Russia Slams Anti-White “Aggression” In United States

H/T IronicSockAccount

It amazes me that this has never occurred to the Democrats.

Moscow Times:

“Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Thursday warned that anti-white racism might be building in the United States and said that political correctness “taken to the extreme” would have lamentable consequences.

In an interview with political scientists broadcast on national television, Moscow’s top diplomat said Russia had long supported a worldwide trend that “everyone wants to get rid of racism.” …”

The political establishment in the United States simultaneously wants to 1.) explicitly demonize the White majority on racial grounds and 2.) do the whole “America is back” thing on the global stage. Did they think through the long term consequences of all the shit they pulled last year?

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  2. “Did they think through the long term consequences of all the shit they pulled last year?”

    They don’t think,
    the rabbinat does all their thinking.

    And yes, the rabbinat has thought of the consequences, for centuries.
    (Perhaps, not correctly)

  3. I say it again!

    Learn Russian:

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    Have a happy Easter everyone!

  4. A sorry day, when a foreign diplomat speaks more truth about our nation, than the entire political body of America.

    • Never in my life did I think Russia would be a saner country than the United States. Seriously, these people have a not insignificant percentage of Genghis Khan’s genes floating around. But it’s easy to do when you see how far off the cliff this country, and the West as whole, have fallen.

  5. “It amazes me that this has never occurred to the Democrats.”

    Js write the script, Dumbemcrats read it.

  6. Russia knows that a non-White-controlled nuclear-weaponized US is a much greater threat to “peace” than the current situation. Imagine Uganda or Liberia with hundreds of nuclear missiles and you can see Russia’s point.

    • Yes. At some point, a responsible nation will have to do something about a 3rd World America in possession of nukes. Perhaps the low-IQ population will eventually be unable to maintain them.

      • “Perhaps the low-IQ population will eventually be unable to maintain them.”

        No, another tribe plans to take control of the arsenal, before that happens.

  7. When you read or hear the Russian politicians, then it is good to understand that they always say things over the corner. This thing for example.

    “””….The present-day negative attitude towards racism was formed thanks to the position of the Soviet Union after World War II, spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova said Tuesday at a roundtable discussion at the Russian Federation Council …. I now speak about Black Lives Matter and so on to show how sensitive issues of racism are even today. Denunciation of racism and its rejection in its entirety back then became possible due to the principled attitude of the Soviet Union,” she said……”””

    What she really said, that McCarthy was right and entire diversity garbage was communist conspiracy right from beginning.

    For us those are good news. So many weird statement in so short time hints that Russia may admit Mr. Bezmenov statements on the Government level. Bad news is that when Russia appeals to Donald supporting whites, thing may be so ugly that maybe we have nuclear war in sight.

    Jews and communists are crazy enough to use Samson Option. When we go, then we take the whole world with us.

    “”….For it is the right of the Nation of Israel to finally shut the gates to the world after it leaves this place (not of its free will!), and we have the right to say, at the price of the 3,000 year old fear: “If you force us yet again to descend from the face of the Earth to the depths of the Earth – let the Earth roll toward the Nothingness.”…””

    • They want Dementia Joe to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities regardless of the consequences. Dementia Joe spends most of his time sleeping in the Oval Office, he has no idea what is going on or where he is though, his mind is shot. Apparently it’s people like Horse Face John Kerry, BHO, Susan Rice and other miscreants who are actually making the decisions, Dementia Joe just repeats what he is told.

      BHO and his pals are pushing the Iran deal because it was their big (and only) foreign policy success and reviving it will be a big FU to Trump and his people. Regardless of flawed motives and political posturing the Iran deal (JCOPA), whatever its flaws and shortcomings is a good deal for the U.S. compared to the alternatives. Our Greatest Ally doesn’t care what happens to the U.S., they just want Iran destroyed and they are apparently unable or unwilling to attack Iran successfully so they are ordering their lapdog to do the job, so far, unsuccessfully.

  8. The Empire is coming to an end, and everybody that isn’t insane or a gullable dupe, knows it.

  9. Russian Orthodox Churches are beautiful!!!

    The Democratic Party is the homosexual pederast Party..very ugly

  10. American greatness has been reduced greatly and we all know it. We are no longer an ” A” country. A solid ” B” for sure. Still a good grade but no way is a nation trillions and trillions in debt great. No way is a nation that has many cities ( and some burbs) that are crime infested crapholes to be called great. No way is a country that has a media that lies everyday for decades about its problems can be called great.

    Diversity is not a strength outside of arguably, food. Sure, people are born how they are born and that is that so it’s not good to hate someone just on the basis they randomly look different than you. However, those differences are now used as a battering ram to take down America and the majority White nation it is to turn it into a combination of Africa and Central America. What ” strengths” are coming out of that? We all know this experiment is headed for a massive crash; basically Brazil North here we come!

    The sad fact is our treasonous political parties( especially the Democrats) will use Russia defending Whites as a bad thing. Even our lowdown talk show hosts will use it. Jimmy Kimmel is an incredibly nasty guy who perpetually takes shots at conservatives because he knows Hollywood has his back. He is a very vindictive guy. Compare Kimmel’s humor to that of Johnny Carson years back in terms of political shots and Carson was very mild. Kimmel and others represent the bitter anti American wave that just wants a paycheck as he sinks the ship.

    Good for Russia defending Whites. I hope other majority White nations do likewise.

    Everyone rides the jock of White people knowing full well Whites create the best societies, the greatest advancements in technology, finance, education, medication, human rights and so on. Yet the diversitard crew is extremely loathe to admit it. However the proof is always in the pudding.

    Check out where virtually all leftists, non Whites, ballplayers and others with money live as soon as they can- with Whites! Even that silly mixed raced woman on the worthless show ” The View”- Sunny Hostin, who babbles something about White male mediocrity being rewarded, just so ” randomly” lives in an overwhelmingly White area north of New York City. The woman is given millions to sit on her butt and whine about White people while running home to go live in their areas! So thank a White person for keeping neighborhoods and schools generally safe and good!

  11. I go back and forth being undecided on Russia being “based” because they are very far from it. There long history of brother wars(the current one with Ukraine), Bolshevism/communism, not keeping their js in check but this is probably the most based thing they have done in awhile since honeypotting Syria and extorting a protection racket with Assad while literally almost doing nothing about Israel

    Iran doesn’t even like Russia anymore because they see the games they play with them

    • Okay fair enough I was still drinking my morning coffee when i wrote that sort of rushed paragraph but if Russia truly wants to be based they have to name them

      All this anti-whiteness stems from a common origin…

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