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  1. “The 8 White Identities” from “White Supremacist” to “White Abolitionist”.

    A few obvious questions about this shitlibery:
    Is it just a coincidence that genocide is often cited as also having 8 steps?
    What’s the difference between “White Abolition”, and “White Genocide”?
    It’s not “genocide” if we just call it something else, using a euphemism to hide meaning of language?
    “Doing the work to be anti-racist”, and a self-harming unhealthy, probably LGBT+ ,”White Abolitionist”?

    If they want to fuck around with language like this, then two can play at this game. A “White Supremacist’ is now a euphemism for a healthy, self-respecting, likely straight, White person.

  2. Whites and whites Christians are not the ones who claim racial superiority over all others directly from the hand of God. White Christian’s do not claim to be Gods chosen people.

  3. That stupid list assumes a multi-racial society. I’m a White Quarantine-ist. I believe that we evil Whites should be quarantined away by ourselves, where colored humanity(which is most of them) has no possibility of being the victims of White oppression.

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