MLB Punishes Blue Atlanta Over Georgia Election Integrity Law

You may have noticed our new banner.

The man in our new banner is Gov. Eugene Talmadge, the Wild Man from Sugar Creek, who was elected governor of Georgia four times in the Jim Crow era. Jim Crow is back in Georgia, baby … this time on steroids. We’ve surpassed the Georgia of Tom Watson, Hoke Smith and Eugene Talmadge.


“Major League Baseball announced Friday that it is moving the 2021 All-Star Game out of Atlanta in response to a new Georgia law that has civil rights groups concerned about its potential to restrict voting access for people of color.

In a statement, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred said the league is “finalizing a new host city and details about these events will be announced shortly.”

The 2021 MLB draft, a new addition to All-Star Game festivities this year, will also be relocated. …”

This makes a lot of sense.

You can’t bring back literal “white supremacy” in Atlanta in 2021 without facing serious consequences. The MLB couldn’t stand idly by while all black people in Georgia were disenfranchised by the new election integrity law that is worse than Jim Crow. The words of a president matter, folks.

This will show all those people who live in Georgia who voted for Trump, but who don’t live in Metro Atlanta where they voted for Joe Biden who is boss. By voting for Joe Biden and dumping Donald Trump, Atlanta is losing the MLB Draft and All-Star Game. It is not “The City That Is Too Busy To Hate” anymore. It is the city of retrograde suburban hatemongers who are worse than the Jim Crow South.

I grew up in Alabama on the other side of the Chattahoochee River. I was over in Georgia the other day and it didn’t look to me like Jim Crow had returned or that it was on steroids. In fact, it looked like just an ordinary day. The president of the United States and the real “journalists” are reporting that Jim Crow 2.0 has arrived there though since the election integrity law was passed.

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  1. Just like when MLB supported BLM and saw their subscribers go down . I hope this finally puts the nail in their coffin. Any White man that watches these anti-white sports is a moron.

      • I stopped watching MLB and Football many years ago. I never watched the NBA. I stopped watching the NHL last year when they were pushing and promoting BLM. I hope they all go broke including the players.

        • If the NFL and NBA go broke, that spells the end of negro recruitment for college football and basketball. The only reason negroes play college sports is for a shot at the pros. It certainly isn’t for the worthless degree which many do not complete anyway. The alternative of paying college athletes will end up depleting the revenue stream and will lead to bidding wars and probably unionization.

  2. Manfred is a gentile, too.

    This is a blessing in disguise. The entire south should reject modern society, expel all corporations who don’t belong, and just go back to natural living. The agrarian lifestyle is where it’s at. Of course, things might not truly settle down until the hatred currently present in society finally boils over and is purged. Might take a couple years, just like 1861-65 did. What’s happening now is no different then when the fags from the northeast wanted abolition and decided to try and throw their weight around to undermine and destroy a people and it’s economy, which led to fed aggression and bloodshed. This time though, it’s not slavery, but people who want to protect America and our way of life that are seen as the new plantation owners.

  3. The sooner all Pro Sports disappear the better. How Pro Sports appeal to the 60% of the country that is broke af while these low-IQ sportsballers make 10s of millions of $ per year is beyond me – although – TV and attendance figures across the board are starting to show a decline in popularity.

  4. Crow………..1

    Sports promoted and led the way on integration and now it is being used to lead this nation into more Leftist brainwashing. (Whoever doesn’t require a legit photo-id to ensure that a potential voter is legit is a crook — like Biden.)

    Just do away with politically correct sports altogether or if that’s not possible maybe the South should have a men’s DLB — “Dixie League Baseball” — baseball on grits* and not steroids…

    * grits (n.)

    plural of grit “coarsely ground grain,” Old English grytt (plural grytta) “coarse meal, groats, grits,” from Proto-Germanic *grutja-, from the same root as grit (n.), the two words having influenced one another in sound development.

    In American English, corn-based grits and hominy (q.v.) were used interchangeably in Colonial times. Later, hominy meant whole kernels that had been skinned but not ground, but in the U.S. South, hominy meant skinned kernels that could be ground coarsely to make grits. In New Orleans, whole kernels are big hominy and ground kernels little hominy.
    — Online Etymology Dictionary: “grits”,

  5. They don’t believe in voter ID because they believe in voting early and often for the Anti-White “candidate”. “Civil rights” means Anti-White. F**k MLB.

  6. Assuming the kangaroo court finds the cop guilty (if they don’t the city will burn down and TPTB will let it happen) Minneapolis is the ideal spot for White hatred on display.

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