Rising: The Matt Gaetz Scandal

My bad.

I was under the impression that Gaetz was accused of *dating* a 17-year-old who somehow accompanied him across state lines. I thought this was basically like what the media accused Roy Moore of doing in 2017. Instead, Gaetz is being accused of some Jeffrey Epstein-level kompromat.

Note: It always seems to circle back to the same people.

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  1. Actually nothing new. Communists have infiltrated their people into nationalists organizations as long as anybody remember.

    This is happening everywhere. Liberal infiltration is big problem. When we can not learn to smoke them out then our new homelands will become very similar to old ones .Or worse, when we look on Ukraine Nationalism.

    Member of Hungary’s anti-LGBTQ government resigns after fleeing alleged gay sex party

    Former ‘anti-Semitic politician’ from Hungary moves to Israel after discovering he’s Jewish

  2. When you see a Republican, the first question to ask yourself is, “what sex scandal is the Jewish mafia blackmailing this person with?”

    It’s not always some gay thing. Sometimes it is rape orgies with trafficked underage female sex slaves like Prince Andrew.

    Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, Roy Cohn, Arthur Finklestein, Ehud Barak and many, many other Jewish criminal figures have been blackmailing American leaders for nearly 100 years – just about as long as they have controlled the mass media.

    Their cousins in the mass media will “break the scoop” of whatever politician the Jewish criminals want exposed and the media will censor any scandals of politicians that are collaborating with the Jewish crime rackets. The Anti-Defamation League is a legal front for the Jewish mob and in fact gives awards to Jews who are criminals like Moe Dalitz or Jews who assist the mob, like Bary Krisher, who helped cover up the Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell Mossad child sex trafficking ring.

    P.S. the term for “Jewish organized crime” is “Mishpucka” which is Yiddish for “family.” Hillary Clinton famously referred to Rahm Emmanuel as “Mishpucka” to an audience full of Jews who roared with laughter. Few non-Jews understood the joke. The term “Mafia” is easier but implies Italians and Sicilians, and that Mafia basically doesn’t exist anymore.

    Also the term “Russian Mafia” is a euphemism for “Russian Mishpucka” meaning “Russian-Jewish organized crime.”

    It’s the Jews, stupid.

    It’s a safe bet that over 50% of sitting Republican federal politicians, including JUDGES, are being blackmailed by the Mishpucka in some way. It could be as high as 90% frankly.

    This is not a joke nor a “conspiracy theory” it’s the reality of the world you live in.

  3. Unless the girls were actually underage then he did nothing wrong. It’s not illegal to brag about fucking hot chicks.

  4. Never trust a Jew.

    ‘His friend has been singing to the feds – that’s why Matt is so freaked out.’ Gaetz’s arrest is imminent as jailed tax collector Joel Greenberg faces charges of having sex with same 17-year-old and ‘making fake ID’s with the congressman’
    The investigation into Matt Gaetz is linked to his friendship with Joel Greenberg, a Florida tax collector currently in jail awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges
    It emerged Tuesday that Gaetz is under investigation by the DOJ over allegedly having sex with a girl, 17, two years ago
    Further allegations surfaced Thursday claiming Gaetz had paid for sex with women who Greenberg allegedly met on ‘sugar daddy’ websites
    The 17-year-old girl at the center of the sex trafficking probe is the same girl Greenberg has accused of sex trafficking, say sources
    New report Friday revealed Gaetz caught the attention of investigators after he was seen accompanying Greenberg during a late night visit to a tax office
    Greenberg is charged with identity theft after allegedly making fake IDs
    Gaetz, who has not been charged with any crimes, is expected to be indicted within the next few weeks


  5. New Evidence Shows Israeli Consulate Is Behind Matt Gaetz Extortion Scandal

    New details in the scandal surrounding Florida congressman Matt Gaetz is shedding light into the influence of Israeli operatives and the depth of corruption in the US government.

    In text messages publicized by Dilbert creator Scott Adams, the Israeli consulate’s media director Jake Novak informed him of secret grand jury proceedings tying Gaetz to sex with minors and a murder conspiracy days before the New York Times reported that he was under investigation.

    Gaetz holds that he and his father, Don Gaetz, are being extorted by former federal prosecutor David L. McGee and ex-Air Force intelligence official Bob Kent.

    McGee and Kent, operating as intermediaries, demanded the Gaetz’s provide them with $25 million dollars to fund an unlawful operation to rescue Robert Levinson, a rogue Jewish CIA agent captured in Iran. Levinson, who vanished in 2007, was presumed dead, but the Israelis believe he is still alive.

    The Israeli operative Novak owns the illegal operation in his private exchange with Adams.

    “The backstory is this is screwing up my efforts to free Bob Levinson. Gaetz’s dad was secretly finding (sic) us. So I’m very much wanting this to be untrue. I’ve got a commando team leader friend of mine nervously waiting for wire transfers to clear,” Novak wrote.

    A March 16th blackmail note provided to the Washington Examiner by Don Gaetz shows Kent offering to secure a Biden administration pardon for Matt if he quickly ponies up the cash.

    “I would like to talk with you immediately about the current federal investigation, and the indictment that is about to be filed against your son.

    I have a plan that can make his future legal and political problems go away.

    Last summer, we located Robert Levinson in Iran and took two proof of life videos, but the U.S. government foiled our rescue attempt. We have one more opportunity to rescue Levinson.” Kent goes on to claim that financing them will make all their problems vanish.

    The Gaetz’s took the threats to the FBI.


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