MLB All-Star Game To Be Played In Denver After Leaving Atlanta

This whole episode is based on hysterical knee jerk woke capitalism bullshit.

How on earth is Georgia’s election integrity law “Jim Crow on steroids” or “Jim Eagle” compared to Colorado or Delaware? Does Woke Joe realize how retarded he sounds saying things like that? He also said after the Atlanta shooting that we were all “complicit” in what happened there.

New York Post:

“Major League Baseball has tapped Denver as its replacement All-Star Game site instead of Atlanta — even though Colorado’s voting rules are slightly more restrictive than Georgia’s new ones.

Even without the Peach State’s optional two Sundays for early voting, it offers two more such days than the Centennial State. Both ask for photo ID for absentee ballots, while accepting basically the same substitutes. Both ban electioneering activists from handing out free food or drinks.

The only real plus (by Democrats’ standards) is that Colorado mails out universal absentee ballots (with ID and signature requirements for it to count), but experts say that makes a minimal difference in how many actually vote. (Heck, the New York Times’ Nate Cohn says Georgia’s new law does basically nothing to restrict turnout.) …”

As always, the media is shamelessly lying about Georgia’s election integrity law.

We’re told that Georgia is now WORSE than the Jim Crow South … after voting for Joe Biden and Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff. In reality, the law doesn’t really change much of anything and is more of a face saving token gesture to the Republican base which is convinced that the 2020 election was STOLEN from Donald Trump because of voter fraud. Didn’t the Atlanta Braves move to the suburbs? Isn’t Joe punishing his own voters in Metro Atlanta who handed him the 2020 election in Georgia?

Note: In reality, it was Never Trumpers in the Atlanta suburbs that dumped Trump in the 2020 election. Then it was rural Trump voters who were sick of Mitch McConnell and the GOP who dumped Perdue and Loeffler. The problem wasn’t voter fraud. It was internal division over Trump.

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  1. The Democrats and Republicans should get the heck out of Sports and Entertainment. These are 2 of the most pure things we still have left in America. Now it’s become nothing but political every second and it’s literally getting in the way of the game. Covid-19 was horrible for Sports. However with more and more people getting the Vaccines….it’s fading into history. However far left wing political insanity is still rolling in 2021 and this story is a perfect example. Voter ID should forever be in place. Only legal citizens should vote and only 1 time per election! It’s common sense. This isn’t some Third World Cesspool like the far left liberals wanna see here in America. Not gonna happen! What about the Republicans…’s nothing more than the Cuck Party. We have the solutions…Nationalism. If this country was Nationalist in nature….nobody would be arguing over and over again because we would come together on common ground and be Patriotic in nature. Leave sports and entertainment along…..let us be entertained without extremist politics being forced into it. Deo Vindice !

      • Yes, sports and entertainment are pretty anti-white. I don’t know how in the world people watch those games and the constant barrage of nonwhite “culture”. People rant and scream about “MY TEAM” when they could care less about the “fans”.

    • “2 of the most pure things we have still have left in America.”

      Either your ignorance, or your naivete’, is breathtaking.

  2. But, Denver requires photo identification to vote, too, right?

    Oh, yeah – Denver is not Southern Confederate, so they get a different standard applied to them…

  3. Looks like saving face all around here! But so what HW, like you say, this kind of thing alienates regular folks, whom are the ones that need to be outraged, for things to change. More than a few deep thinkers are pointing out how badly the woke shit already has, and is going to continue to, alienate a lot of voters. The left wing lunatics always push it too far.

  4. Let it all rot. How can anyone watch basketball, football or baseball any longer? All so you can throw your money away on some grossly ignorant, obscenely wealthy anti White bigots who hit a ball, dunk a ball or tackle better than you. These are the “gods” our ridiculous society worships. And the White owners happily sold you out. Plus there is something so gross seeing a guy get paid 20 or 30 million to ” play ball.”

    Once you let these stupid sports go you realize they are paper tigers. Go watch high school, local college ball or any paying sport not gone full communist yet if that actually exists?

