Jimmy Dore: Bernie’s Defense Of Biden’s Stimulus Shocks Progressives

It is really 0 out of 10 now.

  • No $2,000 checks and the eligibility level was cut
  • No $50,000 in student loan debt relief
  • No $15 minimum wage
  • No public option in health care
  • No wealth tax
  • No raising the capital gains tax
  • No getting rid of the carried interest loophole
  • No raising the corporate tax rate back to the pre-Trump level
  • No raising taxes on most Red Dog upper middle class suburbanites (only +$400,000 level households now)
  • Almost certainly getting rid of the SALT deduction cap to pass infrastructure

The PRO Act isn’t officially dead yet.

The Democratic House has passed a bunch of things which are going nowhere in a 50/50 Senate.

This isn’t to say that everything is bad. $1,400 checks was better than nothing. The temporary child tax credit is better than nothing. There will be a lot of good coming out of Joe’s infrastructure plan because when you spend $2 trillion dollars you can’t help but improve … something.

It is difficult to escape the overall impression though that this is just neoliberals spending a bunch of money with abandon to try to buy political support. They aren’t really doing anything except driving the national debt way up and trying to get through the next election cycle. The $1,400 stimulus and the child tax credit are only temporary programs. They aren’t willing to pay for this by making real structural changes like taxing Wall Street and their upper middle class base in the wealthy suburbs. They aren’t even talking about getting rid of the Trump tax cuts. They want to get rid of the SALT deduction cap.

What about trade, regulation and immigration? What is happening on those fronts? There is talk of TPP coming back. The border is already a disaster. There is no effort to regulate Wall Street or any serious effort to break up and regulate Big Tech much less to go after all of these other monopolies.

Imagine looking at this from a “far right” perspective.

This is what the Democrats are not doing. They’ve done “trans women” in women’s sports though. They’ve raised gas prices by killing the Keystone Pipeline and have Pete Buttigieg talking about a mileage tax on national television. They’ve done “racial equity” in all areas of government. They’ve effectively abolished the border. They’re talking about DHS putting us on an FBI No Fly list for “domestic extremism.” They’re banning tough White guys from the military and replacing them with trans girls.

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  1. At this point, I do not understand what about Senator Sanders’s defending President Biden ‘shocking’.

    No, the senator from Vermont not only bowed to Candidate Biden and helped the former vice-president defeat him in the primary, he campaigned for him, and, perhaps most important of all – they are friendly colleagues.

    • @IT
      Senator Sanders likes to talk radical, but when it counts he has always been a company man.

      “They’re banning tough White guys from the military and replacing them with trans girls.”

      I approve of this development. All they’ve done with the White man military, is force liberalism around the globe. It is time White men stopped helping them.

      • @Jacky…

        “Senator Sanders likes to talk radical, but when it counts he has always been a company man.”

        Yes, no one can argue with that.

  2. If you want to cripple a Boomer like Sanders simply call them racist. They will immediately fall to the ground and desperately beg you for acceptance, in the process abandoning everything they stood for before. The attacks by Clinton on Sanders’ 2016 campaign had the desired effect.

  3. I have always hated Bernie Sanders but not because he’s a commie – he admits that. I have always hated Bernie Sanders because he is a war-mongering Zionist fraud but he gets cover from the media on his war-mongering and funneling of billions of money from the American working class to his fellow Zionist Jews in the foreign country of Israel, half way around the world.

    In order to distract people from this, Bernie Sanders makes some speeches about “Medicare for All” which he never does anything about, anyway.

    Bernie Sanders is literally an establishment political “insider” making deals in a smoke filled back room – although I guess in his case it’s not cigar smoke but pot smoke.

    It just goes to show you how clueless “progressives” are in 2021. Let’s be honest, Jimmy Dore is probably the best progressive out there but he is literally just some pothead comedian – he’s not any sort of expert on anything except for smoking weed.

    The “Bernie-bros” were literally just the left end of the bell curve of white college students – the smart ones went into Wall Street or Silicon Valley, the dumb ones became “progressives” working at some non-profit. That’s how the system works.

    If those progressives were smarter they would have gone with Andrew Yang whose UBI proposal is far superior to Bernie Sander’s “Medicare for All plus Wars and Money for Israel” platform.

    (Also I hate to use the term “progressive” for these people because they have nothing in common, at all, with the real Progressives like Teddy Roosevelt.)

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