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  1. Happy Easter Brad, and Mrs. Brad, and the whole damn Brad Family. Remember, too soon the old folks die, and no one can answer those questions you have.

  2. Happy Easter to you.

    I don’t always agree but I do appreciate your writing. There aren’t many authentic voices left that speak honestly. I hope your work continues.

    • @Anonymous…

      Thank you for that nice comment, for, not only does our host, Mr. Griffin, field far too many reprovals, there is a general lack of courtesy here, amongst us.

      Good to be candid and to debate. NOT good to fail to be hospitable, but, today you remedied that!

  3. Happy Easter to all.

    Marjorie Greene was suspended from twitter for saying . He has risen. Happy Easter!

    • @John…

      The set Miss Marjorie has on her makes her a field-grade Confederate officer, and, as such, she does not belong on places like Twitter and Facebook.

      It’s below her, and I am glad that they threw her out of their company, because they (Leftist anti-White/anti-Chryst Scalawags) don’t rate a strong Southern woman like her.

  4. Happy Easter.The Lord is supreme and the Master Jesus is our salvation.As my hero J.B.Stoner(now in Heaven)said”All you need is the White race and the Jesus keys”.Amen.

        • November,

          It is the equivalent of americans saying Happy Easter.

          In Mexico I have never heard someone say Happy Easter. Some latin Catholics in the USA might who were raised in the Union and not Mexico,

          That is why people learning a language have to learn the society that speaks the language and the meanings. Direct translations are frequently in error.

          The following video explains this.

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