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  1. Too bad he didn’t says all this when he was President. I believe he is conning again if he runs again in 2024.

  2. “We will not become a Socialist nation” – yeah, no shit Don – all of those freshly printed Trillions in jewbux go to your kike pals on Wall St and the .01% where they just slosh around.

  3. https://youtu.be/TlFsXoZkamw
    Here’s the (should be official) Republican anthem. This song should be going everyone’s mind when the Repubs squawk about stuff. I could only think of this gem when watching Kemp squirm on Tucker Carlson. Trump could have seemed a lot cooler with this playing after his rallies than gay ass macho man, hell the singer is a jew from Queens as well.

  4. Trump is awesome at owning the libs and firing up the Right-wing. I hope he keeps doing this.

  5. Those “woke” corporations know exactly what they’re doing. Boycotts are an exercise in futility.

    • @Spahn – Mussolini said that fascism is “the government controlling the private industry that controls the means of production” – the Antifa(scists) dumbasses are too stupid to realize that is the system that has been in place for a long time here – the US government picks and chooses the “winners”(Google, GM, Big Pharma, Facebook, Walmart, MIC, etc ) and those companies do as they are told by the Government which includes the promotion of whatever agenda is currently being pushed. Right now the agenda is glorification of negroes, belittling White males, destroying the classical ideal of a family, promotion of race-mixing and interbreeding, etc and that is seen in all facets of media, entertainment and advertising.

  6. So says the con-man who spent his entire “Presidency” on Twitter. He’s 100% owned by the Talmudic Satanists, of whom his daughter and son-in-law are fine examples. Just more empty bloviating from Cheetohead the Clown.

    • Do you really think Trump spent all of that time on these online apps, posting and responding? He probably had staff who managed his online presence and communications.

  7. Do you know that absolute majority of nationalizations were highly successful and instead of going bankrupt, nationalized companies mostly became backbone of economy.

    A lot of private entrepreneurship works like drug dealing. Few people became fabulously rich with the price of destruction of the society.

    So boycotting is not enough. We need Great Reset and Build Back Better. Eastern Europe laughing that our green deal means that hydro electric stations will run on tears of global elite…… ­čśÇ

    • We don’t need a “great reset and build back better” – we need a complete separation from these lefty Jews (but I repeat myself). Only then can we Whites be in charge of our own destiny and future.

      The 14 words are truer now than eve before.

  8. Boycotts are the most effective form of political pressure known to man. Trump has a huge following, and I hope he keeps the pressure on, and adds to it.

  9. Boycotts as Trump ensured with BSD or was it BDS are probably going to be illegal. Nb4 every crackdown is he.

  10. I think Trump did this just knowing how much it would piss off his enemies while he had a good laugh about it.

  11. Happy Easter everyone. Christ was/is risen. Maybe our people, Western civilization will rise again, somewhere West of Hungary and Poland… probably not. But, we can always wish.

    Understand that the Easter holiday of Jesus Christ the King of the Jews rising from the dead happened at the end of the Talmudic Jews holiday of “Pass Over”. Like most everything Old Testament Jewish – this holiday is extremely ethnocentric pro Jewish, where the Old Testament Jewish tribal God Jehovah is called upon to bring plagues horrible deaths to non Jewish gentile (Egyptian) children and Jews are called upon to pain some sign on their roofs to let this murderous, genocidal Jewish tribal God Jehovah – Pass oVer” the Jewish house to bring the plague (Covid?) to the Egyptian Gentile children.

    I just didn’t have the motivation to climb up on my roof to let this genocidal Jewish tribal God Jehovah know that a pro Israel, pro Jew Christian Zionist lived under this roof, my Co-Op board strongly prohibits people walking on our roof, plus why should I lie and pretend I’m a Christian Zionist, pro Jew, pro AIPAC, pro Hollywood virtuous Gentile when I’m not?

    Happy Easter everyone.

    J Ryan
    desperately trying to relocate to Tennessee

    • Relocate to Tennessee – Do it! No excuse not to, sir. You are in Chicagoland? God help you. I relocated to Tennessee once with literally an old car full of my worldly possessions and with less than $300 to my name. If I can do it, anyone reading this can.

  12. Trump is a popular leader and his call for boycott is a call for solidarity against hostile forces. Unity against a common enemy is never a bad thing and people need to start thinking in terms of civil war. Boycotts were important in the lead up to the American war for independence.

  13. Thats right Blumpf and give them huge tax cuts too and have your DOJ label blumpfers domestic terrorists an truly disavow your own supporters!
    Trigger the libtards and eat goya beans

  14. Boycotts could be very effective, but the (((Cultural Marxist))) CEO scum know that when they throw their weight around & force their will on the White sheeple they get mad, but they have the memories of goldfish, and soon their craving for Muh Coke defeats their resolve.

    Which is why their superhero Dump’s call for boycotts could perhaps realize their full potential as economic weapons, if he would keep reminding them to stay the course.

    He should start a boycott list webpage: video clips of him adding new commie-run companies to the list.

    Of course, that would mean him actually doing something useful & right for once.

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