PBS Newshour: Crackdown On Online Hate Speech Pushes “Extremists” To Other Platforms

What is “hate,” “disinformation” and “extremist speech”?

Who decides what is “domestic extremism” and out of bounds?

It is anything that falls outside of the viewpoint of progressive activists who are around 8% of the population. This includes everyone from Donald Trump down to millions of his followers as well as all of those people whose views wouldn’t pass muster in the New York Times newsroom.

Those people have been exiled from the internet because allowing them to communicate and share their views online is too dangerous. It is unsafe and traumatizes people who are exposed to disagreement and who lack the capacity to defend their arguments when challenged. If a minority of privileged technocratic elites lose the power to act as the gatekeepers of the internet, democracy itself will die in the darkness and we will be thrust back to the days of Trump’s America which was literal fascism and white supremacy or what we have now in Georgia where the state has become “Jim Crow on steroids.”

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  1. Oh look, the anti-Whites are chasing down Whites again!

    They killed Twitter’s business. Thanks to them, Twitter hasn’t grown since 2015. Imagine how cucked @Jack Twitter must be, to let these people chase off half of his customers. Now they’ve chased Whites from Twitter saying “Its a private company, it can ban who ever it wants.”, they are taking their White Hunt to other platforms.

    Imagine if you could vote for someone who would do something about these anti-White shitheads? Forget Trump and his Republican Party cronies. They are all talk, and no action. That’s a Republican.

    • I’ll bet Abe gets on the phone with Jack everyday and screams “You’re not shutting down free speech fast enough!”

    • @Harry

      I’m a White man but Twitter Jack does not speak for me. As a White Man I never authorized these “white men” to speak for me. I don’t believe in their “hate speech” ideology at all. I do not approve of these so-called “white men” in any way.

      I’m White and Pro-White and if you have a problem with that well F-You to put it bluntly. I like being White. Being White is great. I love White people! Hooray white people!

    • Funny how liberals say Twitter is a private company so they can refuse service to anyone they want. Yet they also believe that Christian bakeries should be forced by the courts to bake wedding cakes for faggot couples.

  2. There is no greater hate in this world than the Jew hatred for the innocent Christ. Where are these people who hate hate when it comes to the Jew hatred for the innocent Christ? Where are they? On their way straight to hell is where.

  3. LOL. Jack Dorsey is an Irish Roman Catholic. Both of his parents are Roman Catholics. He went to a Roman Catholic High School. He even has an uncle who is a Catholic Priest. (Maybe he stuck his Priest dick up Jack’s ass? That could be part of the problem.)

    Some of you Catholic bastards should understand that Roman Catholics, and Roman Catholicism has always been for censorship of speech and the press. Always! Going back to the days of Constantine.

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