The Atlantic: The Sexual Identity That Emerged on TikTok

As I have pointed out on more than a few occasions lately, there are at least 20,000 different genders and even more pronoun combinations now. Virtually all of these new genders were discovered over the last decade. You’re also a transphobic bigot for dismissing them as a ridiculous fad.

The Atlantic:

“Back in February, Kyle Royce, a 20-year-old in British Columbia, Canada, created a video that proved far more controversial and influential than he had imagined it would be when he uploaded it to TikTok. He had built up a small following poking gentle fun at “Karen” behavior. Occasionally, he would also do live-streams, during which some participants would ask about his background—he’s a straight, cisgender Christian of mixed Asian and white ancestry—and press him on controversial matters of the day. On multiple occasions, he was asked if he would date a trans woman. He was repeatedly told, upon responding no, that his answer was transphobic. …

That’s when it went massively viral. My TikTok feed, usually a respite of surfing highlights, recipe ideas, and Generation X nostalgia, was overrun by super-straight. Fans and critics alike commented on and shared videos about the subject—or posted their own. “Let me break this down: trans women are women,” declared the TikTok creator @tblizzy, who currently has more than 425,000 followers. “So if you’re a heterosexual man and you said you wouldn’t date a trans woman because it’s a preference, that’s just transphobia, period.”

The super-straight meme was soon proliferating on Reddit, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. The more it spread, the more people encountered it not through the original video, but through derivative content. Someone made a super-straight flag. Encountering the black-and-orange banner and the hashtag #SuperStraight, many internet users presumed they were encountering a random attack on trans people. …

The longer social-media shamers condemn preferences that the overwhelming majority of people share, the more inevitable the pushback. For many, Royce’s meme was defensible precisely because it was couched as a plea for inclusion. “The fact that people are upset about this new sexuality being created is a little hypocritical coming from the folks who created abrosexual, demisexual, gerontosexualgynosexualintrasexualkalosexualmultisexualpomosexual, sapiosexual, and literally hundreds more,” White said on YouTube. “Even though super-straight is a joke, the irony is that it’s a lot more valid than a lot of those I just listed. Actually, all of them. Y’all are releasing new sexualities more than I release new videos, like it’s your full-time job. But you freak out when someone else does it?”

As super-straight spread and mutated, Royce watched the debate with alarm. He was still associated with the meme he created, but it had acquired its own momentum. …”

None of these make believe genders are real.

This is the bitter fruit of the same epistemological nonsense which was used to deny that race was real. We were told that race is a “social construct.” It was only a hop and skip from the denial that race exists to the denial that sex exists. Both constitute the Big Lie of the political establishment.

We need to recognize “trans” for what it really is and what it represents. This is modernism and postmodernism entering a crisis phase. The number of customized genders is potentially infinite when expressive individualism and social constructionism are taken for granted.

Do you remember how Romanticism kind of entered its crisis phase in the early 20th century and ended in the World Wars? The same is now true of modernism and postmodernism in the early 21st century. These assumptions have now trickled down from our degenerate elites and have poisoned the roots of our culture. Both wokeness and trans stem from the idea that we have our own truths. We don’t have to conform our lives to nature and reality. Nature, reality and society can be bent to our will. All of these things must be bent to our will too … because of various made up -isms and -phobias.

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  1. The entire concept of “gender,” as some quality inherent to a disembodied mind, is bogus. Biological sex is real and biological sex conditions mental/emotional faculties and cognition. Sometimes there will be more effeminate men or more masculine women. None of this implies the trans delusion that mind and body are separate and that the mind’s “gender” can be opposite of the body’s sex.

    Modern liberalism is essentially a form of gnosticism, with the extreme dualism and hatred of the natural world. Modern liberals actually feel oppressed by natural categories like sex or race, and seek to escape their “material” body just like ancient gnostic cultists. Trannies are the extreme end of this.

  2. “I’m a straight ‘cis-gendered’ person that is only attracted to other straight ‘cis-gendered’ people of the opposite sex. Therefore I’m ‘super-straight'”

    That’s not “super-straight”, that’s just called being normal, and it doesn’t require making up any new words.

    • You’re right.

      But it was fun making libs high on judeo gender theory have brain malfunction over it.

  3. Everything a religious Jew does is to prepare the world for the Moshiach. Everything. So when Jews advocate and promote the tranny stuff it is to prepare the world for Moshiach. Why? Because Moshiach is a tranny. Yes that is right, the one the Jews rejected Christ for is a transsexual freak and the Jew people worship a freak.

  4. It’s “transphobic” to be super-straight, but I suppose it’s okay to be super-gay (a cis male who is attracted to other cis males but not to trans males) or super-lesbian (cis female attracted only to cis females).

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