Liberal Larry: Thank You MLB For Doing The Right Thing!

It is a beautiful day.

Corporate America is on the side of progress. Chris Hayes said on his show last night that Big Business are the good guys now and the Republicans are trying to cancel Ed Bastian.

The Republicans have spent decades bringing home the bacon for wealthy suburban professionals and corporate lobbyists. Even Donald Trump’s greatest accomplishment was the corporate tax cut. Now, their taxes are so low that Corporate America and upper class voters can focus on virtue signaling.

The Republican policy agenda is currently unpopular tax cuts for Democrat voters which are an albatross. Wouldn’t it make more sense for Republicans to start taxing Wall Street, Big Tech, Corporate America and wealthy Democrats? How many people would really mind if the Republicans started taxing coastal elites and multinational corporations that hate their own voters? Are Donald Trump’s new populist voters as principled on always standing up for the interest of Corporate America as Charlie Sykes?

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  1. Yes, TY MLB for moving from a black city with voter ID laws to a White city with the same. I might have to go back to watching baseball again. Nope, I know what they’re doing.

  2. Taxation isn’t a legitimate method of raising legitimate revenue for the benefit of all. Taxation is a weapon to use against your political enemies and to reward your political friends.

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