accidentally” register all the illegal aliens and green card holders for mail in ballots. Every time you interact with a welfare agency, the DMV, etc they automatically register you for an absentee ballot? Even though they are throwing a fit about Georgia being “against blacks” that’s not who is really being targeted. “The Brothers” all have ID minus the occasional homeless bum or geriatric 80 year old. The real target is to get all these immigrants voting along with perpetual “mail in ballots” to every last ghetto slug who would ordinarily be too lazy to go out and vote, but now the local political machine can go door to door helping them fill out their ballots.

    • Those behind the whole anti-white/White replacement/genocide deal aren’t very smart, even though they constantly tell us how smart they are.
      If their goal is to replace first world white nations with third worlders, the world will become unlivable. The people behind this, even if they are millionaires, won’t want to be confined to just gated communities. Destroying the whites and their jobs isn’t very smart. It is whites who work, create, invent, and uphold the first world nations. Flooding productive nations with parasites and violent peoples is not about finding cheap labor, as most of them don’t work. It’s about destroying by invasion.
      It’s also clear that those behind this, want to be “the white people” on this planet.

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