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Years ago, I bought and read Thomas Frank’s book What’s The Matter With Kansas? when it came out in the 2000s when George W. Bush was president. I agreed with Frank’s critique of mainstream conservatism. Just read what I wrote about the Trump presidency for four years. It is basically the same idea. I had forgotten that Frank had used language that is almost identical to which I have been using as of late to describe what the Democrats were on their way to becoming back in 2004.

Matt Taibbi:

“Few, however, remembered the end of the book, which warned of a negative trajectory within the Democratic Party. While Republicans “were industriously fabricating their own class-based language of the right” and “made their populist appeal to blue-collar voters,” Democrats were “giving those same voters—their traditional base—the big brush-off.”

This warning — that becoming the party of “affluent, white-collar professionals who are liberal on social issues” would ultimately backfire — proved prophetic, not that it did Frank any good. As he continued to issue this same warning with books like Listen, Liberal — which came out during the 2016 presidential cycle and predicted with hideous accuracy what was to come — he found himself less and less in demand as a green room invite or guest editorialist.

Nobody in the commercial press wanted to hear that ditching the Democrats’ historical blue-collar coalition formed during the F.D.R. years had been a bad idea. Big media companies now wanted voices who made railing against Trump their expertise. …”

Frank was Nostradamus.

Los Angeles Times:

“Although Kansas voters have chosen self-destructive policies, it is clear that liberalism deserves a large part of the blame for the backlash phenomenon. Liberalism may not be the monstrous, all-powerful conspiracy that conservatives make it out to be, but its failings are clear nonetheless. Somewhere in the last four decades liberalism ceased to be relevant to huge portions of its traditional constituency, and liberalism just as surely lost places like Wichita and Shawnee as much as conservatism won them over.

This is due partly, I think, to the Democratic Party’s more-or-less official response to its waning fortunes. The Democratic Leadership Council, the organization that produced such figures as Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Joe Lieberman and Terry McAuliffe, has long been pushing the party to forget blue-collar voters and concentrate instead on recruiting affluent, white-collar professionals who are liberal on social issues. The larger interests that the DLC wants desperately to court are corporations, capable of generating campaign contributions far outweighing anything raised by organized labor. The way to collect the votes and — more important — the money of these coveted constituencies, “New Democrats” think, is to stand rock-solid on, say, the pro-choice position while making endless concessions on economic issues, on welfare, NAFTA, Social Security, labor law, privatization, deregulation and the rest of it. …

Curiously, though, Democrats of the DLC variety aren’t worried. They seem to look forward to a day when their party really is what David Brooks and Ann Coulter claim it to be now: a coming-together of the rich and the self-righteous. While Republicans trick out their poisonous stereotype of the liberal elite, Democrats seem determined to live up to the libel.

Such Democrats look at a situation like present-day Kansas, where social conservatives war ferociously on moderate Republicans, and they rub their hands with anticipation: Just look at how Ronald Reagan’s “social issues” have come back to bite his party! If only the crazy Cons push a little bit more, these Democrats think, the Republican Party will alienate the wealthy suburban Mods for good, and we will be able to step in and carry places like superaffluent Mission Hills, along with all the juicy boodle that its inhabitants are capable of throwing our way.

Though I enjoy watching Republicans fight one another as much as the next guy, I don’t think the Kansas story really gives true liberals any cause to cheer. Maybe someday the DLC dream will come to pass, with the Democrats having moved so far to the right that they are no different from old-fashioned moderate Republicans, and maybe then the affluent will finally come over to their side en masse. …”

Well, it finally happened with Trump.

Populism also runs deep where I am from in Barbour County, AL.

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  1. Just another way saying that the Democratic Party went full-speed ahead to become the party where homosexual pederast interests dominant. This is now emblazoned in the Democratic Party Platform.

    Let’s not kid ourselves, Taibi and Franks are full-speed ahead with importing the non-white Democratic Party Voting Bloc. And this means lots of nonwhite scab labor for multi-trillionaire Jeff Bezos. And this means Matt Taibi and Franks are pieces of shit…

    • To follow up….Taibi and Franks have no solutions. For these two creeps, it is just and unending supply of nonwhite scab labor….same thing applies to the very creepy Noam Chomsky. The White Liberal Greedy Cheating Class ultimately wins big…as in being multitrillionaire DEMIGODS on the Planet Earth. I couldn’t believe all the Amazon Prime vans on the Expressway today…..And it is Bezos who taunts OUR PEOPLE about our demographic demise in his op-eds in his Washington Post….


      I used to nag and nag Richard Spencer at his old website to write the Alt Right version of What’s the matter with Kansas….It would have enabled Spencer to force the Democrats to debate our side on our terms….It would have things easier pre-Charlottesville-post Charlottesville for the dissident right….It had to come from a Pro-White Worker perspective…But Richard Spencer was attempting to be James Bond…..Spencer had the talent to knock it out of the ballpark with his version of a dissident right What’s the matter with Kansas….These days I do not believe Richard Spencer is an immigration restrictionist anymore…..

      • Richard Spencer is an urbanite neetsoc from a wealthy background with no understanding of of either the working/taking class divide (taking class is the union of the elite rent seekers who run the country and the nonworking poor they are weaponizing through greed and helplessness), or the Urban/Rural divide. He was never that strong on White identity either.

        In his position, infinity brown immigrants are no threat, so he too wants his landscaping done cheaper. This shouldn’t be a surprise.

  2. Calling someone a pederast is over done, and if they want to fight back you could find yourself in a lot of trouble. Because you would have to prove it. Look at Brad’s friend Matt Gaetz, whom among other things is an active member of a Baptist Church in Florida. One look at that Billy Graham hairdo that Gaetz sports says it all. LOL.

  3. Huh….this is not very professional prophesy.

    The phenomena that lunatic zealot minority can take over confused split weak majority has been known long time ago. Lenin wrote a lot of about his topic and entire cultural Marxism was designed for this purpose. To split and divide society to the point when atomized mass is incapable to unite and fight back.

    • That is why they are pushing race-mixing so hard. Turn the population into a mongrelized mass of atomized and unhinged individuals. Destroy the roots so they have no foundation.

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