Secular Talk: Republicans Lose It Over Lil Nas X Satan Shoes

My theory is that conservatives are doing this because it works. The Democrats are slowly alienating black conservative Protestants. The Lil Nas X episode is a way to draw attention to cultural degeneration. The trans and gender fluidity stuff is very divisive even among Democrats.

Get this … there are people in this country who are *ACTUALLY* Christians and this is the sort of thing that cuts across racial lines. There are plenty of people who are not even Christians who don’t like it either. It doesn’t sit right with them. Millions of people look at this and what they see is that we have surpassed the Weimar Republic in our moral and cultural degeneration.

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  1. It is nothing more than “them” laughing in our face at this point because they know no one is going to do anything. Life is too convenient for even the poorest Americans. HW, did you see JOE BIGGS from the Proud Boys and Alex Jones also came out as a longtime Fed informant?

  2. All 666 pairs of those sneakers were sold in under a minute, thanks in part to the predictable outrage from conservatives. Lil Nas X, the American Negro folk-singer who designed and sold the controversial footwear, is a marketing genius.

    • Sold at $1,000 per pair in under a minute no less. Nike and their fake outrage lawsuit is trying to figure out how to mass produce these things and save face at the same time. All these people care about is money and how to ensure we have as little as possible.

      Republicans are ridiculous. Now Matt Gaetz sounding land looking like a GD guilty fool on Tucker? The gig is up.

      • Yes, I watched Gaetz being interviewed by Tucker last night and he’s definitely guilty of some type of sexual misconduct.

        • He shouldn’t be, not for being a man. Half the guys I know would love to be in his situation; 38 and getting more young arse than a muleteer? Come on.

  3. “Cuntservatives” can piss and moan all they want – nothing is going to change – Shlomo and Lil Nagger are laughing all the way to the bank, Cuntservatives’ White daughters worship the Nigga Thug Lifestyle and post pro-BLM BS on their Instagram and Facebook accounts while their cuck daddies fritter away their days watching their favorite $100M bootlip Sportsballer on TalmudVision and the jews’ pornography on the internet.

  4. It is a little stupid. This kind of ironic satanism hasn’t been edgy since the 80s. Today they have pedophile shows on mainstream media and will decide to cut a little boy’s genitals off if he likes to play with dolls instead of hot wheels. We have real satanic crap all over media and actually running this country for decades, but republican outrage (if you can call it that) is directed at a some black homo doing performative “satanism” for shock value. Republicans do this kind of thing because they’re too cowardly to fight on real issues. The ironic satanism is a lot less offensive than the homosexuality (as well as being less satanic), but republicans won’t fight on homosexuality, so they go for the goofy satan stuff.

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