U.S. Navy: Black Lives Matter Is Permitted, But “Politically Partisan Issues” Are Not

Why are people so upset about this? I don’t get it.

Doesn’t everyone agree with the political establishment’s white privilege and systematic racism conspiracy theories and the necessity of fighting “far right domestic extremism”?

Why would anyone consider Black Lives Matter an extremist organization? Has anyone affiliated with that movement ever done anything like burn down Minneapolis, lay siege to the White House or kill police officers on live national television? The real extremists are internet shitposters and you can get in big trouble for “liking” the wrong saucy meme or talking about the wrong television show.

Daily Mail:

“The US Navy’s training on ‘extremism’ says staff can advocate for Black Lives Matter (BLM) while at work but service members are not allowed to discuss ‘politically partisan issues’, training slides reveal. 

The Navy described BLM as a ‘public policy issue’ in the slides and advocating for the organisation was allowed as long as the behavior is lawful. 

But they stated that advocacy would be prohibited if it was ‘politically partisan in nature’. …

Kirby said the Pentagon was taking ‘seriously’ the importance of combating extremism while admitting the issue is ‘a hard problem to get our arms around’.         

‘But we can’t just put our head in the sand and pretend it doesn’t exist. We can’t just say: “Well, it’s not a problem.” It is a problem,’ he added. 

‘The other problem is, we don’t know how big it is. And so that’s what we’re trying to learn. And I think you’re gonna see this unfold over time.’

‘I’m not going to be able to come to the podium this week, next week or the week after with a plan and say: “This is it. This is how this is how it’s defined,”‘ Kirby said. 

‘And this is exactly how deep the problem is. This is going to be something and Secretary Austin has made very clear he’s going to work on every day that he’s the Secretary of Defense. …”

Look at it this way.

It is really this simple.

The political establishment and the upper class in general are strong supporters of Black Lives Matter. Most billionaires in this country and Corporate America support Black Lives Matter. That’s why Black Lives Matter can launch a nationwide insurrection that goes on for six months and not be considered an “extremist” organization. It is not “extremism” when the bastard spawn of White upper middle class professionals dress up like ninjas and go out and sack police stations and get away it.

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  1. BLM riot,loot and burn.Isn’t what military empire does, in the past and most recent bombed Iraq and loot the oil diverted to Israel.

  2. Black Lives Matter engages in the public RACIAL INTIMIDATION OF WHITE AMERICANS….This is a massive violation of the Civil Rights of White Americans and the US Navy supports this…LET THIS THINK IN…….

    Well, I suppose the American Empire was going to end like this at some point in time. It is going to be gruesome for sure:US Navy ships crashing into each other because two Black Female Navy Ship Commanders got into a cat fight at a port of call.

    Native Born White American US Service Members should collectively walk off the bases they are stationed at…Let the Russian and Chinese Militaries clean up this septic tank…The US Military should be completely defunded….

    The passage of the 1965 Immigration Reform Act is responsible for the monstrosity known as the Democratic Party….Nonwhite LEGAL immigrants and their US born nonwhite geneline are the racial voting bloc power that keeps the Democratic Party in power eternally-until there is Civilization collapse within the borders of post-white toilet bowl nonwhite America.

  3. “Let BLM destroy ZOG’s military.”

    I can foresee a lot of equipment ‘failure’.
    Systems that keep ‘breaking down’.
    Troops tend to get ‘careless’, when they have a political agenda rammed down their throats.

  4. With brainwashing and their inclusion commissars, the Democrats seem determined to make true Donoso Cortes’ description of soldiers as “slaves in uniform.”

  5. Your grandchildren will speak Chinese (when recovering from being a Chinese sex slave or manual laborer).

    At the very least, the Chins will finally end our Zog and Dindu problem in America, albeit woefully too late for whites to realize we squandered our forefather’s wisdom & inheritance.

    Here lies America, dead of hubris, inclusion, diversity and stimulus checks.

  6. “Chins will finally end our Zog and Dindu problem ”

    What makes you think the jews won’t control the Chinese?

    Read a history of the jews of Shanghai .

  7. Death to duh jew Ass Oy Vey & the billionaires & corporations that own it. It is the golem murdering the White race, and it can’t topple & crumble fast enough.

  8. “”..strong supporters…””

    Or are they more scared than average Donald voter ? This does not look like alliance but like hostage crisis. If any of those strong supporters say one single wrong thing, the strong supporter get his career destroyed and those strong supporters know this.

    “””…Kirby said…””

    What would happen when Kirby gets caught saying in private conversation that in some very specific units we can not accept transsexuals at the current moment ?

  9. Olde Dutch and I are mourning the passing G. Gordon Liddy, HW. Will you have anything to say about the so-called mastermind of the Watergate break-in? I thought E.Howard Hunt was the guy who was responsible for that, no?

    • @Yunus – Good PSA. It is definitely past time to give up on any form of public transport; even flying.

  10. I spent a career in the military. The military has been cucked regards nigroes since the ’60s.
    In the military, they are a protected species and can do no wrong, and only white military service-members can be ‘rayciss’.
    Like some commenters above, I would be fine if our jew-corrupted/compromised military and entire government collapsed, so we white men could rebuild it all from the ashes.

    • No traditional White American should go fight in Iran or the Ukraine if ordered to – let the Vibrant Woke Transfreaks Of Color handle it! General Silverstein will lead the battle from his drone HQ in Manhattan.

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