Rising: Why Democrats Lost “Latinx” Support In 2020

According to Chuck Rocha, it was Trump’s message on jobs and the economy (opportunity), COVID relief, anti-socialism (negatively associated with socialism in Latin America) and smart organizing. We’ve seen from David Shor elsewhere that “Latinx” women and men who are conservatives voted for Trump which is a shift to the Right because of crime and political correctness.

There was an interesting Pew poll which came out in January. Among “Latinx” voters, it showed that strengthening the economy (83%), dealing with COVID (82%), improving the job situation (69%), addressing issues around race in this country (68%), improving education (66%), improving the political system (64%), dealing with the problems of poor people (64%), terrorism (63%), reducing health care costs (63%), reforming Social Security (59%), reducing crime (55%), addressing issues within the criminal justice system (52%) all ranked higher as issues than immigration (47%). I’ve noticed that Rep. Henry Cuellar of Texas has been one of Joe’s loudest critics on immigration policy probably because it is walloping his district and the folks who live there are pissed off about open borders.

There isn’t much evidence that “Latinx” voters are voting as a racial bloc like black voters or that they are really motivated by amnesty for illegal aliens, open borders and political correctness. In fact, there is evidence that “Latinx” voters don’t really like Black Lives Matter or political correctness. They are significantly less comfortable with it than college-educated White Democrats. There is a noticeable lack of racial guilt there and a failure to understand why blacks are put up on a pedestal in America.

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  1. T will be interesting to see what happens, if they start to attempt to attack the historic missions themselves. Some, like San Xavier del Bac Mission, near Tucson, as well as many in New Mexico, are still being used as churches by their local native populations. Sometimes for over 200,300 years. They are also treasured historic sites. I doubt the radicals will find a happy reception from the locals is they try to damage them

  2. I speak Spanish well, have long done so, and have had too many contacts with Latins, of every size, class, country, and shape to mention.

    I say this because I know these people.

    Notwithstanding the individual exceptions that can and will occur in every group, as a whole Latins are of a Dixiecrat mentality, if I may borrow such a term and reemploy it here, or, that is to say – while they would like a fair shake economically, they are a very very Conservative people, in all other regards.

    Yep, Latins are great family people, great friends to have, lovers of God and church, and great upholders of tradition.

    While some Latins, in their very largest cities, may be tilting towards a Globalist Modernity, they are way in the minority.

    Jewish influence won’t change that, like some here think.

    And I’ll tell you something else about Latin People – they still believe in and value a honour code, making most of them good employees, tenants, and neighbours.

    Do I want my Dixie flooded with Latins?


    But, then again, I do not want my Dixie flooded by anyone.

    That said, if we have to have non-Whites come here, then Latins are a good crop.

    Which brings me back to why I’ve written this : The Democrat Party and the shadowy Globalist Leaders have made a mistake if they think that, as a whole, they will be able to make a new kind of citizen out of Latins.

    Latins like new cars and furniture, not new values or traditions.

    They know who they are and are not nearly so gullible, not even the peasants amongst them, as some would like to think.

  3. Muh natural conservatives.

    Ivan makes good points above as usual. Established country latins are about as close to white you can get without being white. Given most are some flavor of White ancestry.

    This is in stark contrast to the natives from squatemala or other places who barely speak spanish at all. These people are very different from your average cuban diaspora (who may as well be honorary White). These natives are generally helpless here and can’t even drive in alot of cases. This is the type of human detritus that are being encouraged to come here.

    I would settle for an argentine cowboy as a neighbor. At least they know bbq. But the barely housebroken natives I see on farms in my area are only suited for field work, and are easily manipulated with gibs.

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