Poll: Americans Are Divided On Joe’s Infrastructure Plan

What exactly is this thing?

Why is it being called an infrastructure bill?


“NEW YORK (Reuters) – President Joe Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure plan is loaded with road repairs, internet upgrades and other initiatives that are widely popular on their own, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll, but U.S. public support declines when the initiatives are packed into a Democratic bill and sold as a Biden-backed plan. …

The poll found:

– 79% of Americans supported a government overhaul of American roadways, railroads, bridges, and ports.

– 71% supported a plan to extend high-speed internet to all Americans.

– 68% supported an initiative to replace every lead pipe in the country.

– 66% supported tax credits for renewable energy. …

Only 45% of Americans said they would support a jobs and infrastructure plan that was “recently released by the Biden administration.” Another 27% said they were opposed and the remaining 28% said they were not sure.

The decline in support appears to be mostly a partisan reaction: only about two in 10 Republicans and three in 10 independents said they supported a Biden infrastructure plan, compared with seven out of 10 Democrats.

Republicans and independents also have expressed very little trust this year in the Democratic-led Congress. …”

Americans support infrastructure spending.

They’re not sold though on whatever this is being the infrastructure bill that is needed right now or how the Democrats intend to pay for it. The Democrat brand is toxic.

Note: I have my own reservations about the bill. I think we should be taxing Wall Street to pay for physical infrastructure upgrades.

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  1. To put it plain, I don’t much feel like compensating non-Southern cities for the totally unjustifiable and incendiary anti-White lunacy of this past year.

    To be clear, I am all in favour of helping out my fellow Americans, when they suffer a reverse, IF it is not self-inflicted!

    So, I do not like the incredibly disproportionate amount in this bill going to demonick Blue cities.

    Otherwise, I favour the infrastructure bill.

    In my heart of hearts, I cannot understand why folks thinks it laudable to have a crumbling infrastructure, as we most certainly do. That I have seen that with my own eyes.

    Again, I support President Biden’s stance on taxes, infrastructure, and the environment.

    If he would get off the woke-anti-White crap, I might even vote for him in 2024, if the country we together or if he were still functional.

    That said, he won’t get off the anti-White crap, so, no, I won’t ever vote for him, but, yes, I do support a number of his major policies.

    As a Dixiecrat I agree with New Deal Era policies, but, I cannot brook any central government/corporate interference in the cultural, racial, and social aspects of the states, particularly when it is anti-White, and most especially when it is anti-White Southern.

  2. @ ivan good sir, agreed as always, a point i would like to make, these metropolitan area’s are really not quite as relevant as they used too be, with thee loss of industry and manufacturing , the loss of so many small businesses, so many people working from home, now. What wisdom is there in continuing to devote so much limited capital and resources into these soulless, disfunctional, mausoleum’s for thee walking dead, thee green agenda of the left isn’t even remotely feasible, i dont see much future for them, you?

    • @Terry…

      Thank you for your kind words, Friend.

      Yes, the centralizing process that rose in the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries are now quickly in decay, what with the Internet having broken the Establishment Media Monopoly, and, as well, enabling folks to work from home, which, by the way, is what allowed us to leave our economic exile in New England and return home to Dixie, some years back.

      As to the cities : I think that the processes which sent the White Population skedaddlin’ from Detroit in the 70s, 80s, and 90s, are now proliferating to many more metropolitan areas, particularly in The Blue States.

      Obviously, if you make a metropolitan area only 30% White or, 20% even, you are condemning it to death.

      Say what you will about various people on this earth, it is White Gentiles, The new Israel of God, who have received that blessing of His to run and administer complex systems, such as big cities.

      Having traveled a bit of the world, I notice that the less European blood in an area, the more likely the concentrated areas will be something of a hell – not in every case, but, often it is so.

      I am sorry to observe or say that, but, to quote the first man of the South : ‘I cannot tell a lie.’

      In any case, I believe that the processes of deurbanization will be ongoing for the next century.

      How to manage that I do not know, other than to let it happen.

      If, on the other hand, this country is reorganized, and Whites in some areas resume real leadership roles, then it just may be that these built up areas see a second golden era.

      It was done before, it can be done again.

      It all depends on The blood, that something which many do not want to acknowledge in this land.

  3. The bill is just stuff for bugmen cities. It isn’t going to fix the crumbling infrastructure of places like West Virginia or Alabama. And it looks more like a backdoor Green New Deal, so yeah, bugmen infrastructure.

  4. I don’t accept at face value that this is an infrastructure bill.

    Tucker Carlson is correct there is alot more in there than just infrastructure spending.

    HW, it might be a good idea to dive into the contents of the bill itself, as that definitely complicates peoples perception of the thing.

    There are no republicans that trust the dems not to stuff a bill with junk and season it with goodies to sneak it past. They are always pulling that ole jewish trick of wearing a bearskin to get their fathers blessing (what kind of morality is that anyhow?).

    Its simplistic to boil it down to polls yay or nay.

    I’ve never understood half of what I was supposed to glean from the old testament. But I seem to remember a parable about a large wooden rabbit being used to sneak an enemy into your stronghold, with the moral being that you never accept a gift from your enemy without doing any due diligence.

  5. Heads up for HW. Student loan debot forgiveness may not be a dead issue.


    I would anticipate this becoming a bigger priority toward the end of summer when we are getting closer to when interest begins accruing and payments become due again. September I think.

    If your hypothesis about the dems just catering to their urban shitlib base are correct, the analysis cited in the above piece would seem to indicate this debt forgiveness would disproportionately benefit them.

    Note: They didn’t include an explanation in here that the reason this debt forgiveness wouldn’t benefit blacks and lower income people is (a) they never went to college or (b) they had their schooling paid for without having to take out loans like most middle and upper-middle class Whites did.

    There is always a ton of free money floating around for the preferred demographics to get their schooling paid for. Grants from states, Pell Grants, black only scholarships. Women only scholarships, LGBTQ only scholarships, Hispanic scholarships, Single mother scholarships, battered women’s scholarships, Etc. and so on.

    My first year in school I looked hard for anything I could find to help pay for school. It was pretty clear I was expected to make plenty of money and have no issue getting a job, so there wasn’t help for me outside of loans. There were no scholarships for broke ass White boys who had to drop out of high school to pay for their own place to live at 16 or be homeless scholarships.

    It would be an irony of ironies if after all that, Whitey got his debt forgiven.

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