Tucker Carlson: The GOP Is No Longer The Party Of Wall Street

This is true and false.

As I have shown in elaborate detail, Donald Trump’s true legacy is that he changed the demographics of the Republican Party. He changed the voters. Lots of people who were Democrats and Independents are now Republicans. At the same time, people who were Republicans are now Democrats.

The ground underneath the Republican Party has changed because so many voters have switched parties since 2016. Republican voters now believe different things than was the case a decade ago. The Republican policy agenda and institutional conservatism, however, hasn’t caught up with this shift. Congress is a gerontocracy and elected Republicans are still mentally in the Reagan era.

The Republican establishment wing that dominated the party before Donald Trump is now the disaffected wing and represents an angry rump that is 10% to 15% of Republican voters. The Populist Right or what is called the “far right” by the media is now the dominant element. The party is united on social identity issues (except for the True Cons wing of suburban moderates) and is divided on economics. About 35% to 45% of Republican voters are populists on economics and social issues.

The big picture trend is education polarization with college-educated voters moving toward the Democrats and working class voters moving toward the Republicans. The electorate is resorting into a populist vs. progressive alignment like we had in the early 20th century before the New Deal.

What did that look like? Does this sound familiar to our own times?

Note: Joe is the guy who finished off FDR’s coalition and transformed the Democratic Party into what used to be the old Republican Party.

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  1. I think the GOP is more vulnerable than the dems at this point. The GOP got on the BLM bandwagon in order no to look “racist’

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