White Supremacist Charged With Hate Crimes After Allegedly Menacing Asian Woman In New York City

What do you think?

New York Post:

“A man has been charged with hate crimes after allegedly harassing a 65-year-old Asian woman with racial slurs in Midtown, in the latest bias crime against the vulnerable community.

East Harlem resident Bobby Eli, 48, allegedly approached the victim on West 40th Street near Port Authority on Friday afternoon, and started mocking the woman over her blue hairdo, sources said. …

You stupid Chinese blue hair. You stupid Chinese b—h,” the man said, according to sources.

“Why you have blue hair, b—h?” the man asked, as he continued to berate her, sources said. …”

Is this a Jewish white supremacist?

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  1. The gentleman who “hurled” racial insults at the Oriental lady isn’t white, that’s for sure. If he lives in East Harlem he’s probably a Puerto Rican.

  2. I mean blue hair is kinda stupid tho.

    I always think when people dye their hair weird colors, they’re warning people that they’re losers. Aposematism. It’s not quirky, edgy, etc. It’s just stupid.

  3. “Police said he hurled insults…” Ok so “insults” are now physical objects?
    “Bobby Eli” from New York City, the jewish capitol of the world, with a Biblical name, and a jewish-looking phenotype is a “white supremacist”? Sure schlomo, i totally believe you.

    • They’ve been charging White people with hate crimes for using slurs for a while now. It used to be that there would need to be some real crime like assault, then the “hate” charge would be added on top. Now they will just charge you with whatever and the courts are so corrupt and bogus that it doesn’t matter. The USA isnt really even pretending to have law and order anymore.

      • A rational person might think, “don’t all violent crimes involve a degree of hatred?” But then again, that would be thinking about “hate” crimes as a White person. “Hate” crime legislation isn’t intended to be rational or just; just anti-White.

    • Don’t insult Neanderthals. You should go get a test. It’s guaranteed you’ve got Neanderthal genes in you if you are White.

      • @Powell,

        Don’t try to impart knowledge on Robert Browning. He lives in a world of make believe. I have a hunch that his posts are made by a true life patient from a non-fictional Shutter Island asylum.

      • Yes, Jews are Semitic. Whites are Germanic (Scandinavian, Aryan, etc.), Celtic, Gaul, or Roman. Many skin shades, many eye and hair colors. The most diverse of the “races”. We have Neanderthal blood. Africans do not…which means the whole “Out of Africa” theory is wrong. We didn’t come from Africans.

    • “Whites are homo-sapiens”
      More specifically, we (European people) are largely descendants of Cro-Magnons.
      wikipedia.org/ wiki/ Early_European_modern_humans

  4. Wow. So being weird and an asshole gets you a hate crime charge? New York and virtually all cities better lock up neatly all young blacks and browns who talk racial smack and yell at people all day.

    The Anti Asian narrative is one basically made up. Blacks have been attacking Asians for decades and little was and is said about it. The fake media waits for the disturbed White guy to occasionally show up say, ” Hey, look at this racist!”

    The heavily kosher controlled media truly are monsters. Not all are Jews but disproportionately it is. We do occasionally get the tech genius pot head goy Jack Dorsey types who are every bit as insidious.

    News in Merica is meant to stir the pot and create evil. The obsession with George Floyd is clearly meant to stir up another riot. Media does this filth for decades. Rodney King was a media created riot….plus the idiot who filmed and gave it to the media helped to create mass damage, death and destruction. If one is filming a black guy in a situation with police and then gives it to the media or you tube it, he or she is looking to stir the pot or much worse. Today people do nothing but record on the prowl for bad stuff.

    The Democrat party which is getting less white and extremely anti White is 100% in the open with an anti White agenda. Biden is ridin with this slop because it helped him get elected.

    Next the Dems will try for even more forced integration that will cause Whites to flee yet again. In the vile cesspool of Oakland, the plan is to stuff multifamily dwellings into single family areas. That means Rufus and Hector show up in the few nice White areas left. This mass insanity will be repeated in various cities and will be a disaster.

    I am in my 50s now and thankfully won’t be around another 40 or 50 years..I would hate to be a teenager in this America.

    It makes total sense to explore other places at least as a possibility at certain ages. There is a video called Nomad Capitalist I check out sometimes which discusses places worldwide that potentially treat you better.

    You give your heart, sweat and tears to this country all so it can turn into an out of control mess? How much more immigration? How much more welfare baby mamas plopping out more kids can this nation handle? How much more fake media? How much more debt or obscenely expensive areas coupled with ghetto crapholes?

    They don’t have these issues in large parts of Europe or parts of Asia. Life ends. How do you want to live what you have left?

    I truly hope America can vomit out what we are going through now and recover but I am no longer sure it can.

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