Rising: Will Progressives Or Corporate Democrats Prevail On The Corporate Tax Rate?

Will Joe Manchin and the Corporate Democrats hold the line for private equity on raising the corporate tax rate in the infrastructure bill?

Will Republicans break with their abject servility to private equity and Corporate America and get credit with working class voters by sticking it to woke capitalism?

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  1. It’s not so much how the average West Virginian feels toward Manchin, but, that the alternatives to Manchin are worse. LOL.

    The Manchin family owned a general store/carpet store east of Fairmont, WV. The whole damn family are a bunch of characters.

    I know exactly what Joe’s thinking, he figures he can parley his opposition to increased corporate taxes into corporate jobs for West Virginians. Maybe some kind of a corporate investment in WV.

  2. Well, taxing corporations is just taking a cut out of the amount they use for payroll. Businesses aren’t people, if you want to tax the rich raise the rates on high incomes and I see no problem in starting at $200,000 as that is an awful lot of money that anyone making should not be in any need. Even a highly expensive health insurance plan should be affordable at that rate. Then start raising it higher at $600K One million, Two million because these people benefit from America and they need to pay for it. Someone has got to pay down this ridiculous debt even if we get it under control. And the rich have allowed America to raise health care costs without allowing the average person a raise in wages to pay for it so they should foot the bill. But high corporate tax rates will discourage hiring, find any loopholes the rich use to funnel money out and tax that but don’t hit every LLC with a huge fleece of it’s bottom line before it even shovels out a pittance to all the working stiffs not making that much.

  3. Lack the will, the power, and the gumption? They lack the desire. They’re white-hating racists, that’s all. If it isn’t anti-white, it doesn’t get them off. Everything else is a distant second.

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