    Black worship is stupid, racist, boring, GOD less and destructive. Dump it and dump the coward White billionaire owners who are so disgusting that being billionaires is not enough money for them. They are not and never have been your friends, whitey.

    Tax the super rich hard. Very hard. Let them cry all over their false idol called cash. We need a strong middle class and not more mega billionaires whose interests are with wrecking the country on many levels.

    • The jews control pro sports – look at who the commisioners of the leagues are and who owns the teams. Owning a pro sports team also gets the owners huge tax breaks and the use of public arenas and public services like police security alleviates a lot of the costs of ownership. When you see the huge contracts that the jewish-owned TV and radio stations pay for the broadcast rights for the jewish-owned pro sports it is clear that is just one huge kosher circle-jerk.

  5. And yet 40,000 Whites packed Arlington Stadium to cheer on the Rangers(I am guessing the vast majority were affluent suburban Trump supporters)- until Whites completely abandon pro sports, corporate America and Leftist radicals will continue their bullying campaign.

    • Cd, your comment about Whites packing the stands is very true. Whites can make or break sports. Basketball is about 75% black. The fans that fill up the arenas look to be about 85% White. The Nfl is about 68% black. The people watching are at least 80% White. Baseball, despite the never ending black butt kissing, has few black people going to games. It’s basically Whites and Hispanics who go to the games and watch on Tv.

      Whites are always the divided ones while blacks in particular are extremely in lock step. I always crack up when blacks say, ” don’t take our votes for granted.” Lol. It’s the easiest vote to take for granted and Democrats know it. Just create fake hate crimes or hype up black victimhood or ignore all the black on white crime or black on black crime. Hype up the George Floyd case which our evil media does. Blacks love to be pretend victims. It’s the greatest racket ever and increases their chances at winning the black lottery. It sure beats the odds of the regular lottery.

      I do think the Republicans will take the House back after next year’s election. This is why our putrid” president” and all the civil rights gangsters are getting so crazy about the election integrity bill passed in Georgia. Democrats barely hold the lead in the House as it is and robbing votes is very Democrat…ick. Muh blacks having to actually show Id will put a dent into Democrat advantages.

      Biden is an embarrassment. Basically he hopes and expects the media to carry him. His border policy is downright evil. He just keeps lying about the situation because the goal is obviously to make Whites a permanent minority in voting and in many other things.

      That is when we become Brazil North, basically having pockets of stability surrounded by a hot mess. Throw in the trillions in debt that we have and nations like Russia, China and Iran are licking their chops in terms of finding ways to shovel the dirt faster on our corpses.

  6. We’re told that Georgia is now WORSE than the Jim Crow South…

    Does that mean that GA and maybe even the rest of the South can start lynching Yankee carpetbaggers and other anti-South scoundrels again? Will these lynchings be streamed live on the internet or on local TV or maybe even a new Dixie’s Revenge cable channel? Will there be drawings on who gets the honor of pulling the lever on the trap door (maybe create an app so the lucky person can activate the lever remotely over the internet)? Or to really get back to the old times that are not forgotten and back to nature throw a rope with a noose over a tree limb and around the victim’s neck and set him/her on a horse and have the horse move forward and let him/her (note: just 2 genders) swing for a while. Maybe we can even have a contest on who will be the most likely to succeed as the next John Wilkes Booth. Things are really starting to get exciting here again … but I just don’t seem to remember reading anything about photo-ids back in those good old days … details … details …

    I just don’t believe Biden’s in the 21st century (or in any century for that matter). Can’t they use the 25th Amendment as the Swamp tried to do to Trump on ol’ Joe? He is ready for the pasture for sure.

  7. Yeah, I know. We have all given up on sportsball.

    The MLB All-Star game was the best of all the professional sports All-Star games. Baseball players couldn’t just ‘mail in’ their performances, and their was some pride in the line in American vs National League.

    Oh well. Turn the page.

    So now we only have Mom and Chevrolet.

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